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16 Free Animation Software

Animation software is the most important tool for an animation movie editor. An animation software is used to edit the images and graphics. In this article you will come cross the 16 Free Animation Software that you can download and install on your Windows 10, 8, 7, Mac or Linux OS.

Moreover, the list also includes; 

  • Animation Software for Beginners
  • Online Animation Software for Free
  • Free 2D Animation Software
  • Portable Software for Animation

Yes, you read it right. We have covered everything that you as an animator need. Let us get started;

What Is Animation Software?

Whether you are a student or a developer, a good animation software is an important tool for any level of expertise. The animation software enables you to create your own animation characters. Developing an animation character or movie is very interesting and the first step of an animation career. The animation software is important for a stable and a secure career in the field of animation.

The prices of all major animation software’s is exorbitant. Most of the students are not able to afford such expensive animation software. You need not worry. We have come up with a list for the best 2D and 3D animation software that are completely free of cost.

So, without waiting any further take a look at them and Decide which software is best suited for you.

List Of Free Animation Software

Given below is the list of the best animation software for Windows, Mac and Linux. To your surprise these are all free of cost or cost minimal. Take a look at them and begin animating:

1. Pencil

Pencil is by far the best 2D animation softwares. The animation artists swear by this software. It is an open-source animation software. You can use it on Windows, mac and Linux.

Pencil uses the bitmap or vector interface. The interface of pencil looks quite simple. But it is incorporated with all the important tools that are required for an animation. It is user friendly ,that is, it is very easy to operate.

One of the best feature of Paint is timeline feature. It allows the user to add 4 types of layers to their workpiece. The layers can be bitmap images, sound , vector images and camera images.

2.Aurora 3D Animation Maker

Aurora 3D Animation maker is one of the best animation software for Windows. It provides the users with a wide range of features. The special features enable the user to add watermarks to images as well as videos.

With a user friendly interface, it allows the users to add special features to their drawing. Not just this, it also let’s you convert your text to 3D animation which attenuates your project. Animations of snowfall, fireworks etc are available on this software. If you want to put up your animation on website, the software allows you to put up the animation as a video or GIF.

The software is paid but it offers a free trial to it’s users. You can try it for free and then decide if you should pay for it or not.

3. Blender

Blender is a free animation software for Windows, Mac and even Linux. It has a plethora of features available. Blender offers a wide range of features for 3D animation, editing and modelling. It provides high-level tools to it’s users. The wide range of features allow the users to create complex animations.

The software is one of the best software for beginners as well as professionals. It allows the user for 3D animation and post-processing operations. It also supports non-linear audio/video editing. Blender is an open source animation software. You can edit, and model and save your work. It offers great experience of 3d/game, 3D wrapping, edge rendering and collision simulation.

4. Clara.io

Clara is an online animation software. It does not require any plugin for the browser to work. It is a free animation software. It is a cloud based software that helps the users with modelling, animation and rendering. Clara.io has a user base of 80,000. The users can discuss their animation work and this helps in improving their model.

Clara is a fully functional software that provides the user with polygonal as well as skeleton modelling. Clara is available on many browsers like chrome, edge and safari. The interface is easy to operate and in receptive in nature. It has the options on undo, redo, drag and drop. It is free. You should definitely take a look at it.

5. DAZ Studio

The next software in the list is DAZ studio. It is one of the most promising 3D animation software. You can easily create an account once you signup on DAZ studio. It not only has a user friendly interface but also offers a vast variety of features to the users.

The design engine of DAZ studio is really fast and has  a massive library of pre-developed component matter. This lets the user in fast development. It has many features like NVIDIA lray and bloom filters. It is overall an amazing 3D animation software. You should definitely try it.

6. Anim8or

Anim80r is a lightweight and a portable animation software for beginners. The installation and running is really easy and simple. It has a single executable file that needs to be installed.

Anim8or has four sections of the interface. These are- object editor, figure editor, sequence editor and scene editor. You should try this animation software.

7. Moho (Earlier known as Anime Studio)

If you are an animation artist and an Anime lover, this software is just perfect for you. Moho is one of the best animation software present in the market. It let’s you to do easy and efficient modelling and editing. It comes with a wide range of features that makes animation creation a fun task.

Anime studio allows the users to publish their own animation movie. It also provides users with a large number of pre-designed animations.

8. Creatoon

Creatton is a 2D animation software. It has been ranked as one of the best animation software. It is a user-friendly animation software. The interface is straightforward and instinctive in nature. It allows the users to create the animations in cut out fashion and then special effects are added to these animations. Although the interface looks simple and old, it still manages to create some of the complex animations.

The  interface is not customizable but it has menu on each side of the workspace to easily access all the main features. This allows the users to efficiently work on their animation quicker. You should try creation for 2D animations.

9. Synfig Studio

Synfig studio is an open-source and multi-platform 2D animation software. It can be operated on windows, Linux, and mac. One of the best feature of synfig studio is that the drawing has sharp learning curves. This is because of the avant-garde features of the software. Once the user gets a hold on the tools, the animation created is a treat to the eyes.

Synfig studio has an interface based on bitmap and vector technique. The interface is divided into four sections/windows- tools windows, editing windows, navigator windows and parameter windows. Once the user gets acquaintance to the features, a wonderful animation can be produced. You should try this software.

Top 16 Best Animation Software

Given below is the list of best animation software available in the market. You can decide which software to be used by looking at the features each one has to offer. The different animation software are:

  1. Pencil
  2. Aurora 3d animation maker
  3. Blender
  4. Clara.io
  5. DAZ studio
  6. Anim8or
  7. Anime Studio
  8. Creatoon
  9. Synfig Studio
  10. Plastic animation paper
  11. Stykz
  12. Bryce
  13. Victorian Giotto
  14. PowToon
  15. Autodesk Maya
  16. Modo Creative 3D modelling

Note that a lot of these software are available for Mac and Linux as well. 

Simple check out all of them and start using the best animation software now. Happy animation designing!

12 Free Architecture Software for Windows in 2020

If you are an architecture student or you have developed interest in the field of architect, the most important tool for you is an architecture software or architectural design software. In this article we provide you a list of the best and free architectural software. You can have a look at them and decide for yourself which one suits you the best.

What Is Architecture Software?

Architecture software is one of the most necessary tool in the field of architecture. The architecture design software helps the architecture students as well as professionals to virtually design a home or a building or any structure. The architecture software enables the students and the professionals to practice the designing and enhance the skill. In the past, the architects had to draw up the plan using a paper and ink. The architecture software lets the users to design more swiftly and efficiently. This minimizes the use of raw materials and therefore the design of the plan costs less.

Now that the architecture software are important for designing homes, buildings and all other structures, we need a list of architecture software. We have provided you with a list of the best architecture software. You can go through them and decide which one suits you the best.

List Of Free Architecture Software

Every person who is in the field of architecture is well aware of the importance of the architecture software. But there are many architecture software that are available. In this article,  a list of free architecture software is jotted down. You can choose the software which suits you best. The list is as follows:

1. Revit Architecture

Revit Architecture is a paid software for the students and education-related professionals. It provides a three year license to the user to use the software. This makes it one of the best architecture software. The changes that are made in your design plan are saved as soon as you make them. The software also keeps changing the landscape of your design/plan to give you a better 3D view. Revit architecture is famous among the students for it’s accuracy. Your plans or designs are neat and free of any errors. The software is built for Building Information Modelling(BIM).

Revit Architecture is although the best software for students, it still requires some experience to use this software. The software is easy to use but the new learners cannot cope up with this student. You can go for this software if you have a little experience in using the architecture software.


You can try 30 day trial before purchasing the software.

2. Free CAD

Free CAD is a free architecture software. It is an open source architecture software for Windows. It allows the users to design a plan for many real life objects like homes, buildings and stadiums. The software has some pre-defined projects which are optimized to design a certain type of plan/model. It includes architecture design, ship design, mesh design and part design. If you select the architecture design, you can start designing home, building or a stadium. The parametric 3D modeler technique allows you to build complex designs.

You can save your project as a PDF, OLA or STL. You can also view your model in a 2D view in 2D shape viewer. The 3D model also has the option of front view, top view, bottom view etc. You should definitely take a look at this software.

3.My Virtual Home

If you do not want to hire an architect to design your home, My Virtual Home is one of the best architecture software. My virtual home is one of the most creative and interactive architecture software. This is a great software if you have envisioned what your home should look like. The software has highly interactive models of objects, surfaces and the materials.

It is a free software and it includes the details of suppliers, the rates charged and how to contact them. However the cost are for the ones living in Australia as the software was created for the Australian people mostly. You can however design your home here free of cost.

4. SketchUp

Google has given it’s name to sketchup and ever since it has gained popularity among the architecture students as well as professionals. Sketch up has two versions- sketch up make and sketch up pro. You van choose any version that suits you. It is an architecture software that provides many add on features that can help you in designing your plan efficiently. It allows you to decide the flooring, woodwork etc. It also allows the users to create additional features like garage, pool, deck etc. The 3D image generated is crystal clear and sharp.

Sketch up has a built in lighting engine which gives you an approximation of how much sunlight will enter into your home. It also gives you a view of how your home appears in the evening. This software is perfect for you to design as it is efficient and easy to learn.

5. DesignWorkshop Lite

Design workshop lite is one of the best 3D architecture software. It has a user friendly environment. You can get used to this software easily as it is very easy to operate. The software allows the users to design home and flooring plans. It has a lot of cut-copy options along with shapes. Features like elevation, lengthening, and projection can be easily set by the user.

Although the software is not perfect but it is well equipped to design a home. If you have the required skills, you can design your home as you had envisioned.

6. Archi CAD

Archi CAD is a all in one software that is used for 2D as well as 3D designing. It is one of the best architecture software for the students as well as professionals. It is a user friendly software that is easy to operate. It can be used by the first time designers as well as experienced architects. You should definitely take a look at this software and employ it for your models or plans. It is a BIM software that can be used to design you home, building or a stadium.


7.AutoCAD Architecture

AutoCAD architecture is one of the best architecture software for the learners as well as experienced architects. It offers a wide range of professional tools to the users. The software enables the user to design smoothly. The design that you make will exhibit a real life behavior. You will be able to envision how your design will look when it is executed.  The designing and drafting is made easy with the software and the software is highly precise.

AutoCAD architecture offers a free trial of 3 months. In the free trail the user can access all the professional tools. We ensure you that you will fall in love with this architecture software.

8. Dream Plan

Dream plan is a free architecture software compatible with Windows. This software enables the user to design a home. You can also design the interiors as well as the surroundings of your structure. It is a user friendly software with an easy to operate interface. It helps the users to build complex 3D models. You can also have a 2D view of your structure.

All those who are beginners should definitely try this software. You might just develop enhanced skills of architecture after using the software.

12 Best Architecture Software

Below is the list of the top 12 free architecture software. Do have a look on them.

  1. Revit Architecture
  2. Free CAD
  3. My Virtual Home
  4. Sketch Up
  5. DesignWorkshop Lite
  6. Archi CAD
  7. AutoCAD Architecture’
  8. Dream Plan
  9. TAD Designer
  10. Seismo Build
  11. SweetHome 3D
  12. 3D Home design

Now that you have a long list of architecture software, you should explore them without waiting a second more. And decide for yourself , which software suits you the best. Happy designing!

21 Best Sites Like Worldstar [WorldStarHipHop Websites]

If you are an avid hip hop lover, then worldstar would be your most common destination. In this article you will know what actually worldstar is. You will also know some of the best alternatives to worldstar.com. So without delaying any further let us just dive into the great list of websites that you must start visiting today.

What is Worldstarhiphop (WSHH)?

WorldStar is an entertainment news and content aggregating video blog. Worldstar is very famous among the youth for it’s hip hop video content. Worldstar features a large number of hip hop videos. It has many videos that are related to hip hop and urban music. It includes the freestyle battles, interviews with a lot of celebrities. Worldstar is famous for hosting a large number of public fight videos.

Because of the content many users are hooked on to the worldstar site. It is known as the best channel for producing many crazy videos

Best Sites Like Worldstar

If you are a hip hop lover, your frequently visited site would be worldstar. Now, have you exhausted all the content of worldstarhiphop? If you are looking for “Sites like worldstar” or “Alternatives” to worldstar, then you are in the right place.

Let us take you through some amazing websites which offer exciting contents like worldstar. In case you are bored of worldstar then these sites can be your next destinations. Here are some of the Best websites like worldstar:

1. Allhiphop.com

Allhiphop commonly known as the “valuable resource” for the hip hop industry was started in 1998. It features many music videos related to hip hop, interviews of the celebs, reviews, multimedia and a lot of interesting content.

Many renowned channels like CNN, XXL, New York daily news and New York posts use the content of allhiphop.com. If you are a fan of worldstar this site will not let you down. It is a very good alternative to worldstar. It gives you the best gossip of the hip hop industry. So, do check out this site.


Soul Central Tv is a London based media network. It was founded in 2016 and is one of the fastest growing media network. It has a tag “for indies across the globe”. It is a site which features the music videos of the celebs. It is a site like worldstarhiphop but adds some more features to it. It has a webseries which is out on every Saturdays.

It has the music interviews, videos and movies related to all the genre but hip hop being it’s center of focus. It also features a music countdown show on cables and digital platform like Direct TV, Apple TV and Roku TV. This can be your favorite after worldstar. Don’t miss to surf through.

3.Poppin Media

If you are a fan of worldstar, stay assured that poppin media will not disappoint you. Poppin media has daily content related to the hip hop videos. It also features a lot of amusing or funny videos. The content in the poppin media is rich of hip hop culture. It has however gained a fair amount of popularity owing to the funny videos it posts. This is a site that can be an impressive alternative to worldstar.


If you are interested in reading the hip hop interviews of artists, you are in the right place. XXL is a “blogging” hip hop page. This site like WSHH has tons of articles related to hip hop artists and their daily news. This website is a blessing for al the readers. It is a replacement of your magazines. XXL gained a lot of popularity after it teamed up with Eminem to release XXL PRESENTS SHADE 45 back in 2005.

So, you have a blogging site as an alternative to worldstar. Read all the exciting content and interviews!

5. Underground Hip Hop

Underground hip hop commonly known as Ughh is a must visit site for all the hip hop lovers. Ughh allows the users to explore all the hip hop related information. You get to know about the new releases as well as the upcoming releases. It has introduced a dynamic perspective to hip hop by trending the new artists as well as the established artists of the hip hop industry.

Having it’s roots in Boston it has spread its wings worldwide. Ughh has made hip hop a common name among the people. Every hip hop lover must surf through the site.

6. Boo Boo TV

Boo Boo TV is very similar to all hip hop. It features videos related to comedy, hip hop, trending topics and news. IT has a ton of videos which include the daily activities of the hip hop artists as well as interesting interviews of budding and established artists. Boo Boo TV focuses on maintaining a balance between humor and hip hop. Do take a look at it.


If you are a hip hop follower you could not have missed SOHH. But if you have, go and visit it NOW. Sohh is one of the most successfully running online hip hop news channel. It features about 1.5 million views per month! It was founded in 1996 and has even since stayed strong in the hip hop industry. It has all the hop gossips of the hip hop which ranges from the personal lives of hip hop artists to their new releases. So you cannot afford to miss this.


VLAD is also a hip hop site. It has a collection of videos and news related to hip hop industry. It features all the trending gossip and videos of the hip hop industry. VLAD also has  active social media sites. You can also stay updated with all the hip hop related news from their social media handles.


If you are a hip hop lover, you would love to have a collection of mixtapes. Datpiff is exactly when you need to hop in. Datspiff lets the users to download a lot of mixtapes. The hip hop industry swears by datpiff. It has a upperhand in the hip hop industry. VH1 and MTV have sponsored datpiff. This will give you an idea about how amazing their mixtapes are. Don’t wait!

10. Hiphopdx.com

Nobody in the hip hop industry represents the culture of hip hop and it’s rapping the way hip hop dx has represented. It was founded in 1999 and has ever since been a known name in the hip hop industry. It is the most secure and trustworthy site for all your hip hop related content. It features videos, news, gossips , interviews and what not. If you want to stay updated to the hip hop world, you can not afford to miss this place!

List of 21 Top Websites Like Worldstarhiphop

Here is a list of ten best alternatives to the worldstar site:

  1. Allhiphop
  2. Soul Central TV
  3. Poppin Media
  4. XXL
  5. Underground hip hop
  6. Boo Boo TV
  7. Support online hip hop
  8. VLAD TV
  9. Datspiff
  10. hiphopdx
  11. Dtube
  12. Vidlii
  13. DatPiff
  14. sohh.com
  15. Linkuptv.com
  16. Everyoneloveshiphop.com
  17. Vanillo
  18. Vlare
  19. LiveLeak
  20. Bast
  21. DrakeTube

Now that you have found so many sites like worldstar there is no point in waiting. You must explore it all. We wish you happy hip-hop-ing! Get back to us soon. Looking print on demand? Check out our Redbubble print on demand look-alikes.

13 Sites Like Redbubble [Print on Demand Websites]

If you have a graphic collection at your home or office, then redbubble must not be a new name to you. In this article you will know what redbubble is and we will also provide you a list of sites like redbubble. So without wasting anymore time let us dive into the world of print on demand websites.

What Is Redbubble?

People are getting bored by the mass produced clothes. Some people like to stand out in respect to their dressing. So, a lot of people prefer a print on demand sites. Redbubble is an online marketplace which has a huge items having unique graphics. Redbubble provides the customers with a wide collection of hoodies, tops, caps, t-shirts, bags, home décor and much more. The customer can customize the design of their items. An image is to be uploaded to their website and the product will be delivered. The artists can also sell their designs and receive a payout for it.

Top Sites Like Redbubble

Bored of Redbubble? Finding an alternative to it? if your answer is a yes, then you are at the right place. Here is a list of the websites that can be impressive alternatives to redbubble. Let us take you through them:

1. Café Press:

Café press was founded in the year 1999 and has since been among the top most print on demand sites. It is thus included in the list of sites like redbubble. Users can buy customized products on this site. You can also sell your designs here and get some handsome amount of money.

To make purchases on café press or sell your items here , you need to first register on the site. Café press offers wide range of products like clothing, phone covers, wall clocks , paintings etc. Café press has clothing available for all the people. It has a collection of kids wear, men wear, plus sizes, women wear and what not.

2.Tee Spring

Tee spring is another alternative to redbubble. It had initially just the clothing section. However, it has now expanded the area of it’s sales. They now sell home décor, mugs, blankets etc. You can also sell your designs and graphics on this website.

Tee Spring allows the users to place mass orders. If you have to place orders of tee or shirts for your company or organization, you can do it here. Apart from this, the design that you sell on tee spring is manufactured till the sales are providing them profits.

3. Zazzle

Zazzle is one of the best print on demand online website. Zazzle has a wide range of products. It offers a lot more customization as compared to redbubble. So it is one of the best alternatives to redbubble. The site has got designers and artists who can customize the products for you and make it just like the way you want it.

Zazzle offers a wide range of products like wall décor, shoes, cards and invitations, bags and much more. Zazzle is cheaper as compared to redbubble. It also runs regular sales on the site. You cannot miss this site.


4. Spreadshirt:

Spreadshirt is a German passed online printing website. It mainly deals with printing of clothing apparel. You can customize your product that is you can add the design that you want to. You can also choose from the wide collection that is available on the website.

This site is also cheap and is an affordable alternative to redbubble. It also offers regular discount. You get a discount of upto 70% on bulk orders.

5. ThreadLess:

Threadless was founded in the year 2000. It is one of the best alternatives to redbubble. The website puts by 1000 designs every week for public vote. The public votes for the best designs. The online community selects 10 designs out of these. These projects are then applied to the products and these products are put to sale.

You can also shop hoodies and shirts here. It also offers regular discounts on the products.

6. Society6

Society6 is more like an art place. It does not print on demand. It uploads the designs periodically and then creates the products based on these designs. It is more like threadless.  It is more like an online community of artists where artists across the globe can upload their work here. Society6 offers a wide range of products like notebooks, pens, bags, blankets, pillows and much more. It is basically a one destination for a wide range on items .

7. Teefury

Teefury is another famous print on demand site like rudbubble. It has to offer a wide range of t-shirts, hoodies and posters related to the pop-music. If you are an artist you can sell you item here and if you are a pop music lover, you will make a lot of purchases here. Teefury keeps it’s customers hooked to it because every 24 hrs , designs are uploaded and the designs are available for only 24 hrs. Also, the prices are affordable and the quality is good.

The artist receives 5.5% of the profit on every sale.

8. CustomInk

Your alternative to redbubble can be custom ink. Custom ink allows the users to customize their products. You can add your own graphics or pictures to your t-shirts or hoodies. The quality of the products is commendable. A lot of products are also available on the website. If you don’t want to customize your products, you can simple choose from the available designs. Do take a look at the website.

13 Best Print on Demand Alternatives To Redbubble:

Given below is a list of sites like redbubble. They are as good and as efficient as red bubble. You can use these sites as an alternative to redbubble. The list goes as this.

  1. Café Press.
  2. Tee Spring.
  3. Zazzle
  4. Spreadshirt
  5. Threadless
  6. Society6
  7. Teefury
  8. CustomInk
  9. Fanjoy
  10. Design By Humans
  11. Busted Tees
  12. SunFrog
  13. Printful

Now that you have such a large collection of the print on demand sites, you can never be bored and exhausted of looking at just one or a few graphics. Also if you sell your graphics, you now have a large number of platforms to experience. Into world star hip hop? Check out these similar websites. Happy shopping and happy graphic design to you all!

16 Best IRC Clients for Windows, Mac and Linux [Free]

In this article, you will come across what an IRC client is. You will also know about the best IRC clients for Windows 10, MacOS, iOS and Linux. Without taking much more time, let us start.

What Is IRC?

With the development of the internet, we all think that chatrooms are too old school and outdated. But the concept of chatrooms is still used in the servers. In fact, these are widely used.

IRC is a network of chatrooms. Each chatroom is called a server. A server maintains its own network of chatrooms. If you are connected to a server you can participate in the chatrooms of that server and chat with the other clients/users.

IRC, which stands for “Internet Relay chat”, is a protocol that allows communication between multiple networked computers. It allows other features like one to one messages, data transfer and chat rooms.

Best IRC Clients

There are many IRC clients available. And these allow us to chat anytime anywhere. Let us jump in then to the different IRC clients we can use:


mIRC has been one of the best IRC clients for Windows. It offers a wide range of features for it’s users. It is the most used and downloaded IRC client among Windows users. Scripting is one of the features that outshines the mIRC from the other competitors.

mIRC provides a one month free trial to its users.

2. Ice Chat

Ice chat uses the tagline “that cool people use”. Ice chat is a heavily customized IRC client. It allows the users to customize anything from background colours to the font style. All the features are present on the ice chat. It allows visual basic scripting (VBS) for automating a task, multiple servers and multiple channel feature to the users. However, one feature of ice chat which stands out is that it allows various plugins to it’s users. This means that the user can access the google search and follow all the twitter feeds.

Ice chat is a light IRC client but is very efficient. It allows the user to chat within seconds. The user has to enter a nickname and then choose a server. The user can use a global server or can switch to custom-server settings.

3. X-Chat

X-Chat is one of the best known IRC clients for Linux. It has been widely employed as an IRC client. It is an open source so it can be used on Windows as well as Linux.

X-chat offers only one month of free trial. You cannot use it for free after completing the free trial. To avail the ice-chat after one month you have to make a payment of $19.99. If you are not ready to pay, you can opt to use the older version x-chat2 which is a free build of x-chat.


KVIRC has been developed for about 10 years. It is one of the oldest running IRC clients. The period of development is reflected in it’s features. The features of KVIRC are expanded and make it a user-friendly IRC.

KVIRC provides extensive scripting support. This allows a wide range of user customization. One of the best features of KVIRC is that it is portable. The user does not need to install it. It can be used directly from the drive. It can also be run on different platforms like Windows or Mac.

5. Hydral IRC

Hydral IRC was an attempt to introduce IRC to the common people. It has the concept of making the use of IRC easy and efficient. IRC clients have been mostly accessed by the hi-tech people. Hydral was developed so that the beginners can also use IRC clients.

It had a wide range of features to offer to the clients. It is free of cost. NO registration fee is required. It is also an open source IRC, that is, it allows the users to access it on different operating systems. It also allows many plug-ins, the user can chat, use the google search engine and go through their social network feeds. It also has the feature of custom notifications.

6. Quassel

Quassel is defined as modern IRC. It has a wide range of features, all those which any user will expect from an IRC client. It is also cross-platform. The IRC client can be run on Windows, Linux and IOS.

The striking feature of Quassel is that it is distributed. It connects and disconnects from the central core. The central core runs completely online. When the user is away, it disconnects. And when the user gets back it reconnects. This prevents the user from missing out on anything.

7.Thrash IRC

Thrash IRC has proclaimed to be the “best IRC”. Trash IRC is an all-feature IRC. It has a wide range of features, all that are expected from an IRC client. The best part of Thrash IRC is that it provides the user with every feature of an IRC and uses very few system resource files. It uses no spyware or adware. It also has a large collection of smileys which are the best smileys in an IRC client.


Nettalk is a Germany based IRC client. It is a free and open-source IRC client. You can run it on any operating system.

It has a focus to be user-friendly. Nettalk has a very simple default layout. The beginners to IRC can easily gain control over it. Netalk has all the features that should be present in the modern days IRC. It allows multiple plug-ins. This means that you can chat, use the search engine and check your newsfeed at one time. It also offers a wide range of user customization and also has the feature of scripting. The best feature of Nettalk is that it allows the users to use multiple languages. The languages are English, Spanish, Dutch, German, Russian, Hungarian and Chinese.

9. Smuxi

Smuxi is a distributed IRC client. This means that you can end your chat and resume on a different machine without losing any data. The messages, active chats etc are all saved. The user has to choose the server. There are some pre-configured servers. The user can add the serves on their own also. Smuxi also user customization.

The background colour can be changed. The user can also change the font, timestamp formats , buffered lines and much more. You can also avail the feature of desktop notification. It is basically an adequate feature providing IRC client.

10. Hexchat

Hexchat is an IRC which is very user-friendly. It is very similar to X-chat. The difference is that Hexchat is free for both Windows and Linux. Hexchat is an open-source IRC client.

  • You can operate it on Windows, Linux and iOS.
  • It has a user-friendly interface.
  • The user can easily customize it.
  • It also supports multiple languages.

List of 16 Best IRC Clients for Windows, Mac and Linux

We are providing the list of some of the best IRC clients for Mac, Windows 10 and Linux. You can choose the one suitable for you and then use it. Below is the list

  1. mIRC
  2. Ice Chat
  3. X-Chat
  4. KV IRC
  5. Hydral IRC
  6. Quassel
  7. Thrash IRC
  8. Nettalk
  9. Smuxi
  10. Hexchat
  11. Pidgin
  12. IRCCloud
  13. Kiwi IRC
  14. AdiIRC
  15. Irssi
  16. Textual

Now that you have a full-fledged list of the IRC clients, get started to explore them and choose the one best for you. Happy old-school chatting!

15 Best Typing Software for Windows [Free Download]

Do you want to master the art of typing? Do you want to type fast on your PC or laptop? Do you want to type without seeing your keyboard? Well, all this is possible and easy to learn with the help of a few Free and Best typing software.

In this article, you will come across some of the best typing software for Windows. You can take a look at all these software and choose the one that is feasible for you.

What Is A Typing Software?

Typing in a skill that is required in every field today. It is required to build the reports of the projects, for updating your websites, to write for magazines and much more. All the industrial fields require professionals who have expertise in typing. The best way to learn typing is to employ a typing software.

Typing software is just like a tutor which teaches you how to type quickly and efficiently. There are a lot of typing software in the market. If you are looking for the best typing software, then you are in the right place. We have a good list of Free Typing Software for Windows.

Best Typing Software for Windows

Here is a list of the best typing software for Windows.

1. KeyBlaze

KeyBlaze is a free typing software. It is used for imparting the skill of efficient typing among the beginners. It’s innovative GUI enables the users to get acquainted with this software quickly. This software helps the users to improve their typing speed in a very short span of time.

It is one of the most efficient typing software. And it is used by many schools and institutions. It helps the users to learn touch-type and to test their typing skills. You should definitely have a look through this software if you have just begun typing

2. Typing Trainer

TypingTrainer is another free software to learn typing. It helps you to learn typing skills and get a good grip on these skills. The skill of typing is required in your day to day work. This software first has a lecture of less than one hour. This provides a basic knowledge of typing. The next step of this software tests your typing skills.

This is a kind of self-assessment step. It also gives many tips to the user to increase the typing speed. Besides this, it offers many video lectures and practice exercises which enhance your typing skills. It is basically a software which provides you with all the resources necessary for typing.

3. Rapid Typing Tutor

Rapid typing tutor is a free typing software. Users are hooked to this typing software because of the interesting activities and the games it has employed. This software is used for learning the skill of typing.

The activities that are provided by the software helps the users to improve their typing speed greatly. One of the best features of this software is that it supports multiple languages like Spanish, Dutch, English etc. It also provides a wide range of keyboards that can be accessed by the users. You should definitely try this fun typing software.

4. Klavaro Touch Typing Tutor

If you want to enhance your typing skills, Klavaro touch typing tutor is one of the best typing software available. You can download it for free for Windows operating system. It supports multiple languages like English, Punjabi, Spanish and many more.

It helps you to improve your typing speed. The user develops the skill of typing efficiently in a short span with the activities and tutorials offered by this software. It is a free typing software and definitely one of the best out there.

5. Just Type

If you think that you do not require any tutors for acquiring the skills of typing, you can employ this software. Just type typing software helps you to practice typing without any tutorials. It has a user-friendly interface which makes it very easy to operate this typing software. Besides, it has keyboards in many vibrant colors. It basically helps you to type without looking at the keyboard.

It employs the technique of blind typing. It is a good software for the beginners as well as school going kids to acquire the skill of typing.

6. Max Type Pro

It is one of the best typing software for Windows 10, 8 and 7. Max type pro is a freeware typing software. It helps the users to improve their pace of typing as well as accurateness of their typing. The typing software has different levels.

These levels are through beginners to advanced. This software offers a weekly report to the user. The weekly report generated helps the user to assess where improvement is required. It also has practical sessions. This helps you to practice more efficiently.

7. Stamina Typing Tutor

This software helps the user to improve their speed of typing as well as accurateness of their typing. The software has many pictorial and graphical representations that keep the user interested in the process of learning.

  • It also offers a wide range of virtual keyboards.
  • It is also available in many languages.
  • It is an efficient software for beginners as well as advanced typing professionals.

There are many features available and you can choose from the various options in the software. You should definitely try this software.


8. Type Faster

This typing software is free of cost and it is one of the best typing software. Type faster allows users to adapt the techniques of typing. It also allows the user to practice typing to improve their as well as accuracy. It helps in learning various typing skills including touch typing.

List Of 15 Top Typing Software for PC

Given below is the list of the 15 software that can help beginners and professionals to learn typing.

  1. Key Blaze
  2. Typing Trainer
  3. Rapid Typing Tutor
  4. Klavaro Touch typing tutor
  5. Just Type
  6. Max Type Pro
  7. Stamina typing Tutor
  8. Type faster
  9. Bruce’s unusual typing wizard
  10. Letter Chase typing tutor
  11. Bodie’s typing tutor
  12. Kiran’s typing tutor
  13. Cool typing tutor
  14. Analytical eye typing tutor
  15. TIPP 10 free typing tutor

Now that you have a list of the typing tutors, you can check all of them and choose the one with suits you the best. We wish you a successful typing experience!

13 Best Watermark Remover Software [Free Included]

If you deal with the digital contents, then watermarks would have been a constant source of botheration. Well, in this article you will know more about watermarks and you will also know about some of the best Watermark Remover software for removing these watermarks.

You don’t need to buy any software as we will list many Free software apps to remove Watermark from images or photos.

What are Watermarks?

Watermark is a kind of patent. You would have come across many images on the internet that has a symbol or a name on it. These symbols or names are the watermarks. The watermarks specify ownership of some content. These are used chiefly by photographers, bloggers, content writers for the copywriting purpose.

Watermarks are added so that no unauthorized user can use your work or images for commercial purposes. It is basically a text or a logo that is superimposed on a picture or a text file. The watermark can be a brand name, a logo of the company or the name of the owner.

However, many times we need the original photo. Sometimes the owner forgets to save the original picture or text. In this case, we need to remove the watermarks. Let’s now have a look at some of the best watermark removers.

Best Watermark Remover Software for Windows

If you are into the digital content then watermark remover must be your most commonly used software. Here’s the list;

1. Photo Stamp Remover

It is one of the best watermark removing software. It not only helps you to remove watermarks but also supports batch processing. It helps you to remove watermarks from a digital image. Zoom in and zoom out feature is also present in this software. It supports various forms of files.

The best feature is that it has an easy to use interface. The interface also supports multiple languages. It is a paid software that starts from $5.99. This will be your best bet for a watermark remover software. You should definitely have a look at it.

2. Photoshop

Photoshop is a very well known editing application for your photos. You can employ this to add many features to your photos. It also helps you to remove watermarks on your pictures. It has many tools like the magic erase brush, blur, healing brush and cropping.

3. SoftOrbits Photo Retoucher

Softorbits photo retoucher is one of the most efficient and reliable watermark remover tool. You can rely on this software without thinking twice. This software also allows you to edit your pictures. It has many tools for image correction.

Apart from removing watermarks, it also allows the user to remove any unnecessary marks or portions of the images. The software has many brushes that are employed for removing watermarks. It is, however, a paid software. The price starts at $24.99. You will never regret paying for this software.


GIMP is a free watermark remover software. It is an open source software. You can use it on Windows, Linus or Mac. This software helps you create advanced buttons and logos.

Apart from removing watermarks, this software is also used to correct lens aim error which causes a point of view distortion. GIMP is a rational and feasible option for all digital photographers and bloggers. It is efficient as well as economical.

5. Paint.NET

Paint.NET is a common free software to remove watermarks. Although it is basic it can efficiently remove the simple watermarks from the image. It is free software. You can, therefore, try it and check if it matches your requirements.

To remove a watermark open Paint.NET. Now open the photo in which the change is to be made. Click on “Clone Stamp” tool. Change the size of the brush as required. Then click of the CTRL button to create a clone of the background picture. Pointer the cursor at watermark and press the left cursor. The watermark will be removed successfully.

6. LunaPic:

Lunapic is an online app. You can remove the watermark in your picture online using LunaPic. You do not need to download the software. Luna pic is an efficient tool to remove the watermarks from your image.

However, it is a little time-consuming. Whenever any change is made in the image, the page gets reloaded. Therefore, little time is taken. But this software is free to use and can be used by the beginners.

7. Photo Eraser For PC

Photo Eraser for PC is a paid tool. It is amazing software as It allows you to efficiently remove the undesirable items from the image. It removes the watermarks from the image. Apart from removing the watermarks, it also removes any images that are present in the background.

The clone tool allows you to remove even slightest of marks that are left. It can remove watermarks as well as stamps. This software is so efficient that it can even remove shadows of people background. It is a paid software. A free trial is available and if it suits you, you can upgrade it.

8. Photo UPZ

Photo UPZ is an efficient and rational tool for digital photographers. It helps you to remove the watermarks as well as enhance the look of your image. This software allows efficient editing, enhancing and retouching the photos. To make any changes in the photo you need to upload the photo to the software. You can then remove the watermark from the image. Tools are used to remove watermarks or stamps. Photo UPZ  is paid software. The software starts from $19.99. This software will not let you down.

List Of Top 13 Watermark Remover Tools

There are many watermark remover software available. We mentioned some in detail above. If you are still looking for more tools, then here is a much longer list of tools that you can use to remove logo or watermarks from any Image or picture.

  1. Photo stamp remover
  2. Photoshop
  3. Soft orbits photo retoucher
  4. GIMP
  5. Paint.NET
  6. LunaPic
  7. Photo Eraser for PC
  8. Photo UPZ
  9. Web in paint
  10. InPaint Tool
  11. Wondershare Fotophire
  12. Artipic photo editor
  13. AWinware PDF watermark remover

Out of these names, I am sure you will find the best tool that will all your requirements. If you are still looking for an expert opinion, then let me tell you. If your requirement is limited and you want to remove logos or watermarks of a small number of images, then go for a free tool.

However,  if your entire business or work depends on images or graphics, I would recommend you to buy powerful software that can handle all your needs. Photoshop is one such tool that I can easily recommend to anyone.

In the end, it’s your choice. Make sure to comment down your queries in the comment section.

12 Best Stores Like Zumiez [Cheap Online Alternatives]

If you love to express yourself with the clothes you put on then you must often walk through the doors of the Zumiez store. If you are bored with the clothing of the Zumiez store and have exhausted all its collection. Then you are at the place you should be. In this article, we will tell you about some of the best stores like Zumiez and you can use these as an alternative to your Zumiez clothing.

What Is Zumiez?

Zumiez is an American multinational clothing brand. It features special clothing for men and women. It has a variety of clothing, footwear and accessories. The fashion label is famous for clothing of active sports like skateboarding, snowboarding and motocross.

The clothes of Zumiez are famous among the young generation. They are expressive, unique and really comfortable to put on. It is an American multinational company based in Lynwood, Washington. Zumiez operates 698 stores currently. Out of these 607 are in America, 50 in Canada, 34 in Europe and 7 in Australia.

Zumiez also lets it’s users to shop online. The online store provides free shipping to US.

Best Stores Like Zumiez

Below are some of the best and top stores like Zumiez. You can use these stores as an alternative to Zumiez;


If you are a skateboard and snowboard lover then Vans is a must visit shop. Vans was established in the year 1966 and has ever since been a sensation amog teenagers. Vans has a large collection of clothes, skateboards, snowboards and shoes. Vans is famous for the collection of it’s shoes.

Vans offers the customers to purchase from a wide collection of their funky shoes. The customers can customize their pair of shoes- that is they can either add graphics to their shoes or choose both the shoes separately.

If you are a Zumiez addict, Vans can be one of your best alternative to Zumiez. It offers free shipping across US. You can shop offline at your desired store or you can shop online through the website.

2. PacSun

Pacific Sunwear of California or PacSun is a youth oriented clothing label. PacSun offers a wide range of jeans, shirts, hoodies and footwear for both men and women. It has an agenda of improving the clothing style of the youth and is there updated with the latest fashion trends.

PacSun can be your alternative to Zumiez because both these fashion labels are youth oriented. PacSun has online shopping services as well as offline services. If you want to shop offline, you can locate their store. The online shopping offers free shipping above 50$. Their is a SALE section on their websites which offers great deals in their collections.

You can have a look at their clothing line at their website.

3. Karmaloop

In this list, Karmaloop is one of the best alternative to Zumiez. Karmaloop is a media company. Karmaloop offers a wide range of clothing from different brands like nike, puma, adidas etc. They have a wide collection of hoodies, t-shirts, jeans, sunglasses, shoes and a whole lot of accessories. It offers clothing collections both for both males and females. You can shop online at the site.

Above the purchases of 100$ you get perks. There are regular discounts on the website available. It offers a lot of collection for the teenagers and the youth. You must check out the collection it offers.

4.Warehouse Skateboards

If you are a skateboard lover, then warehouse skateboard is your destination. Like the name suggests, it offers skateboard related clothes and accessories. It has a wide range of skateboards, shoes, backpacks and clothes both for men and women. It  offers quality products.

They offer free shipping across US above the order of 100$. They also ship internationally. The charges for international shipping are affordable.


Like Zumiez, Tight Boards also offers clothes and accessories related to sports and skating. It offers a wide collection of outwear and sport gear. It has accessories for skateboarding, snowboarding, windsurfing, hiking, biking and everything else. It has one of the most appealing collection of accessories to offer to its customers.

Tight Boards also offers a sprawling collection of footwear. It has got biking, skating and casual shoes for the customers. It also offers sandals and a collection of boat shoes. You can shop online. The shipping is free for orders above 50$.


Tilly’s is another fashion brand and an American cloth retailer. It had started with a collection of jeans and tops. Apart from offering clothes related to skating, snowboarding and hiking, it also offers the clothes that are in line with the fashion trends. You can also shop brands like RayBan, Bouton etc here. It offers a collection of backpacks, footwear, sunglasses and clothes.

The online store offers free shipping above 49$. There is also a SALE section which has many deals and offers put up regularly. Offline stores are also available for Tilly’s.

7. Active

Active is your destination for all you skateboard apparels. Active is a skateboard inspired fashion clothing brand that consists of tees, sweaters, joggers and all your skateboard accessories. Active is concentrated only on skateboard accessories. You wont find other sport gear here, like Zumiez. Active has a huge collection of skate shoes.

Active is a good alternative to Zumiez. You should not miss this.

8. CCS

CCS is an American fashion retailer brand. It has a wide collection of jeans, tops, hats etc. It has a wide collection of clothing and accessories related to skateboarding and snowboarding. It lets you shop a wide range of brands like adidas, VANS, nike etc. There are regular discounts and deals on the products for the customers. The shipping is free for orders above 50$. Otherwise, the shipping is just 3.45$ which is nominal.

CCS is a must visit place for skateboard and snowboard lover. You can shop a wide collection of clothes and accessories relating to skateboard and snowboard.

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List Of 12 Alternatives To Zumiez:

Below is the list of  fashion apparel labels that can be a good alternative to Zumiez:

  1. VANS
  2. PacSun
  3. Karmaloop
  4. Warehouse Skateboards
  5. Tight Boards
  6. Tilly’s
  7. Active
  8. CCS
  9. Tactics
  10. Hot Topic
  11. Urban Planet
  12. The House

Now that you have so many alternatives to Zumiez and we have provided you a list of stores like Zumiez, you will never be bored of the cloth collection. Happy shopping and skateboarding!