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Batman versus Wonder Woman

Batman versus Wonder Woman

Super hero fans often debate which super hero is superior to another. Among fans, there is actually a significant debate in online forums and probably in real-life conversations, as well, about who would win – Batman or Wonder Woman?

To settle the debate, one must examine their respective strengths and weaknesses, and how those would interplay in a showdown of super hero proportions.

Who Would Win, Wonder Woman or Batman?

Although Wonder Woman and Batman are both extremely strong and disciplined with super hero weapons and tools, Wonder Woman would ultimately triumph. In spite of all his technology, Batman’s human weaknesses, including mortality and unwillingness kill, could cause his defeat in a battle between him and the god-like Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman’s Strengths

Depending on which version of Wonder Woman one is referring to, she is either god-like or a demi-god. In either case, she displays superior, superhuman strength and fighting ability to the point of nearly being invincible and almost immortal. She also has superhuman speed, heals very quickly, and can even fly.

In addition to these innate strengths, Wonder Woman also wields extremely powerful and unique tools.

Interestingly, one of these tools, her Bracelets of Submission, are actually said to reduce her powers, as her powers would be too powerful if not kept in check by this magical jewelry. The Bracelets of Submission can also be used as a bulletproof shield, or brought together to create a “concussive force” to subdue or harm enemies.

Additionally, her bracelets can even be used to control lightning in order to utilize the lightning as another weapon or tool.

Wonder Woman also owns the Lasso of Truth, which forces anyone caught by it to tell the absolute truth, as well as to obey her every command.

Her magic tiara protects her from telepathic attacks while also allowing her to communicate telepathically at times. The tiara can also be used as a boomerang-like, razor-sharp throwing weapon. In addition, her “mental radio” allows her to receive messages from people who need help.

Finally, she also has a magical sword sharp enough to “cut the electrons off an atom,” as well as a Purple Ray that accelerates her healing power even further.

Wonder Woman’s Weaknesses

Ironically, one of Wonder Woman’s strengths is also known to be one of her greatest weaknesses. In early versions, if her Bracelets of Submission were bound together, she would become very weak. In other versions, if the bracelets were to break, her power would become so great that it would be uncontrollable even to herself.

Another weakness is that, although she heals quickly and has superhuman strength, bullets and other weapons can still pierce and wound her. She is widely considered to be nearly immortal, but not completely immortal. Likewise, she has also been known to have been poisoned in certain episodes.

Batman’s Strengths

Batman’s physical strength is said to be at the “peak of human perfection,” and seemingly comes from pure determination, will power, and disciplined training rather than having been imbued with any god-like powers.

He has mastered just about every form of martial arts, and also practices gymnastics, aerobics, and weight-lifting in order to maintain his performance perfection.

Batman is also known to have superior intellect, and uses this ability to outwit his enemies. He is regarded by most as a genius, as well as a scientist, exceptional detective, and tactician.

The combination of his strength, discipline, and intellect also results in him being exceptionally skilled with many weapons and tools which he uses to defeat his foes, as well.

Some of his weapons and tools include swords, knives, ninja star-like Batarangs, and of course his Batmobile. His suit can also work as a Taser. Even the bat ears on his suit can poke and injure enemies.

Batman also has a grenade launcher, kryptonite ring, and a Batcycle or Batpod.

He has many more tools and weapons, in addition to these, as he is always working on figuring out new ways to defeat his many and varied enemies.

Batman’s Weaknesses

Despite his strength, determination, discipline, and intellect, Batman is 100% human and has some very human weaknesses.

He has been known to be overcome by his own anger, as well as to be susceptible to manipulation. He is also known to be very dependent on his technology.

Similar to Wonder Woman, he can also be poisoned.

Although his strength is the height or human perfection, it is still human, not super-human, and he does not have any actual super powers.

Finally, he has a strict personal rule against killing even the worst enemy (so as not to become like his enemies), which some view as a potential weakness.

Ultimate Battle Possibilities for Batman and Wonder Woman

If Wonder Woman and Batman were to battle, there are hypothetical scenarios in which either one could win.

Perhaps Batman could use his intellect to detect and exploit one of Wonder Woman’s weaknesses.

If he did, though, his rule against killing would allow her to survive. And what would happen then?

Perhaps Wonder Woman’s near-immortality would allow her to survive any attack by Batman, no matter how clever or determined he might be.

Additionally, her bracelets could protect her from almost any of his attempted attacks. She might also be able to subdue him with her Lasso of Truth.

And although Batman’s strength is the “peak of human perfection,” Wonder Woman’s strength is even greater, being super-human, god-like, and nearly immortal.

Even if they were to each try to ward off a common enemy rather than fight each other, these strengths and weaknesses would still ultimately favor Wonder Woman, and not Batman, as the champion and ultimate hero.

Wonder Woman versus Batman, Who Would Win?

Batman and Wonder Woman are both strong, determined, and have amazing super hero weapons and tools. Despite all of his technology, however, Batman’s human limits and weaknesses, including his mortality and unwillingness to take a life, could cost him in an ultimate battle between Batman and the nearly-immortal Wonder Woman.

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