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200 Cool Things to Draw that are Easy & Fun

Welcome to our massive list of cool things to draw! Looking for inspiration? Don’t worry, we’ve got you. Here you’ll find tons of examples of fun things you can draw at home. 

Getting bored? Really have no idea what to do? Try your hands at something creative like drawing. Do you wonder why boredom always happens right when you finally have some time off? Want to put that boredom to use by creating some beautiful artwork? You’re in luck! There has never been a better time to try your hand at drawing! All you need is a pencil, some paper, and this article of fun objects to draw on.

Pick something out on this list that you think will be easy, then work your way up to more advanced drawings. We have guides for different animals, people, objects, scenery, and much more! With so many things to choose from, you’ll surely find something interesting to sketch.

115 Cool Objects to Draw

Let’s start with the cool stuff. Here you’ll find 50 cool things you can draw. We have pictures to help you start, and have picked a mix of easy things and complicated things. Before you start, however, make sure you have a good pencil and a sharpener to draw with. Mechanical pencils also work quite well.

50. Dancing man

This one is especially for those who are not good at sketching.

50 cool and easy things to draw

Not every time it hard to be cool. Just have a look at this picture. Do you still find yourself in a state to say you can’t draw? Seriously? Try to draw it, it’s fun.

49. Keep it simple

50 cool and easy things to draw

You can’t really say no for this picture. It’s cool yet easy. Don’t you think so?

48. Eyeglasses

50 cool and easy things to draw

47. Bird

50 cool and easy things to draw

46. Outlining Cats

50 cool and easy things to draw

Few easy lines here and there and you are done. Don’t you believe me? Try this try.

45. Giraffe

50 cool and easy things to draw

44. Nature Scene

50 cool and easy things to draw

43. Ball

50 cool and easy things to draw

Adding expression to a non-living object can be fun. Just try it on your own.

42. Ghost

50 cool and easy things to draw

Are you afraid of Ghosts? If yes, then now it’s your time to make ghosts afraid of you by your drawings. Put on your deadly imagination and bring out the scariest ghost ever pictured till now.

41. Cat

Another cool thing to draw is this cat!!

50 cool and easy things to draw

Just a few strokes on paper can sometimes bring out something cool and easy all the time.

40. Tiny Creature

50 cool and easy things to draw

Sometimes you need not go into details. Just open up the door of your thoughts and put it down on paper to bring some cool objects to draw for beginners.

39. Peacock

50 cool and easy things to draw

38. Hangers

50 cool and easy things to draw

37. Chalks

50 cool and easy things to draw


36. Bee

No doubt one of the easiest animals to draw for kids or beginners is this cute looking bee. You can even color this bee after drawing it.

50 cool and easy things to draw

Down goes some of the cool and easy things to sketch step by step. Just try to follow the steps one by one and in the end, you will be happy to discover that you made out something that you couldn’t think to make on your own. Follow the easy steps and create whatever you want.

35. Snake – Easy thing to draw step by step

If you are a beginner and want to draw something, then this is for you. This snake is very simple to draw and with the step by step methods, you will not face any issues.
50 cool and easy things to draw

34. Cat

50 cool and easy things to draw

33. Baby Elephant – Easy things to sketch step by step

Here is another image with step by step procedure;

50 cool and easy things to draw

32. Mouse

50 cool and easy things to draw

31. Rabbit

50 cool and easy things to draw

30. Alien – Fun thing to sketch in 2020

50 cool and easy things to draw

29. Minion – Step by Step

There are many things that look hard but if you check out the steps given below you will understand how easy it is to make your favorite minion character.

50 cool and easy things to draw

Minions are the numerous fictional creatures that appear in the Despicable Me franchise. They are fun to watch are really easy to put on paper. So just give it a try.

28. Butterfly

We all love butterflies, here is another creative thing to draw.

50 cool and easy things to draw


27. Dolphin

50 cool and easy things to draw

Looking for some easy things to draw for beginners? Drawing animals is also a good option for you. You have a variety of animals to choose from.

26. Dog

50 cool and easy things to draw

25. Owl

This is a simple yet attractive looking owl that kids can draw for fun.

50 cool and easy things to draw

24. Hippo

50 cool and easy things to drawThe next 3 drawings are something inspired by nature. Nature could be the best source of inspiration. Each element of nature has its own creativity. So explore your imagination, go around for a walk, pick up anything you feel like, and that it. Start drawing.

23. Leaf

50 cool and easy things to draw

22. Tree

50 cool and easy things to draw

21. Flower

Want to draw a simple flower?? Well, start with this one…

50 cool and easy things to draw

20. Funky Face

50 cool and easy things to drawTry something Funky when you are really bored. Yes, easy things to draw when bored absolutely points to some funny and funky characters.

19. Fiction Character

50 cool and easy things to draw

18. Buildings

50 cool and easy things to drawOutlining buildings is one of the easiest things for beginners. It could be a simple house building in an art class or even a skyline of New York City.

17. Feather

A simple feather to draw for beginners!!

50 cool and easy things to draw

16. Eagle

50 cool and easy things to draw

15. Kitty

50 cool and easy things to draw

It is another all-time time favorite character of kids.

14. Cute Kitten

50 cool and easy things to draw

Wherever your imagination takes you go ahead and draw something that looks really appealing. Focus on minor details that will bring big change in your picture.

13. Deer – Fun things to draw when bored

50 cool and easy things to draw

12. Cherries

50 cool and easy things to draw

Food is always a cool and easy thing to draw for beginners. There are endless options to sketch. You don’t have to draw it to perfection, simply sketch it out and you could even use some coloring on it to make it look appealing.

11. Rose

50 cool and easy things to draw

Roses are quite beautiful flowers. However, trying to draw a rose is not that easy but you can do it following steps.

10. Anchor

50 cool and easy things to draw

9. 3D wall

50 cool and easy things to draw

3D Art is gaining much attention nowadays which simply adds a new dimension to your drawing.

8. Dragon  Tattoo

50 cool and easy things to draw

Looking for some really cool things that are eye-catching? Tattoos are what you wanted.

7. Human eye

50 cool and easy things to draw

The human eye is one of the easiest and fun objects to draw. The above image shows how you can draw a human eye easily.

6. Cartoon sketch

Another fun thing to draw when bored is this cute little sketch.

50 cool and easy things to draw

Just don’t think too much. Pick your favorite cartoon character and start drawing.

5. Ace of Spade

50 cool and easy things to draw

Do you have fun playing cards? Then why not try sketching an ace of spade?

4. 3D Dice

50 cool and easy things to draw

3. Skull

50 cool and easy things to draw

Human skull is one of the most fascinating drawings for an artist since ever. To sketch a perfect skull is a dream of every sketch artist.

2. Fine Sketch

50 cool and easy things to draw

On number 2, we have placed some really cool sketches. Sketches bit different from drawings. These are typically created as preliminary drawings in order to prepare for a more finished work of art. More basically it’s easy stencil to draw that look really hard.

1. Modern Art

50 cool and easy things to draw

Though modern art is not a cup of tea for beginners. But if you had given a trial to all the pics above then at least you are in a condition to start modern art.

50 Easy things that you can Draw

That was the list of 115 cool things to draw. Try a few or all of them. Hopefully, they inspire and allow you to unlock your artistic potential. So get your pen and paper and you know what you have to do!

New Sketches Added for 2020

I guess you must have tried the above drawings and sketches. It is now time to get some more easy things that you can draw. So, here is our 2020 collection to easy pictures for beginners.

We would love to hear from your side, your experience of drawing these things out. Please share your story down below.

Happy drawing artists!

100 Best Tinder Taglines for Guys

Online dating! You might find it hard to believe but the fact is online dating today is a $2 billion industry. 1 in 5 relationships these days began online, with more and more couples finding their person through their phone. So is online dating a massive opportunity for people to find someone to spend time with romantically? I sure think so!

After hearing a lot of complaints from my male friends about not getting enough matches on the online dating app Tinder, I decided to help them.

But maybe Tinder is just too casual for you. Why don’t you try a real dating app? Here is what I recommend:

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Besides using good looking photos, the best way to stand out from the crowd is to have a unique tinder tagline! So after many hours of brainstorming and talking with my friends who are girls, I came up with the 100 best tinder taglines for guys. That’s right, we’re making your life easy.

These tinder taglines and bio lines for guys will help you stand out from the rest of the boring dudes and get more swipes. More swipes lead to more dates, and more dates lead to finding someone special for you.

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So are you ready to increase the number right swipes on your profile from hot girls?

tinder taglines for guys

100 Best Tinder Taglines For Guys

Here are our top tinder taglines for men:

  1. “I am so glad I swiped right on ____.”- you in the future.
  2. Not not down to Netflix and Chill.
  3. Will entertain for beer.
  4. Felt cute, might delete later.
  5. 60% of the time it works every time.
  6. 69% gentleman, 31% … you’ll have to find out.
  7. Favorite pass-time: juggling flaming swords.
  8. There’s a glass of wine and steak with your name on it.
  9. Professional in-car singer seeking accompaniment.
  10. My favorite soup: Whiskey.
  11. Seeking someone to join my underwater basket weaving club.
  12. I’m 5 foot 10 inches. Those are two different measurements.
  13. Professional burrito eater.
  14. Are you a mortgage? Because you have got my interest!
  15. You’re so sweet you’re gonna put Snickers out of business.
  16. Are we in an elevator? Or is that just my heart taking off.
  17. Don’t worry I know CPR – in case I take your breath away.
  18. Optimus Fine.
  19. Certified boyfriend material.
  20. Love at first swipe.

Did any of the top 20 do it for you? If not, don’t worry, we have many other unique tinder taglines for guys you can choose from below.

Funny and Cool Tinder Taglines for Guys

Well, if you didn’t like the above taglines, try these cool Tinder bios for Guys. These tinder taglines for guys are really cool and clever to use.

  1. Want to learn about important dates in history? Swipe right…
  2. Let me know if you have an extra heart because mine was stolen!
  3. I think I lost my phone number. Can I have yours?
  4. Are you a speeding ticket? Because you’ve got fine written on you!
  5. Are you Alexa? Because you auto-complete me.
  6. Bonnie to your Clyde.
  7. Nothing lasts forever – looking for my nothing.
  8. Sweeter than honey.
  9. I’ll be your watermelon sugar high.
  10. Been to Tennesee? Because you’re the only 10 I see!
  11. Where there’s smoke there’s fire.
  12. Looking for a real stunner.
  13. Are you named Google? Because I feel like I’ve been searching for you.
  14. You found me! Now, what are your other two wishes?
  15. Feeling cheesy for someone who looks gouda!
  16. Did you bring your library card? Good, you can continue checking me out.
  17. Vegetarian looking for cute-cumbers.
  18. Sporting the goods.
  19. Both my parents are bakers which make me cutie pie.
  20. The name’s Microsoft. Cool if I crash at your place?


Alright, 40 down. See anything you like yet? No? All good, there’s plenty more where those came from! I’m sure you’ll get some right swipes using these cool tinder taglines.

Best Tinder About Me Ideas for Guys

As you wish, here are more ideas for your about me section on Tinder for guys!

Have a look at these. I’m sure you’ll find something in here that fits your fancy. If not, keep scrolling!

  1. Hobbies: Cooking extravagant dinners, giving massages, and paying compliments.
  2. Prince on the streets and a freak in the sheets.
  3. A gentleman and a scholar.
  4. Cause all of me loves all of you.
  5. I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream.
  6. Tie your shoes! Wouldn’t want you falling for anyone else.
  7. Are you Jamaican? Because you’re Jamaican me crazy!
  8. If it feels right swipe right.
  9. Fan of long walks on the beach, energizing small talk, and LSD.
  10. Would you be there to catch me if I fall for you?
  11. What has teeth and holds back the hulk? My pants fly.
  12. Feel free to add me to your to-do list.
  13. Are you a pie? Because I want a piece.
  14. I think my cellphone is broken. It doesn’t have your number in it.
  15. Cool cat.
  16. I think I’m lost. Could you give me directions to your bedroom?
  17. Loose change looking for a dime.
  18. 90 degrees and right up your alley.
  19. I rearranged the alphabet and put U and I together.
  20. Are you ok? It’s a long fall from heaven.


Best Tinder Bios for Boys

You ask and we tell. Here are some more bios for your Tinder profiles.

  1. Awarded #1 cuddler in ____.
  2. Breakfast is my second favorite thing to eat in bed…
  3. #dimplegang
  4. Enlightened cinema and respite.
  5. I’ve got my ion you #nerd.
  6. If I was a triangle I’d be an acute one.
  7. I’ve got cold feet because you’ve knocked my socks off
  8. Alfalfa male.
  9. Are you on fire, or do you always look this hot.
  10. Looking for someone to get older with. One night older…
  11. #fineapple
  12. What’s your name? Can I call you mine?
  13. Wedding cake model.
  14. Batshit crazy… for you.
  15. I’ve got junk in the trunk.
  16. Not drunk, but intoxicated by you.
  17. Just your type.
  18. Gardener looking to put tulips together.
  19. It’s getting hot in here…
  20. It’s official, my Dr. is recommending vitamin U.

Have you found your perfect tag line yet? Don’t worry, we’ve still got more up our sleeves.


Tinder Profile Tagline Ideas for Men

And here’s the last set of Top and Best Tinder Taglines for Guys.

C’mon, pick one from this list, then get to swiping. Taglines are only your foot in the door, you’ll need to actually get on the app

  1. I think you dropped something… is it your jaw?
  2. If I said you have a banging body, would you hold it against me?
  3. Are you french? If so Effiel for you.
  4. Turn my floppy disk into a hard drive.
  5. *sneezes* I’d say god bless you, but he beat me to it!
  6. Is your body from McDonald’s? Because I’m loving it!
  7. Hey cutie. The sun isn’t the only thing that rises when I’m with you.
  8. No, No Drama.
  9. You look nice, but you’d look even better in my bed.
  10. Is it hot in here, or is that just you?
  11. Do you play soccer? Because you look like a keeper.
  12. Hello! Do you have a second for me to hit on you?
  13. If you were words in a book, you would be fine print.
  14. Like a dull knife, life without you is pointless.
  15. Every time I look at you I smile 🙂
  16. On a scale from one to America, how free are you this weekend?
  17. Is it windy or did you blow me away?
  18. If you’re feeling down I can feel you up.
  19. It’s crazy, I know. You look a lot like my next girlfriend.
  20. Naughty or nice? You decide.


Funny Tinder Bio Tagline Images

Here are some more Taglines:

That’s a wrap on Tinder taglines for guys! Now that you’ve got your tagline picked out what’s next? You need to get on Tinder and match with some singles! It’s not as hard as you might think. We recommend starting with the largest age range and geography you’re comfortable with in order to maximize the number of potential matches you can get.

Once you’ve gone on a few dates you can begin to narrow down your age range and geography limits. Some people will only want to date people that live close to them, while others are willing to drive farther. It’s up to you to decide what your threshold is.

We hoped you liked our guide on the best Tinder taglines for guys. If you’re looking to update your Instagram bio, check out our list of over 1,000 Instagram bios. Stay tuned for more articles on how to get more right swipes from your friends at Classy Wish.

Stay Swiping Friends!

10 Best Virtual Girlfriend Apps

10 best Virtual Girlfriend apps

It’s extremely hard to watch everyone else around you fall in love, talk about love, live the love when you unwillingly single. It seems like you have been patiently waiting, not looking for love, doing your own thing, being just fine on your own, but at the end, you feel all alone. Do you really deserve this? Seriously…? Actually no! The technology is always there for you to bring you out of dismay. The technological advancements have made it possible to try out Virtual Girlfriend apps on your smartphone.

Gone are the days when people use to hear about virtual girlfriend only in a science fiction or any film. You have handful of apps that offers you this feature. But again finding one good Virtual Girlfriend app is tedious. Therefore Classy Wish has brought you top 10 Virtual Girlfriend simulator apps.

Best Virtual Girlfriend Apps

Wondering what are Virtual Girlfriend apps? Well, these apps are designed for the people who acknowledge problems while finding right girlfriend. Or in other words these apps provide you feature where you can find a virtual girlfriend. Plus, you also have the right to design her according to your choices.

Let have a look at our picks for 10 best Virtual Girlfriend apps of 2019

Dream Girlfriend

Probably the Best Virtual Girlfriend app !!

10 best Virtual Girlfriend apps

Dream Girlfriend let you create your kind of girlfriend. Yes, the girlfriend which up till now you have only imagined in your dreams. Hence justifying its app name. This app lets you design and choose her hair color, hair length, eyes shape, body shape and many other things. You will never find better graphics as this app provides you anywhere else. A wide range of clothing and stylings are there in the app which you can try on your dream girl.

Plus, they provide you total 11 personalities so that you can decide which one you want. And the best part, it gives you the option for romantic dates too.

Download DreamGirlFriend now

Naughty girlfriend

10 best Virtual Girlfriend apps

The next app in our 10 best Virtual Girlfriend apps list is Naughty Girlfriend. It is little different from other apps in the list. The app not only allow you to have simulated girlfriend and do conversation with her but also you can dance with your girl. Here also you will find collection of clothes, so that you can dress up your girl in your own style.

The Virtual Girlfriend reacts on your touch, you can make happy, sad and angry with your touch to her. Cool, isn’t it? You can’t even imagine that you are talking to a virtual girl, it seems like near to real girlfriend.

Download NaughtyGirlfriend now

My Virtual Girlfriend Julie

10 best Virtual Girlfriend apps

My Virtual Girlfriend Julie is another chatting app where you not only chat through text but also voice. The app allow you to chat with virtual girlfriend named Jullie. She loves to talk on different themes and has beautiful voice and pretty appearance.

She can feel and perform different actions, feeling like love, anger or dislike and action are, kiss, eat, sleep, dream and more. You can create your own Julie for yourself. This is one of the best girlfriend simulation apps. Download here

My Real Girlfriend

10 best Virtual Girlfriend apps

My Real Girlfriend has a best of all feature i.e. augmented reality mode., It gives you the chance to show your girlfriend’s loving and sweet text to make your friend jealous of you. Also, it has amazing 3D graphics. Like all other here too you have an exclusive wardrobe to change clothes of Virtual Girlfriend.

Download My Real Girlfriend now

Girlfriend Plus

10 best Virtual Girlfriend apps

Start a conversation with a beautiful intelligent woman with Girlfriend plus. This app provides you a back line story as is you or the girl saw you first time and start to have a conversation and end up being in a relationship.

As the conversation starts to initiate, both of you try to know each other. Also, share your pics. This app also offers a voice message feature where the girl you are talking to starts sending you sweet voice messages as well. This app is particularly designed to boost your talking skills and your confidence so that it can help you in further real cases. Download Girlfriend Plus now

VGAR Virtual girlfriend

10 best Virtual Girlfriend apps

This hot virtual girlfriend app provides you varieties of girl from which you choose your favourite girl. Here you get acquainted with nice girls and have some good time with them with VGAR Virtual Girlfriend app.  This app is for users over 18 years old.

The purpose of the game is to fall in love with a girl. You can choose a girl from the offered list or to create your own one according to your wishes. It is even possible to take photos of your virtual girlfriend and share them on your social networks.

Download VGAR Virtual Girlfriend now

Smart virtual girlfriend

10 best Virtual Girlfriend apps

If you think you are a smart guy and want a smart girl in your life then, this is the best app you can opt for. As the name of the app itself indicates, the girlfriend you are involved with is quite smart. The one different thing about this app is the girls here have their personal life too. So beware to handle them. One annoying thing about the app is that it contains a lot of ads.

Virtual Girlfriend momoda – Virtual Girlfriend App for iOS

10 best Virtual Girlfriend apps

This app is completely free, safe and secure. The only flaw this app has that it is only and only for iPhones users, so android users this might not be the app you want. The best part of this app is that it provides you a 3D character i.e., a 3D model which can rotate 360°. With this 3D feature, you can see every angle of hers, touch her, kiss her and many more things. Also, this app provides you the option to have her change clothes, her hairstyle, shoes and etc.

Download this now

Virtual Girlfriend 3D anime

10 best Virtual Girlfriend apps

Have you ever fantasize about a girlfriend just like Anime characters. Anime characters which has big beautiful eyes, long shiny hair, and many more amazing features. Coming to its features, this app is absolutely free! No charges, just free girlfriends! Plus, this app also have 3D features. As the app’s heroine is incomparably beautiful you can have endless fun with her.

Download Virtual 3D anime now

My Virtual Manga Girl

10 best Virtual Girlfriend apps

Your girl anime or manga ‘Unity-Chan’ is now on your device. In this manga game you can change the eyes, hair, clothes, colors and background. My Virtual Manga Girl is an original simulator for a virtual girlfriend in manga style. The interesting thing is that you will not be bored in this game, as the developers have thought of some interesting small games. Plus the app is overall satisfactory.

Download here

Top 10 Virtual Girlfriend Apps in 2020

We hope you enjoyed the list of virtual girlfriends app. Here’s a quick look at the names of all 10 virtual gf apps that we mentioned in the article.

  1. Dream Girlfriend
  2. Naughty girlfriend
  3. My Virtual Girlfriend Julie
  4. My Real Girlfriend
  5. Girlfriend Plus
  6. VGAR Virtual girlfriend
  7. Smart virtual girlfriend
  8. Virtual Girlfriend momoda
  9. Virtual girlfriend 3D anime
  10. My Virtual Manga Girl

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Now, these were the 10 best Virtual girlfriend apps with all the features one would wish. If you have no one that makes you feel that blissfulness that seemingly everyone around you is feeling then all of them are worth the shot. So have fun with your new Virtual Girlfriend and do let us learn about your experience in comment section.

8 Free Karaoke Apps for Android

8 best Karaoke apps for Android

Undoubtedly we all love to sing. No matter which of the two categories you belong, a Bathroom singer or a Nightingale what is important is, you enjoy singing. And that the reason why for today’s app list, we will review some of the Free Karaoke Apps for Android devices.

What is Karaoke?

Karaoke is a form of interactive entertainment developed in Japan in which an amateur singer sings along with recorded music using a microphone. The music is typically an instrumental version of a well-known popular song and lyrics are displayed on a screen.

8 Free Karaoke Apps for Android

Here goes out list of Best Free Karaoke apps for Android:

  1. Karaoke Sing & Record
  2. Sing karaoke by smule
  3. StarMaker: Sing + Video
  4. The Voice: On Stage
  5. Kids Karaoke
  6. Red Karaoke Sing & Record
  7. SingPlay: Karaoke your MP3s
  8. Midifun Karaoke

By the way, have you used any before? If yes, let us know in the comments.

Anyways, let’s now dig deep into these apps.

Best Karaoke apps to Sing your Favorite Songs

Out of these apps, some are offline karaoke apps in which you don’t need an internet connection to sing. You can use offline Karaoke Apps for Android whenever you don’t have access to Wifi or Data connection.

Isn’t it great??

Anyways, here the list of Top Karaoke Apps for Android in 2019 !!

Karaoke Sing & Record

8 best Karaoke apps for Android

Karaoke Sing & Record developed by Yokee is one of the popular Free Karaoke apps which has many features to amaze you. Sing your favorite songs from various artists in any language.

You can also record your vocals and can re-record as many times as you want. Once done with the recording, you can share them with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or on WhatsApp. So just go and download the app through the given link and feel like a Pop Star.

Sing karaoke by smule

8 best Karaoke apps for Android

Sing! is one of the best Karaoke apps for Android on the Play Store. Here, you can find hundreds of your favorite songs that you have heard a million times elsewhere. Mostly, the app has an extensive database of Bollywood songs, so if you are a fan of Bollywood you have found the right app for yourself. 

The Karaoke by Smule is free to download but, it also has a VIP version, which offers full access to the song database. The yearly membership costs around $10.

StarMaker: Sing + Video

8 best Karaoke apps for Android

StarMaker is one of those apps which is more than a basic Karaoke app. As well as providing all the basic features you would expect from a Karaoke app, StarMaker also offers the ability to make your recordings sound even more professional with the use of Auto-Tune, among a whole host of other enhancement features.

If all that was not enough, then you can now even create your own music videos.

The Voice: On Stage

8 best Karaoke apps for Android

Another Free Karaoke App for Android !!

In case you haven’t noticed, the Karaoke app is named after a popular TV show called, Worldwide Karaoke Show, The Voice. Voice is a very polished app available on the Play Store. It also means a great deal to a lot of karaoke singers.

In addition, you will be able to record, enhance your audio with auto-tune, and share it across social circles. And this is for totally no cost.

Kids Karaoke

8 best Karaoke apps for Android

Kids Karaoke is a well known Karaoke app for Android especially designed for kids. But adults don’t need to be shy to use this Karaoke app to sing along with your children and record all the fun that you endure during this sweetest bonding process. This app offers a number of traditional and well-known nursery rhymes. It is just a perfect tool for any upcoming kids parties.

Red Karaoke Sing & Record

8 best Karaoke apps for Android

With Red Karaoke Sing & Record choose any song from million hit songs to sing it, record it and share it.

You can also sing and record duets. The app is 100% compatible with Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, and Fire TV Stick. It has attracted a good deal of attention with a very short span of time.

SingPlay: Karaoke your MP3s

8 best Karaoge apps for Android

One of the Best Free Karaoke Apps in 2018!!

The most fascinating catch about Singplay is that it automatically converts the music on your smartphone into Karaoke tracks. Here you can create your track in either original or Karaoke Mode. Plus this app also allow you to share your track on Social networks. You can even edit your recordings.

Midifun Karaoke

8 best Karaoke apps for Android

Midifun Karaoke is one of the simplest Karaoke apps available for Android on playstore. Though the interface of the app isn’t really good but you do have on-screen lyrics auto enabled where lyrics are darn accurate. So don’t get turned off give it a try.

A good pass time feature provided in this app is the “Guess Game,” which means, you will be presented with a portion of a song lyrics, and you will be given four different options to guess the name of the song. If you choose, you either see the lyrics or play the tune to be reminded of the name itself. And the final surprise feature of the app, Midifun Karaoke is it works offline as well!

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Whether you want to admit it or not, part of you loves Karaoke. So what are you waiting for? You have a list of finest and the best Karaoke apps for Android in 2019.

We literally listed all sorts of Karaoke Apps available in the playstore. We included Free Karaoke Apps, Offline Apps, Bollywood Karaoke Apps, Hollywood apps and what not. So, Check them out and share your experience with us through comments. Keep visiting our websites for more such articles.

500 Funny WiFi Names for Routers

Wifi Names

Are you looking for some funny Wifi Names for your router? Well, you landed on the perfect page. Wifi or Router Names are how particular wireless networks are identified. In this post, we have more than 500+ Cool and Funny Wifi Names that can show off your inner creativity, your funny nature. These Cool Wifi Router names can send a small funny message to your neighbors or can send a warning to potential Wifi stealers.

So are you ready for some of the Best Wifi Router Names of 2020??

This list will be huge and we will keep the list of Wifi names updated throughout 2020 so that you can always get a new Router name for your WiFi.

500 Wifi Names Collection for Your Routers

The list is divided into various categories so that you can easily find the type of name you need. Also at the end of the list, you can find Wifi Name Ideas.

Wifi Names

Funny Wifi Names

You can change your Wi-Fi name to something funny that will make everyone laugh. Here are some suggestions for  funny Wifi Names for Routers.

  1. Don’t even try it
  2. Get your Own Wi-Fi Jerk Head
  3. No Free Wifi for you
  4. Bill will be shared
  5. My Own Damn Internet
  6. Tell My Wifi I Love Her
  7. Sea, Do not still my WiFe!
  8. GetOffMyLawn
  9. You Pay Now
  10. Wil U marry Me?
  11. Mom Use This One
  12. For Sexy Use Only
  13. Your music is annoying
  14. Bill!Bill!
  15. Yummy
  16. We Use Sly22981 To Download Pron
  17. NoFreeSoGetStuffed
  18. Unprotected CeX
  19. The Next Door
  20. Yell “Doggy” to know password
  21. Justin Bieber trivia questions
  22. Don’t Snoop
  23. KungFuPanda
  24. To use, bring boozeJohn Wilkes Bluetooth
  25. Please stop your barking dog
  26. I hate my neighbor
  27. Free CeX
  28. Protected CeX
  29. Last night I saw you naked
  30. No Wires, Still alive and working
  31. Hack me if you can
  32. Please use me
  33. Log in here!
  34. find nearby WiFi
  35. Free CeX
  36. Rahul Gandhi Youth Network
  37. Manmohan Singh Browser
  38. I can read your emails
  39. Click Here To Brick Your Phone
  40. Pay $1 Per Hour
  41. Get Your Own WiFi
  42. Come and clean up my house
  43. Wireless Gang
  44. I Love you my wifi
  45. Free for 1 day
  46. Tell her I love her
  47. Use at your own risk
  48. Let them use it
  49. Pick up your dog poop
  50. You are my crush
  51. penny get your own wifi
  52. Covet not thy neighbor’s WiFi
  53. Hi Sweetheart
  54. Screw You
  55. Go Sleep Baby
  56. NoFreeINternetHereKeepLooking
  57. Shut your Dog Up
  58. My Neighbors Suck
  59. Get Your Ow net Bro
  60. Drop it like its Hotspot
  61. Well “Penis” for password
  62. Enter the Dragon’s Network
  63. Connect and Die
  64. Your PC Might be Crack
  65. LANDownUnder
  66. Feel like Flying
  67. Protected CeX
  68. Mom, Click Here for Internet
  69. Ermahgerd, Wi-Fi!
  70. Child Toucher
  71. Y No You Get WiFI?
  72. All Your Bandwidth Belong to the US
  73. Blue M&Ms
  74. If you don’t have money for the internet please sell you mobile.
  75. Get your own wifi dude
  76. Poor people don’t have the authority to use the internet.
  77. Password is poopoo
  78. Your mobile may be hack after connecting this network
  79. Beware
  80. Help me pay for it
  81. To-let but pay in advance for wifi
  82. Router for sale.
  83. Don’t try to connect you poor peoples
  84. Get lost
  85. Go and ask your father for money to purchase wifi
  86. You cannot access premium things like wifi
  87. I am black
  88. I am white
  89. lololololololololololololol!
  90. Free Service
  91. Free internet
  92. Internet loot available here
  93. Please go to hell
  94. Dare! connect at least once on this network
  95. This is not free service
  96. Don’t be over smart
  97. You cannot access Because you are black
  98. The Black link
  99. Congratulations you are poor
  100. You need free internet lol a big lol
  101. Better luck next time
  102. You need free internet go to market
  103. Last house on this row has free wifi zone
  104. We can hear you are having sex!
  105. Girls Gone a wireless
  106. No free wifi to you
  107. Sorry for loud sex at 3 AM
  108. Virus Distribution Center
  109. Two Girls one router
  110. Let’s Share virus
  111. Let’s Enjoy free internet service
  112. It hurts when IP
  113. Pretty fly for a WiFi
  114. Your Girlfriend is so ugly
  115. I have seen you Naked
  116. I have password
  117. Who farted?
  118. This is not Government service
  119. You need password call on 100
  120. Blogger’s Wifi
  121. I am rich I have wifi you are poor you don’t have
  122. You need to touch my feet for password
  123. Password is 2x+7y*3x+4y/9o+80=0 find value of X and Y
  124. I love your daughter
  125. I love your wife
  126. If you use my wifi. One day I will use your wife.
  127. My Own GOD Damn Internet
  128. Bondage Club
  129. Ha Ha next time lock your router
  130. Bad boys
  131. Yell “Doggy” to know password
  132. Log in here!
  133. find nearby WiFi
  134. It’s Not Paid By Your Dad
  135. Go & Take Money From Your Dad
  136. Click Here To Brick Your Phone
  137. Pay $1 Per Hour
  138. Not Free so Use 4G
  139. Hack me if you can
  140. This is not free either
  141. I am in your bed
  142. I am under your bed
  143. Wireless-G Spot
  144. I don’t like Wifi Gang
  145. Come N Clean My House
  146. Use me if you can
  147. Use Your Own Network
  148. I Hate My Neighbor
  149. I’m cheating on my Wi-Fi
  150. Bondage Club
  151. Ha Ha next time lock your router
  152. Hide Yo Kids Hide Yo WiFi
  153. Girls Gone Wireless
  154. No Wi-Fi for you
  155. Will You Marry Me
  156. Bring Beer and Women to 40.2
  157. I can access your Facebook
  158. I can hear you having sex
  159. Free Public Wi-Fi
  160. No Free Wi-Fi Here
  161. am touching your Daughter
  162. Don’t touch my Daughter!
  163. Durex is for cex
  164. ‘Beggars gonna beg
  165. TooManyDicks
  166. Poor Creatures
  167. Middle finger Raised
  168. Love you
  169. You’re whale-cum
  170. It’s ill-Eagle
  171. Punography is Lee-eagle
  172. iGareeb
  173. Sleep Tightrogen
  174. Durex is for cex
  175. Sorry! I Ovary-Acted -_-
  176. The Creep Next Door
  177. Yell ____ for Password
  178. Bang Bang!
  179. #Free Tickets to Honeymoon
  180. You’re The Reason Our Kids Are So Ugly
  181. I am Barry Allen
  182. To the Moon
  183. I trade drugs
  184. Smuggling
  185. Hookup?
  186. Free WiFi

Cool Wifi Names 2020

Now lets have a look at some of the cool Wifi Names or Router names;

  1. .…………
  2. ????
  3. #####
  4. Dora the Internet Explorer
  5. All Your Bandwidth Belong to Us
  6. I have 2 MBPS speed
  7. CBI Special Branch
  8. This is your LAN
  9. how eyeronic!
  10. Porque-Fi
  11. Titanic Syncing
  12. Wi-Fight the inevitable
  13. Bill Wi, the Science Fi
  14. Pretty Fly for a Wi-Fi
  15. Want Password?
  16. Text ##-## for Password
  17. The Password Is onetwothree45
  18. Drop It Like It’s Hotspot
  19. Troy and Abed in the Modem
  20. Wi-Fi Network? Why Not Zoidberg?
  21. Please Connect for Identity Theft
  22. New England Clam Router
  23. Super Thanks For Asking
  24. Occam’s Router
  25. LAN of Milk and Honey
  26. Hot Wi-fi on a hot DayOn
  27. TheDanceFloor
  28. How eyeronic!
  29. Who’s it
  30. Attention !
  31. Available
  32. Just for you
  33. Awesome
  34. Cracked
  35. iphone
  36. Utube
  37. Log in here
  38. Call me @ 69
  39. Haters gonna Wait
  40. 99 problems but WiFi ain’t one
  41. Feel Like Flying
  42. Mars Network
  43. Intelligence Network
  44. Where are you hiding?
  45. F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Best Router Names

As I said, we have many Router names, well here are some more.

These Routers names are clever, nerdy, geeky Names for Routers. I guess you will pick the Best name for your Wifi from this particular category.

  1. Click this
  2. John’s full name in CAPS, no space
  3. Keep it on the Download
  4. Password is Password
  5. Optimus Prime
  6. DarkKnight
  7. Go Home Tourists
  8. Hogsmeade
  9. iDroppin’
  10. The Dark Knet
  11. Used Nicholas Cage DVDs 2 for 1
  12. Poonshangle
  13. Dunder-Mifflin
  14. Martin Router King
  15. FBI Surveillance Van #594
  16. A Lannister Always Surfs The Net
  17. Total Hear
  18. Abraham Linksys
  19. Pump it. ROUTER!
  20. Call Me Maybe
  21. Once See Back
  22. Sweet Adeline
  23. Area 51
  24. TheInternetIsAssur
  25. Hogwarts Great Hall WiFi
  26. Talk Less, Work more
  27. Your Number here
  28. Bob’s Unsecured House of Wifi
  29. Look Ma, No Wires!
  30. Karen’s Network
  31. want.a.IIama
  32. Wu-Tang LAN
  33. A Van Down By The River
  34. Friendly Neighborhood Spider-LAN
  35. Skynet Global Defense Network
  36. DHARMA Initiative – Station 4 (for Lost fans)
  37. The Net starring Sandra Bullock
  38. I Can Haz Wireless?
  39. The beast
  40. FBI Van Internet
  41. Look Ma, No Wires!
  42. I am the Internet, AMA
  43. Enter the Dragon’s Network
  44. Keep it on the Download
  45. lookmanowires
  46. Ha Ha Next Time Lock Your Router
  47. Umbrella Corporation
  48. Top secret network
  49. Very slow internet
  50. R.I.P your Wi-Fi

Technical Wifi Names

Wifi Names

Do you want to keep your Wifi Name a bit technical? So explore some of these Technical Names…

  1. The Promised LAN
  2. Help, I’m Trapped in a Router!
  3. Error: Please Contact Your ISD
  4. Netflix Streaming!
  5. LAN solo
  6. LAN connector
  7. Ping me
  8. Open N/W preference
  9. Join n/w
  10. Router
  11. Connection Found
  12. Create network
  13. Skypenet
  14. Carabiner
  15. iota
  16. LAN at ur service
  18. Turbo Encabulator
  19. ID-10T-3rr
  20. E.L.I.T.E
  21. Alt+ F5
  22. CyberKnights
  23. TechFire
  24. Cyber Blue
  25. Cybernetics
  26. Cyber CRime
  27. PantherTech
  28. Techstud
  29. Techopedia
  30. Tech Freeze
  31. Texas Torque
  32. NPTEL
  33. Hilltoppers
  34. KING TeC
  35. EngiNERDs
  36. PWNAGE
  37. Appreciate
  38. Roboteers
  39.  Nemesis
  40. MARS
  41.  Stryke Force
  42. Shaker Robotics
  43. Press Alt-F4 to Connect
  44. linksys
  45. SKYat30
  46. UOS_open
  47. UOS_secure
  48. UOS_not found
  49. ROBOT
  50. Next Generation
  52. Press 1 now
  53. That ONE Team
  54. Celt-X
  55. Royal Robotics

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Clever Wifi Names

Who doesn’t want to be clever in today’s world? Everyone! Then keep reading we have something for you. Do you want to fool everyone by your Wifi SSID? If yes, then just go through these “Clever Wifi Names” and avoid random people connecting your Wifi with these Clever Wifi Names.

  1. No Wifi Network Found In Your Area
  2. Test Wi-Fi Please Ignore
  3. Loading…
  4. Try to connect later
  6. Virus-Infected Wi-Fi
  7. You Lost Your Connection
  8. Starbucks Wi-Fi
  9. 404 Wi-Fi Unavailable
  10. 404 Network Unavailable
  11. Searching…
  12. Wait…
  13. Connecting
  14. Hacked Wi-Fi
  15. Lost Connection
  16. Error
  17. Sharing virus
  18. Open Source Malware
  19. Not Found
  20. Network Not Found
  21. Choose a network
  22. Hacked Network
  23. You are hacked
  24. Error, unable to connect
  25. Processing, please wait
  26. Bad Error 313: Disconnect
  27. Attack !
  28. Virus Found
  29. Spyware Found
  30. TROJAN
  31. Malicious
  32. Dangerous
  33. Unprotected
  34. Network error
  35. Virus transmitting Wi-Fi
  36. Prohibited Area
  37. Bad Error 101: Disconnect
  38. VIP connection
  39. Highly secured
  40. Your Session has Expired

Hindi Wifi Names List

Giving best  Wifi names is now the new trend in India. In this particular section, we have focused on best, cool and funny Indian Wifi names which you can use on your router. Just check them out.

  1. Gangs Of WiFippur
  2. Kesi jeeb lablaabai
  3. Net Pack dalwa le beta
  4. Kebal ladkiyo k lia
  5. Velle Log
  6. Free Ka Hai Lele Bhukkad
  7. Mujhse shadi krogi
  8. Sadda Wifi ka Adda
  9. Awaara Pagal Deewana
  10. Prem Chopda nam h mera
  11. Sharma ji ke bete ka Wi-Fi
  12. Bakar Point
  13. Andaz apna apna
  14. No entry
  15. Bhaga Ke Le Jaunga
  16. Password pta kr phele
  17. Ha Ha Ha Password Hai
  18. Bin Bihaya Wi-Fi
  19. Hakunama tata
  20. Baap Se Panga
  21. Shaka laka boom boom
  22. Yaaron Ka Kafila
  23. Apna Spna Money Money
  24. Padna likhna to hai nhi
  25. GF Kiski Hai?
  26. Khaasam Khaas
  27. Chappar faad ke
  28. Bin Maa Ke Bacche
  29.  Akeli Mat Jaiyo
  30. Chal Nikal
  31. Mera man
  32. Sambhal Le Bhai
  33. Password Nahi Pata
  34. Samne aa
  35. Aukat mei rh
  36. Muh Me Lega?
  37. Sirf Google Chalega
  38. JIO Pe JIO
  39. Modi Sarkaar
  40. khud ka net lga le
  41. Net Pack dalwa le beta
  42. Le le Bhikhari
  43. Saale Chori Mat kar
  44. Jug Jug JIO
  45. YouTube Mat Chalana
  46. Balance Dalwa De
  47. Mai Bahar Hu
  48. Chal Be Recharge Kar
  49. Iss Bar Galti Se Jo Hua So Hua
  50. Wi-Fi Hai Mera Naam
  51. Tere Liye Bhi Ek Kidney Bach Rakhi Hai
  52. Tere GF Ka Ex Hu BC
  53. Kuch to sharm kro
  54. Baap Ka Maal Hai Kya
  55. Bhoot Hu Mai
  56. Had hai matlab
  57. Pyaar Karta Hu Tuzse
  58. GF Hu Teri
  59. Connect kr k bta
  60. Connect Karneke Paise Lagenge
  61. So Jao Kal Net Pack Daalna
  62. Tu ni manega
  63. Apki Ladki Mere Yaha Hai
  64. JIO Le Re
  65. Call Kar Ke Password Le
  66. Tharki
  67. Bakchod Baba
  68. loot lo garibo
  69. Salo man jao
  70. 10 rupee ka 30 min
  71. Pad le pad exam ha
  72. Bar bar pucho
  73. Mera hi wifi mila
  74. Ek baniye kaa internet churiaa kaa pap lage kaa
  75. Police Station
  76. nalayak
  77. Internet ka free langar
  78. half half ker lete ha wifi ka bill
  79. tu connent ker mae hack karu ga
  80. password teri behan ka naam ha
  81. Blue film maat download karioo
  82. Tu Bada ho ke chor bane ga
  83. Not free so use 4g Jio
  84. Mat try ker secured ha
  85. ker connect virus bejta hu
  86. ambani sahab ki kirpa
  87. Join rss
  88. Kejriwal ka free wifi
  89. LOOT machi hai kya
  90. Bhikhariyo ka welcome
  91. agli gali mae ha free wife
  92. tu connect kar mei hack karuga
  93. Hacker hu soch ki connent kario
  94. le le
  95. mc bc mera wifi ni h free
  96. free ka maal
  97. desi wifi
  98. Nacho WiFi
  99. bahut data h
  100. Free wifi seva abhi band hai

Best Name Ideas for Router

If you want to use some really unique name for your wifi then you must create one by yourself. I am listing some of the best WiFi Name Ideas that you can implement to create or generate some of the best Names ever.

  1. Create Name for any TV Series
  2. Character based Names
  3. Sports Team, Club or Player
  4. City or area name
  5. Your Gang or squad name
  6. Your Facebook, Instagram, website URL as Wifi Name
  7. Snapchat Id as name
  8. Bitcoin Address
  9. Game Of Throne Based Names
  10. Harry Potter or Star Wars Term as Names

Interesting Wifi Names Generator right??

Well, think more and you can generate some of the best Wifi Names ever.

So here were some of the best Wifi Names in 2020 under all possible categories for your home router. You can use these Wifi  Names for your home router, or you can use your creativity to get some Names of your own. These new Names will surely surprise your friends, neighbors and even roommates and make them go crazy. So what are you waiting for? Just grab yourself a few Wifi Names and select one that goes for you the best!

8 Best Android Games Under 5MB

Android games under 5MB

Are you running out of space on your mobile phone and still can’t resist playing games? With big and heavy games doping each and every day on the Play store, space and memory they consume is also a big problem, especially in older smartphones. Heavy weighted games not only occupy space but also reduces the speed of the processor. But you don’t worry. Just stay tuned with us here, we have a collection of very lightweight Android games under 5MB for you.

So, you don’t have to worry about installing games for your kids on your phone. Kids always want as many games as they can and having 10 games under 5 Mb will just take up 50MB of space (additional 2-5 mb for data).

Isn’t it awesome??

Just take a look at this list of best android games under 5MB.

Best Android Games Under 5MB

So here’s a list of all those small games that you can install in your Android Phone.

  1. One Touch Draw
  2. Racing Moto
  3. Tattoo Tycoon
  4. Bottle Shoot
  5. Pixel Dungeon
  6. City jump
  7. World Citizen
  8. Zombie Smasher

Curious to know about these game more. Let us explore.

Top Android Games Under 5MB

One Touch Draw

Android games under 5MB

One Touch Draw is one of the most addictive, logistic and best time killing game in the list of top android games under 5MB. The game is so simple to understand but on the same side, it is very interesting. What you need to do in this game is that you will be given different figures. And you have to imitate the exact figures without lifting your finger from the screen.

There are about 100 levels in the game. Help yourself with the link given below.

Download One Touch Draw now!

Racing Moto

Android games under 5MB

On number 2 we have placed Racing Moto in our list. It is very basic and simple game. The rules of the game are quite straightforward. You have to imagine yourself on a bike and drive as far as possible without colliding with traffic.

This game will require little over 5mb of your phone memory and graphics are quite awesome. It is a must game if you love racing games.

Download Racing Moto now!

Tattoo Tycoon Free

Android games under 5MB

Look behind the scenes of the tattoo culture and build your own tattoo empire! Set up a perfectly furnished studio and prove your skills at handling your employees and tattoo machine! Improve your reputation and squeeze money out of your customers by fulfilling their wishes and offering individual advice, refreshing drinks, comfortable sofas, and the trendiest t-shirts!

Create the most impressive tattoos by designing new patterns and by improving your equipment!

Download Tattoo Tycoon Free now

Bottle Shoot

Android games under 5MB

For Bottle Shoot, you have to be an awesome shooter to shoot the bottles. As many bottles, you can you have to go on shooting and you have to cross and the level and then finally you have to reach the victory. You will be given a particular time and within the time only you have to shoot the bottles. If you can cross all the level you will get bonus score. The animations and the effects are well designed.

There is a set of rules for this game which is very easy you have to just follow them. Well, I think you people should give it a shot.

Download Bottle Shoot now

Pixel Dungeon

Android games under 5MB

Pixel Dungeon is a popular traditional roguelike game by watabou with pixel-art graphics and simple interface. Here in this game, you will discover the depths of Pixel Dungeon.

The fun doesn’t end here you are also supposed to collect useful items, fight fierce monsters to find the Amulet of Yendor. The game has over installs until now and suitably falls into the category of android games under 5MB.

Download Pixel Dungeon now

City Jump

Android games under 5MB

City jump– this name is just enough to excite to install the game. This one is extremely fun driven game. Here you have to go on performing some thrilling and exciting tasks like jumping between the buildings, killing all your enemies risking your life.

The game you sound adventurous and difficult but all you need is to be fully alert while playing this game. It is one of the most daring game yet small game.

Download City Jump now

World Citizen

Android games under 5MB

World Citizen is yet another Android game under 5MB. It is a quiz game that checks your knowledge about various countries, capitals and flags of the world. The game is absolutely an easy and entertaining one!

The game is available in 2 versions. If you are weak with general knowledge of the world then you should start with the Training version first and try to unlock all golden badges. The Challenge version will help you test the knowledge that you have gained so far.

The game is available in 4 languages: English, Polish, French, Spanish.

Download World Citizen now

Zombie Smasher

Android games under 5MB

Zombie Smasher is the last name in the list. It is simple yet challenging game. In this game, you try to save your home by slaying down zombies. All you need is to tap on the zombies to kill them. You are also given some special power-ups for completing tasks. You have to kill all the zombies heading toward your home before they reach your door. Because as soon as they reach the door they will break down your home. It is the best time killing Android game under 5 MB.

Download Zombie Smasher here

So these were some of the awesome Android games under 5MB. Hope you liked our list. All these games are worth downloading and playing. They definitely owe a chance for a trial. In case you have got some potential option which we had missed then let us know. Feel free to drop down your views in the comment section below. See you in our next post.

10 Best Free Games Without WiFi

A good game can be a lifesaver in situations when we have nothing to do on our smartphones. And the icing on the cake is if your game can be played offline that is without internet connectivity. But do you know the Best Free Games without WiFi?? Do you know that there are many cool Android games that can be played without WiFi??

This article is to help you get the Best Free Games without WiFi. These No Wifi Games are available for both iPhone and Android.

10 Best Free Games without WiFi

Well without wasting much of your time let directly share the list of top 10 free games without wifi.

  1. Temple run 2
  2. Asphalt 8: Airborne
  3. Real racing 3
  4. Shadow fight 2
  5. Hill climbing racing 2
  6. Color switch
  7. Bubble Shooter
  8. Zombie Tsunami
  9. Candy Crush
  10. Subway surfers

Some of these games are very famous!!

No WiFi Games for Android & iPhone 2020

Let me now share some details of all No Wifi games that are mentioned above. All you have to do is, download the game and start playing for free without wifi.

Temple run 2

10 free games without wifi

With over a Zillion of downloads, you can’t deny that Temple Run is one of the most redefined games for Android as well as iOS available offline.

In this game, you will try to travel through cliffs, zip lines, mines and forests as you try to escape with the cursed idol that is continuously chasing you. No matter you are on WiFi or in a No Wifi zone, you can still enjoy exciting experience of never-ending running, jumping, sliding, and turning with Temple Run 2.


  • Beautiful new graphics
  • Gorgeous new organic environments
  • New obstacles
  • More powerups
  • More achievements
  • Special powers for each character
  • Bigger monkey!!!

Rating: 4.3 stars

For Android

For ios

Asphalt 8: Airborne

One of the Best Free Games without Wifi !!!

10 free games without wifi

If you love car games, then Asphalt 8 AIRBORNE is the right choice for you. Airborne is the latest arrival in the Asphalt gaming series and is the best racing games for Android as well as iOS that you can play without WiFi. In Asphalt 8, you’ll race in some of the hottest, most high-performance dream machines ever created, from cars to bikes, as you take them on a global tour of speed.


  • Real luxury dream car and motorcycles
  • Exotic new locations
  • An endless stream of content for speed freaks!
  • The ultimate multiplayer racing experience!
  • Music to rev your soul
  • Control custumization.

Rating: 4.5 stars

For Android

For ios

Real racing 3

10 free games without wifi

Real Racing 3 is the most amazing car racing franchise that sets a new standard for mobile racing games. And you will be stunned when i say this game can be played without an internet connection. It has more than 200 million downloads on play store! This intensive game features extremely high-quality visuals. Real Racing 3 features an ever-expanding roster of officially licensed tracks with 39 circuits at 17 real-world locations, a 43-car grid and over 140 meticulously detailed cars from top manufacturers.

Plus Real-Time Multiplayer, Social Leaderboards, time trials, night racing, and innovative Time Shifted Multiplayer technology, allowing you to race anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Rating: 4.4 stars

For Android

For ios

Shadow fight 2

10 free games without wifi

If you are looking for some really good action then Shadow fight 2 is the one you were looking for. This game lets you equip your character with countless lethal weapons and rare armor sets, and features dozens of lifelike-animated Martial Arts techniques. To make your victory, you crush your enemies, humiliate demon bosses, and be the one to close the Gate of Shadows.

Are you the enthusiast who is ready to kick, punch, jump, and slash your way to victory? There’s only one way to find out i.e. you ought to give this no wifi game a try.

Rating: 4.6 stars

For Android

For ios

Hill climbing racing 2

10 free games without wifi

Hill climbing racing is an offline fun game. It is from the creators of the Original Hill Climb Racing.


  •  Lots of different vehicles with unique upgrades (many different vehicles: bike, truck, jeep, tank, etc.)
  • Tuneable parts include engine, suspension, tires and 4WD
  • Share your score with a screenshot with your friends!
  • Cool graphics and smooth physics simulation
  • Designed to look good on low resolution and high resolution devices (incl. tablets)
  • Real turbo sound when you upgrade your engine!
  • Garage mode: build and drive your dream vehicle with custom parts!
  • Get new boosters to drive even further
  • 27+ Levels!
  • 28+ Vehicles!


For Android

For ios

Color switch

10 free games without wifi

Another popular no wifi game is Color Switch. It has over 190,000,000 downloads worldwide. The game is extremely simple in its user interface with no fancy graphics involved. But yet, it is titled as the addictive game of the year. All you need to do in this game is tap the ball carefully through each obstacle and your ball will switch color with some power-ups.

You must match the color pattern to move ahead in the game. In case you pass through a wrong color, or you’ll have to start again.

Rating: 4.5 stars

For Android

For ios

Bubble Shooter

10 free games without wifi

Classic Bubble Shooter is another promising candidate on our list of 10 best free games without Wifi. It is an addictive, simple and amazing game. It is a one player game and no network required. Once you start playing this game you will be so addicted you won’t stop playing.

Just have a try, you will find the endless fun this app provides you.

Rating:4.4 stars

For Android

For ios

Zombie Tsunami

10 free games without wifi

You need to play one or the other Zombie to live that mysterious experience. So for us, it’s Zombie Tsunami. The storyline of this game is- the zombies are revolting, you attack the city with a horde of zombies, change pedestrians into zombies and create the largest horde.

With this game eat your friends, and challenge them to a crazy race by destroying everything in your path.


  • “One touch” gameplay to control the entire hord
  • 10 delirious bonuses, ninjas, dragons, UFOs, and many more
  • Many upgrades to unlock
  • Raise zombie birds and use their powers
  • More than 300 missions to devour
  • 11 sets to travel in
  • Optimized for all Android models

Rating: 4.4

For Android

For ios

Candy Crush

10 free games without wifi

Candy Crush Saga is one of the best games that you can play without WiFi. I can bet that you could never get bored of this game.

● Collect sugar drops to progress along the Sugar Track for super sweet surprises!
● Daily Booster Wheel to spin for a delicious prize every day
● Pass level 50 to unlock Dreamworld
● Tasty Candies, wrapped and striped Special Candies, Color Bombs and various other magical boosters to help with challenging levels
● Leaderboards to watch your friends and competitors!
● It’s easy to sync the game between devices and unlock full game features when connected to the Internet

Rating: 4.4 stars

For Android

For ios

Subway surfers

10 free games without wifi

The last but not least game name under best free games without Wifi is Subway Surfers. All you need to do is help Jake escape from the grumpy Inspector and his dog. DASH as fast as you can and DODGE the oncoming trains.


  • Grind trains with your cool crew!
  • Colorful and vivid HD graphics!
  • Hoverboard Surfing!
  • Paint powered jetpack!
  • Lightning fast swipe acrobatics!
  • Challenge and help your friends!

Rating: 4.5 stars

For Android

For ios


Playing games without WiFi or net connectivity can be problematic as many free games are data hungry. But with our list of top free games without Wifi it doesn’t matter whether you are looking for free games to play on Android or iPhone and iPad, all these will perfectly suit your needs especially when you are not connected to the internet.

Also Read: Best Music Apps that don’t need WiFi.

So please try out these no wifi games and let us know in comment section. Also if you have any such game name in your mind do let us know.

40 Tongue Twisters for Kids & Adults [Easy & Hard]

tongue twisters

Are you a challenge lover or a parent who want to help their kids in diction? If yes, bear with us for some time and you are definitely gonna gain something new for yourself by the end of this article. Here we are talking about Tongue Twisters. Have you noticed, your brain seems to lose control of your mouth when you try to say certain words or phrases quickly? It’s a question that continues to amaze speech experts. Yes, our new fascination is tongue twisters. They are not only great fun to say, but also they help kids with diction. It’s a worldwide phenomenon: Every language has tongue twisters that stump its speakers. Try one of these 40 tongue twisters for kids and students to get you going and impress your surroundings with a phrase that may leave them speechless!

In this article, you will be getting the best 40 Tongue Twisters to have fun.

The article includes some of the longest and hardest tongue twisters in English along with many easy and short tongue twisters for adults and kids as well.

tongue twisters

Best Tongue Twisters for Kids

Do you have kids or children in your home??

Well, you can play many dare games with them. One interesting game is Tongue Twister and so we are presenting you the best Tongue Twisters for Kids, Students or small children.

These Tongue Twister Challenges are fun to play with families and are always a good time pass on such cold days.

Number 1: Longest Tongue Twister – Peter Piper

Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.
A peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked.
If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers,
Where’s the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked?

Number 2:

Denise sees the fleece,
Denise sees the fleas.
At least Denise could sneeze
and feed and freeze the fleas.

Number 3:

Something in a thirty-acre thermal thicket of thorns and thistles thumped and thundered threatening the three-D thoughts of Matthew the thug – although, theatrically, it was only the thirteen-thousand thistles and thorns through the underneath of his thigh that the thirty year old thug thought of that morning.

Number 4:

Can you can a can as a canner can can a can?

Number 5:

Round and round the rugged rock the ragged rascal ran

Number 6:

I saw a saw that could out saw any other saw I ever saw.

Number 7:

A big bug bit the little beetle but the little beetle bit the big bug back.

Number 8:

A sailor went to sea To see, what he could see. And all he could see Was sea, sea, sea.

Number 9:

Six slippery snails, slid slowly seaward.

Number 10:

Six sick hicks nick six slick bricks with picks and sticks

Hold on!!!

Are you loving these tongue twisters???

Let’s have some more.

Hard Tongue Twisters

Enough of easy ones.

Time for some tough and hard tongue twisters. It will be hard for you to get it right. Do try them all.

Number 11:

I wish to wish the wish you wish to wish, but if you wish the wish the witch wishes, I won’t wish the wish you wish to wish.

Number 12:

There was a fisherman named Fisher who fished for some fish in a fissure.
Till a fish with a grin, pulled the fisherman in.
Now they’re fishing the fissure for Fisher.

Number 13:

How much wood could a wood chuck; chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood

Number 14:

Any noise annoys an oyster but a noisy noise annoys an oyster more.

Number 15:

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear, Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair, FuzzyWuzzy wasn’t very fuzzy… was he???

Number 16:

If a black bug bleeds black blood, what color blood does a blue bug bleed?

Number 17:

Crisp crusts crackle and crunch.

Number 18:

If Stu chews shoes, should Stu choose the shoes he chews?

Number 19:

There those thousand thinkers were thinking how did the other three thieves go through.

Well, here we had come across mid in our article. So far we have mentioned 20 tongue twisters for kids and students of all ages. You can of course just run through the list but why not to have some more fun. Practice speaking these tongue twisters and stun everyone! Challenge the people around you. Ask your friends, family members, schoolmates etc and keep having fun. Now let’s move further and have look at rest 20 tongue twisters.

Easy and Simple Tongue Twisters 

Well, the previous 10 were really Hard. Here are some Cool, Easy and Simple Tongue Twisters in English.

These are small, short and funny tongue twisters and I am sure you will have fun playing challenges with these twisters.

Some of these are the shortest tongue twisters but yet they are not that easy as they sound. Do try them yourself.

Number 20:

The cat catchers can’t catch caught cats.

Number 21:

She should shun the shinning sun.

Number 22: Shortest Tongue Twister

Cooks cook cupcakes quickly

Number 23:

One-one was a race horse.
Two-two was one too.
One-one won one race.
Two-two won one too.

Number 24:

Mix a box of mixed biscuits with a boxed biscuit mixer.

Number 25:

Twelve twins twirled twelve twigs.

Number 26:

If you notice this notice, you will notice that this notice is not worth noticing

Number 27:

The bottom of the butter bucket is the buttered bucket bottom.

Number 28:

Five frantic frogs fled from fifty fierce fishes.

Number 29:

Betty and Bob brought back blue balloons from the big bazaar.

Number 30:

Susie sits shinning silver shoes

Number 31:

Here comes another tongue twister from Kitty Morrow- “A big black bug bit a big black dog on his big black nose!”

Number 32:

Hassock hassock, black spotted hassock. Black spot on a black back of a black spotted hassock.

Number 32:

Mr. Tongue Twister tried to train his tongue to twist and turn, and twit an twat, to learn the letter “T”.

Number 34:

Black background, brown background.

Number 35:

She sells seashells on the sea shore.

Number 36:

Scissors sizzle, thistles sizzle.

Number 37:

How much caramel can a canny canonball cram in a camel if a canny canonball can cram caramel in a camel?

Number 38:

If two witches were watching two watches, which witch would watch which watch?

Number 39:

I saw a kitten eating chicken in the kitchen.

Number 40:

Black back bat.

Here it comes the end of our ultimate list of World’s Best Tongue Twisters. These were a few tongue twister for kids and students along with adults. Depending on the age range of those reading the article choose the best tongue twisters for yourself. You could also try your hand at making your own twisters. If you got favorite tongue twisters on this list, then let us know through comment section. We would love to hear from your side.

90 Questions to Ask a Girl: Get Her Attention

questions to ask a girl

Hello readers. A warm welcome to our page. Today’s article is so interesting that its title itself will catch the attention of many and urge them to read till the end. So the title of today’s article is “90 Questions to Ask a Girl”. What happened boys, wasn’t this exactly what you always look for? Lucky you!

Well, here I am to share with you the BEST questions to ask a girl that may help you to attract her and keep the conversation going. Hereafter you will never run out of things to say AGAIN! Cool, isn’t it? These questions are great options to start a conversation in person or through a dating app like Tinder.

Best Questions to Ask a Girl to Know her Better

Want to know more about your crush or the girl that you just met?

Well, you can ask some deep questions to her! Or you can tell her a joke.

These questions will help you get to know more about her.

questions to ask a girl

  1. What was the worst phase you went through?
  2. What do you like to do that is traditionally considered masculine?
  3. What makes you happy?
  4. What’s your favourite vacation memory from when you were a child?
  5. What belief do you have that most people disagree with?
  6. What or who would you sacrifice your life for?
  7. What impression do you try to give when you first meet someone?
  8. Who do you make happy?
  9. Do you think the future will be better than the present? Why?
  10. Would you rather go to a club, house party, or a small get together with 4 or 5 friends?
  11. What was one of the happiest moments of your childhood?
  12. If you could change 3 things about your country, what would you change?
  13. You have $1,000,000 to make a viral video. What video do you make?
  14. How did you find out that Santa isn’t real?
  15. Why can’t most people keep up with trends in music/ fashion/ tech as they get older?
  16. What was one of the best days of your life?
  17. Do you prefer being outdoors or indoors?
  18. What brings you the most joy in life?
  19. What would you do if a close friend started saying mean things about you?
  20. What is the best and worst part of your personality?

Interesting and Personal Questions to Ask a Girl

Are you looking for some interesting questions to ask a girl?

Well, here are a few of them.

These questions are a bit personal and flirty but will surely help you understand the girl better.

You can even ask these personal questions to your girlfriend, crush or a girl that you just met.

questions to ask a girl

  1. What is the strangest habit you have?
  2. What movie made you cry the most?
  3. What is the most embarrassing thing you own?
  4. What snack can you just not get enough of?
  5. What weird smell do you really enjoy?
  6. What was something you ate regularly as a child but now cringe at the thought of eating?
  7. What’s something you learned recently that you really should have already known?
  8. What’s the best practical joke you’ve pulled or seen pulled?
  9. What’s this time period the golden age of?
  10. What’s an innocent mistake you made that had dramatic consequences?
  11. What’s in your pockets right now?
  12. Do you think human morality is learned or innate?
  13. If you didn’t have to worry about money, what would you do all day?
  14. What’s the best piece of advice someone has given you?
  15. What skill or craft would you like to master?

Best Questions to hold her Attention

Attention is what you boys always demand and that’s an undeniable truth. So to help you to hold her attention here is your guiding angel (that is me ;)) presenting you a few more question to ask a girl. Here we go:

  1. “What is something you have tried, but will never do again?
  2. “What quirky habit do you have?”
  3. “Who is your best friend?”
  4. What is the one thing you did in your past you wish you could undo?”
  5. “What is your biggest fear?”
  6. “If you could instantly know how to speak another language, what language would you choose to know?”
  7. “What’s the habit you hate most in a boyfriend?”
  8. “What’s the best “less is more” example you can come up with?”
  9. “What product has greatly exceeded your expectations?”
  10. “What is the one place in the world you wish you lived in?”
  11. “Would you rather be loved or have a lot of money?”
  12. “What is the happiest memory of your childhood?”
  13. “What is the most embarrassing moment of your life?”
  14. “What would your dream date be like?”
  15. “What would you change about your personality & look?”
  16. “Who has influenced you the most in your life?”
  17. “What is something you used to do as a child that you wish you could still do?”
  18. “What is the worst thing about dating?”
  19. “What is the one career you would love to enter?”
  20. “Are you close with your family?
  21. “What is the one movie that influenced your life the most?”
  22. “Where is the one place in the world you feel safe?”
  23. “What is the one thing you want to experience before you die?”
  24. “What is your ultimate goal in life?”
  25. “What do you think is your best feature?”

I am sure these questions will spark interest and will help you talk more with the girl of your dreams.

Some of these questions are really honest and can turn out to be great questions to start a conversation, specially with someone who you recently met for the first time.

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Romantic Questions to Ask your Girlfriend

questions to ask a girl

You definitely know your girl better than the rest. But what if she had something more to tell which she hadn’t told you till now? Go through these questions which are specially selected to be marked under the category of the questions to ask a girl. They will surely help you to unfold layers of secrets in your relationship.

  1.  Do you usually stay friends with your exes?
  2. Do you mind if I use your social networking sites?
  3. What are your thoughts on online dating or tinder?
  4. What’s the most crucial thing for a healthy relationship?
  5. What is being in a relationship means to you?
  6. What qualities do you expect in your husband?
  7. How do you feel about sharing your password with your partner?
  8. What lies do you most often tell yourself?
  9. When do you think a person is ready for marriage?
  10. What or who would you sacrifice your life for?
  11. Who is the only person whom you will never turn back on?
  12. What kind of parent do you think you will be?
  13. What is a relationship deal breaker for you? What’s your biggest regret in life?
  14. Do you believe in second chances?
  15. What is your favourite thing about yourself?
  16. What’s the one thing that people always misunderstand about you?
  17. What is the one quality that you admires most in males?
  18. What is your idea of a perfect vacation?
  19. What keeps you up at night?
  20. How would you like to treated by your perfect partner?
  21. If you are in a bad mood, do you prefer to be left alone or have someone to cheer you up?
  22. In a relationship, when should a man pay for something, when should a woman pay something, and when should they split the cost?
  23.  What do you think of best friends of the opposite sex?
  24. Do you believe in soul mates?
  25. List of things you want to do with me?
  26. What makes you feel super loved?
  27. What was the worst date that you’ve ever been on?
  28.  What did your past relationship teach you?
  29. What do you think the role of a woman in a relationship should be?
  30. Should roles change when a couple gets married or moves in together?

These questions also include some flirty questions to ask a girl. Well, you can always flirt with your girlfriend!!

So, friends, these were 90 questions to ask a girl. Choose a bunch of questions, ask them out and experience the change in your conversation automatically. Hope you enjoyed reading this article. Thanks for visiting.

100+ Deep Questions to Ask a Girl, Boy or Crush

Deep Questions

Hey friends! It’s the time when we should get to know more about the most valuable people in our life. Yes, you heard it right. In today’s article, we are gonna provide you a way that will let to discover a ton about a person. The person can a stranger, friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, roommate, best friend, family or partner. There are about 100+ Deep Questions to ask that are truly powerful. 

Are you searching for any of these things?

  • Deep Questions to ask a girl or girlfriend
  • Deep Questions to ask a boy or boyfriend
  • Deep Questions to ask your crush

If yes, then this article is perfect for you !!

These Deep Questions are designed in such a way that to will start a deep conversation which will certainly help you to build a stronger bond.

100+ Deep Questions to Ask

You can ask these deep questions to a guy or a girl or even yourself!! It doesn’t matter. What matters is, how will the other person answer to these deep questions.

Here we go..

  1. What are the things that stand between you and complete happiness?
  2. Standing at the gates of heaven, and God asks you “Why should I let you in?” What do you reply?
  3. What do you do to impress others deliberately?
  4. What will you never do in you entire life span?
  5. If you could send a message to the entire world, what would you say in 30 seconds?
  6. Do you like to share your weakness?
  7. What are you more worried about: doing things right or doing right things?
  8. How do you celebrate the things you do have in your life?
  9. Is there anything you do that you hate ?
  10. What concerns and interests do you have in which I do not seem interested?
  11. What was the last new thing you have tried?
  12. How can one earn your respect and trust at same time?
  13. What is your dream profession like?
  14. What is music to you?
  15. In what ways do I show you that you are a very important person to me?
  16. Are people better at creating things or destroying them?
  17. When it’s all said and done, will you have said more than you have done?
  18. How often do you judge people?
  19. If karma was coming back to you, would it help or hurt you?
  20. What have you given up on?

20 Deep Questions to Ask Your Best Friend

Deep Questions

We all have got many friends. Well below listed are some Deep Questions to Ask Your Best Friend that would surely help to discover untold facts and concealed behavior of your friends. Don’t believe me? Give it a try yourself.

  1. What do you want people to feel when they’re around you?
  2. Why you chose to be my best friend?
  3. What is a dream you’ve never said out loud?
  4. When do you feel your most vulnerable?
  5. What would be the reason for you choosing someone else over our friendship?
  6. Who is that one person you can talk to about just anything?
  7. When have you felt your biggest adrenaline rush?
  8. What was the worst phase in your life?
  9. What is more important to you — status, power, or money?
  10. What was the experience that impacted you the most in your life?
  11. One secret of yours that you haven’t shared yet?
  12. What type of relationship did you have with your parents?
  13. Would you be with someone who doesn’t have the same beliefs as you?
  14. What if all on a sudden our friendship broke apart?
  15. How would your best friends describe you?
  16. If you could change anything about your past, what would it be?
  17. Who is the first person you call when you’re in trouble?
  18. What is your favorite childhood memory?
  19. Do you have any regrets in regards with me?
  20. What’s the one thing you would like to change about yourself today and why?

30 Deep Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Deep Questions

Sometimes our relationship with someone else needs a boost of some kind. We desire a closer connection – a way to know the other person intimately. And that where you need to have collection of few Deep Question to Ask your partner. So are you ready?

  1.  Do you usually stay friends with your exes?
  2. Do you mind if I use your social networking sites?
  3. What are your thoughts on online dating or tinder?
  4. What’s the most crucial thing for a healthy relationship?
  5. What is being  in relationship means to you?
  6. What qualities you expect in your husband?
  7. What qualities you expect in your wife?
  8. How do you feel about sharing your password with your partner?
  9. What lies do you most often tell yourself?
  10. When do you think a person is ready for marriage?
  11. What or who would you sacrifice your life for?
  12. Who is the only person whom you will never turn back on?
  13. What kind of parent do you think you will be?
  14. What is a relationship deal breaker for you? What’s your biggest regret in life?
  15. Do you believe in second chances?
  16. What is your favorite thing about yourself?
  17. What’s the one thing that people always misunderstand about you?
  18. What is the one quality that you admires most in females?
  19. What is the on quality that you admires most in males?
  20. What is your idea of a perfect vacation?
  21. What keeps you up at night?
  22. How would you like to treated by your perfect partner?
  23. If you are in a bad mood, do you prefer to be left alone or have someone to cheer you up?
  24. How do you see me?
  25.  What do you think of best friends of the opposite sex?
  26. Do you believe in soul mates?
  27. List of things you want to do with me?
  28. What makes you feel super loved?
  29. What sort of surprises do you expect from me?
  30.  What did your past relationship teach you?

You can ask these deep questions to your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband or even your crush.

30 Deep Questions to Ask to Start a Conversation

Deep Questions

Most often people find it difficult to initiate a conversation. Many a time they want to talk, know better the person on the other side but they fail because they don’t have a bunch of interesting questions that could spark a conversation.

Thinking about all this we have got down 20 Deep Questions to Ask to the person with whom who want to strike a great conversation.

  1. What is your favorite quote and why?
  2. What fears do you have?
  3. What talents and skills to you have?
  4. Tell about a time when someone hurt or betrayed you and how the experience has affected your adult life.
  5. Tell about your most difficult challenge thus far in your life. Were you able to overcome and what did you learn?
  6. What makes you good human being?
  7. What’s your philosophy in life?
  8. Are you religious or spiritual?
  9. Do you consider yourself an introvert or an extrovert?
  10. Which parent are you closer to and why?
  11. What was the best phase in your life?
  12. What’s the one thing you would like to change about yourself?
  13. Are you a starter or a finisher?
  14. Is what you’re doing now what you always wanted to do growing up?
  15. What makes you feel accomplished?
  16. Has a teacher ever changed your life? How so?
  17. What’s your favorite book/movie of all time and why did it speak to you so much?
  18. Are you more into looks or brains?
  19. Would you ever take back someone who cheated?
  20. Have you ever fantasized about changing your first name? To what?
  21. What would you do if your parents didn’t like your partner?
  22. Have you ever lost someone close to you?
  23. When was the last time you broke someone’s heart?
  24. Would you relocate for love?
  25. Did you ever write a journal?
  26. What are you most thankful for?
  27. What’s on your bucket list this year?
  28. What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done and would you do it again?
  29. If a genie granted you 3 wishes right now, what would you wish for?
  30. What do you think about when you’re by yourself?

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A lot of questions you have read today. Hope these Deep Questions help you out to know one another better.

Don’t hesitate to share with us your experience. You can drop down your opinions in the comment box below. For more such stuff keep visiting.