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Steps To Take After Being In An Accident While On Vacation 

Steps To Take After Being In An Accident While On Vacation 

Absolutely no one plans or hopes to be involved in an accident while on vacation. That is why it is called an accident; because It is unplanned. Accidents can happen anywhere; on a beach in Florida, while hiking in the Grand Canyon, on a Gondola ride in Venice, or during skydiving in Vegas. When it happens, disorientation can occur, making you unable to snap into action and do what you’re supposed to do at the right time. 

A vacation is a time for you to relax, bond, experience entertainment, fun, and happiness. So, when someone becomes injured during this great escape, it puts a damper on plans and activities. Some injuries will let you or the injured party continue the vacation with little to no hitch, while some will have you or the injured party placed out of commission for the rest of the trip. 

To avoid regrets, the best thing to do is to take extra precautions to avoid any accidents and rack up guilt on your end. When you have done all these, but the accident occurs nonetheless, then these are some of the most important things you have to do immediately it happens:

  • Call 911

Especially when it is a life-threatening accident, you need to pick up the phone or order someone around you to call 911.

  • Apply First Aid

While waiting for 911 to arrive with the paramedics, you might want to practice first aid if you have any knowledge of it. If you don’t, you should confirm if anyone around can perform first aid. In many instances, first aid has saved a lot of lives that could have been lost or reduced the result of injuries that could have been worse. 

  • Contact an Attorney

This is not necessarily because you want to sue, but for your safety. A personal injury attorney from www.dsslaw.com says your attorney will explain your rights to you and help you understand the viability of your claims in case you want to sue. Your attorney will also let you know how complicated the case may be, in the case of a different jurisdiction. 

  • Collect Insurance Information

In the case of vehicular accidents, you or someone with you should collect the insurance details of the other driver involved in the accident with you. This will come in handy later. 

  • Cooperate with 911

Once the EMT arrives on the scene, you should not argue with them. Rather, listen to their instructions and follow them as best you can. They are trying to save your life; don’t make it harder for them to do. 

  • Inform Location Authorities

This depends on where the accident has occurred. Locations like museums, galleries, restaurants, hotels, department stores, etc, have managers. They should be made aware of the accident and proper documentation of the incident should be made. 

  • Document the Scene of the Accident

If you are the injured party, ask someone to help you take pictures or videos of the scene of the accident. Make personal documentation of the scene in clear and concise terms, clips, and pictures. You will need this when laying an insurance claim if you’re suing the management of the location or the other driver involved in case of vehicular accidents. 

  • Seek Medical Attention

Maybe you felt you did not need 911. Perhaps you only slipped, or it was just a little cut, sprain, strain, etc. You need to go to a physician. They can detect an injury that would likely become worse. They can tell you if it is okay to go home and rest, or if you need urgent medical attention. Also, when they give you any instructions, you need to follow them, even if it means ending your vacation on time. It is okay to rest and heal before you continue your vacation. If your vacation time finishes before your healing is complete, you need to know that it is okay. At that moment, what matters most is your life and health. 

  • File an Insurance Claim

Once you are back home, you can call your insurance provider; provided you have travel insurance. Report the accident and the accompanying effects to them. Let them conclude all investigations without laying blames on anyone. When investigations are over, you can produce all you had documented earlier. 

Being In An Accident While On Vacation 2

While vacations can also be a me-time, try your best to have people with you at all times. They can act as witnesses, life-savers, or company you never knew you needed. No one prays to be involved in an accident, much less while on vacation. Unfortunately, these things happen when we least expect them to. So, if one happens to you, follow these steps and you are good to go.

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