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Apps Like Vozee

Vozee isn’t quite as good as it used to be and you may be looking for an upgrade. If this is the case, there are a lot of different apps that have free content available to you.

Discover the top apps that you should be downloading if you want to watch free movies and TV shows.


Not only is Tubi a completely legal service but unlike many other legitimate sites, it is completely free. All of the movies and TV shows on this app are absolutely free. Yes, there are some ads but this is fewer than what you would find on cable.

There are also a lot of movies and shows to stream using Tubi. From comedies and dramas to kids’ shows, the options are endless. You even get British shows and Korean dramas if you are looking for something a little different. Also, since Paramount, Lion’s Gate, and other top companies provide content for the site, most of the movies and TV shows are really good.

123Play: FMovies

This is another website that offers all of its movies and TV shows for completely free. Once again, there are ads, but these aren’t all that frequent and can easily be exited. As this is an independent app, you get an enormous selection, much larger than anything else that you will find.

If you see interesting movies or shows and don’t have the time to check them out right now, then simply bookmark them. When you are ready to watch them head over to the Bookmarks section and you will be able to continue your viewing experience without any issues.

Pluto TV

This is yet another app that lives up to its claims of being completely free. However, this isn’t the only reason to be excited about Pluto TV. This app also has an incredible amount of content for you to choose from. In fact, there are over a hundred different channels for you to choose from. Due to this, you aren’t going to be running out of content anytime soon.

What’s more, is that a lot of this content is made up of popular TV shows and movies. So, it doesn’t matter if you like highly-rated comedies or reality TV, you will be able to take your pick of the litter here.

Peacock TV

Believe it or not, Peacock TV is available for free. Now, there is a paid subscription as well and here you get unlimited access to all the movies and TV shows. However, with the free version, there are some limitations.

Despite this, you still get access to a lot of the top movies and TV shows out there. And, the app is completely legitimate which allows you to comfortably watch the content with its original quality. You also get access to shows and movies that are available through other content partners like Universal, Dreamworks Animation, and more as well as the original Peacock content.


If you want to watch free movies and enjoy a user-friendly interface, then the GoMovies app has what you are looking for. Not only do you have the most recent and popular movies lined up for you on the main page, but searching for a particular movie is incredibly simple too.

GoMovies is another independent app. As a result, it has the freedom to show you movies from all companies and labels. This means that you have an enormous library to scroll through and can find movies from all years and genres with minimal fuss. You are sure to never run out of things to watch with this app.


Freevee is linked to Amazon. And, all that you need to access all of this free content is to download the app and access it via your Amazon ID. It is as easy as that. One of the interesting things about Freevee is that there is a lot of original content.

So, if you are bored by all the other shows and movies available these days, this is a great way to see what else is out there. You also get access to the reboots of some popular reality shows as well.


Not only are all of these apps free but they also boast an incredible lineup of top movies and TV shows. If you are looking for great entertainment any one of these shows can guarantee it for you.

Sites Like Grailed

Like the concept of Grailed but want to see if there are other sites like it out there? Well, there are a number of sites that offer high-end clothes, accessories, and more.

To see which ones have the right items for you, check out this list!


One of the great things about Tradesy is that this site has been around for a while and has grown quite a bit in popularity. As a result, there are an enormous number of sellers, ensuring that you have a ton of clothes, accessories, bags, and shoes to choose from. In fact, there is an entire section for wedding merchandise.

Tradesy is also great for finding unique vintage items that you may not come across anywhere else. From vintage Dior booties to Burberry kilt skirts, there is no end to the treasures that you can find on this site. The site also functions very professionally so delivery, returns, etc. are a total breeze to take care of.

The Luxury Closet

If you are all about accessories, then The Luxury Closet should be your top site. This is because you can get handbags, shoes, watches, and more from some of the hottest brands in the world. There are so many brands and items to choose from that you will be spoilt for choice.

The real selling point of The Luxury Closet, though, is that you get some great prices for truly exquisite pieces. Not only are many of the accessories on sale, but there is also a clearance section if you want a true bargain. It is the ideal spot to get designer duds for reasonable prices.


If you want a wide variety of designer options to choose from, then this is the site to help you out. 1stDibs has everything from clothes, jewelry, and shoes all the way down to furniture and lighting. You really can find anything that you want from just this one site.

The sellers come from all over the world. Due to this, you can get some pretty unique pieces that may not be available in your part of the world. At the very least, you have access to a greater selection. You will be relieved to learn that the site vets all the sellers. As a result, you can guarantee that you are getting original merchandise with each purchase.


Rites are yet another online store that offers designer duds, but it has an unusual feature. Some of the items on the site can be rented instead of bought outright. This is a perfect option if you need something for an event but don’t really want to make a long-term investment. However, if you do want to buy an item, this is an option too!

One of the benefits of Rites is that you get access to some rather unusual high-end brands that you won’t necessarily find anywhere else. So, if you have a rather unique sense of fashion, this could be the site that meets your needs!

The RealReal

One of the biggest issues with trying to buy secondhand designer pieces online is that you can never be sure of what you are getting. Well, with TheRealReal, there is no need to worry about this. The site makes every effort to vet every seller as well as the product.

As a result, you know precisely what condition each of the pieces is in and can get your full money’s worth. As an added bonus, the site is quite well-known. This means there are a lot of sellers, particularly since they are able to earn a great commission.


Poshmark is the perfect site when you want a mix of high-end and mid-range brands. After all, you may not always be in the mood to splurge on clothes. This site ensures that you get the best of both worlds and get access to well-preserved, beautiful clothes and accessories from a wide variety of brands.

Another cool feature of this site is that you get lots of advice and recommendations from stylists around the world. This means that you gain valuable insight into how to style the items that you would like to buy. When you shop on Poshmark, you are also finding your fashion community.

These are the sites that are sure to help you find what you are looking for regardless of the brand or items that you are shopping around for.

Other Sites Like Grailed

If you’re a fan of Grailed and looking for similar sites to buy and sell fashion items here are a few more options to consider.

StockX End Clothing and SSENSE are popular alternatives that offer a wide range of designer vintage and streetwear pieces.

Depop is another site worth checking out particularly if you’re interested in unique vintage items.

Hypebeast GOAT and Highsnobiety cater to the streetwear community and offer a curated selection of fashion items.

If luxury fashion is your preference Vestiaire Collective Flight Club and The RealReal specialize in high-end and second-hand designer items.

Additionally online retailers like Mytheresa Matches Fashion and Farfetch offer a diverse range of acclaimed designer brands.

Whether you’re looking for specific niches sneaker culture or a wide variety of options these sites provide unique alternatives to Grailed.

Apps Like Quidd

Quidd isn’t the app that it used to be and a lot of people are leaving it in droves. However, before you move on, you need to find an appropriate replacement for your passion.

From all-inclusive apps to specific trading cards, you can find the top alternatives for Quidd right here:

FIFA World Cup Trading App

If you want to build your collection of the top players in the world, then it is easier than ever before thanks to this trading app. As an officially licensed app, you will get access to the cards of the top players around the world.

To collect cards, simply open the packs and find the top players. As you expand your collection, you will be able to easily find new and rare cards until you create a collection of the top eleven players.

If you are missing a desired card, then join the trading pool. You can meet other participants from all over the world and find the card that you need.

BUNT MLB Card Trader

Do you love collecting and trading cards and want to be able to meet people with the same passion as you? If so, then this is the app for you. As an officially licensed app for digital trading cards for the MLB, you can guarantee that all the cards that you are getting are completely authentic.

Of course, it isn’t just about collecting the cards, but also using them! This app has interactive features that allow you to showcase your card and meet other like-minded people. What’s more, you also get to set your cards in a lineup while the players score in real-time.

NBA Dunk

If you are looking for a more interactive way to enjoy your NBA trading cards, then this is it. As an official trader, you get access to the original, authentic cards complete with autographs. Many of the cards may also be accompanied by memorabilia.

With this collection, you get to enjoy your role as a coach. Line your cards up according to the players on the court. Every time that a player scores a point, so does one of your cards! Play them right and you can get to the top of the league easily.

NFL Blitz: Play Football Trade

If you are serious about your passion for American Football, then this is the app. It is officially licensed by both the NFL as well as the NFL Players Association. One of the main perks of this app is that it is as close to the traditional trading game as you can get.

Not only can you find autographed cards from both NFL stars and rookies, but you can also get swatches of memorabilia with them! There is also the opportunity to collect rare cards as well as inserts in numerous colors.

And, once you have your desired collection, you get to be the General Manager of the team and enter real-time contests.

Pokémon TCG Online

If you love Pokémon and want an easy trading card game to join, then this app ticks all the boxes for you. You don’t need any cards to start with. Simply choose your favorite deck from Grass, Fire, or Water and start playing.

As you battle against other trainers and win, you get to move further up and unlock new cards. You can easily grow your collection. To make sure that you take on other levels when you are ready, you can practice against the computer and try your hands at winning and trading cards there.

Star Wars Card Trader

One of the great things about this digital Star Wars card trader is that you don’t just get cards for characters. You also can collect spacecrafts, weapons, and even important moments! The other fun fact is that the cards are constantly evolving along with the story.

As a result, not only can you find cards for the original Star Wars movies but you can also find cards for the shows on Disney+ as well. You can use the cards for all types of missions to unlock new levels and content for you.

Epics Kolex Collectibles

The sporting world has evolved quite a bit and your interests have likely evolved alongside it. Therefore, you are likely to have gained an interest in Esports stars and gaming influencers. If this is the case, then this is the app for you!

This app allows you to collect all the cards from your favorite stars. As they move up in their field, so does the significance and importance of your card! If you have any missing in your collection, the platform also allows you to trade cards until you have your desired set.


Maybe you have multiple interests or want to collect and trade trading cards from various sports and interests. If so, then Sweet is the place for you. Here, you can find trading cards from MLB to F1 in no time at all.

You are also in luck if you are looking for other types of collectibles such as Old Navy and Macy’s Parade. And, if you are into NFTs, this app offers a comprehensive collection for you. The prices for top-notch pieces are incredibly reasonable and could be just what you are looking for.


If you are looking for alternate options for Quidd, then these are all the apps that can take that place. All you have to do is to decide which of these apps is the best fit for you.

Other Apps Similar to Quidd

If you’re looking for more apps similar to Quidd there are several options available to explore.

Epics Kolex Collectibles allows you to collect cards of your favorite Esports stars and gaming influencers while Sweet offers a wide range of trading cards from various sports and interests including NFTs.

Additionally the BUNT MLB Card Trader app is a great choice for collecting and trading officially licensed digital trading cards for the MLB allowing you to interact with other collectors and showcase your cards.

For sports fans NBA Dunk provides an interactive experience where your cards score points based on real-time NBA game outcomes.

NFL Blitz: Play Football Trade offers an authentic trading card game experience for American football enthusiasts featuring autographed cards and memorabilia.

Lastly for fans of Star Wars the Star Wars Card Trader app offers constantly evolving cards that cover characters spacecrafts weapons and important moments.

Explore these apps to find the perfect fit for your collecting and trading needs.

FTM Dating Apps

Dating as FTM can be hard because you can never be sure which dating apps are geared toward you. Well, this is all about to change.

Discover the best dating apps to find precisely what you are looking for!


Are you looking for a safe dating space as FTM? If so, Translr is the right pick for you as this app is specifically created for trans individuals. While it is open to all members of the LGBTQIA+ community, the main focus of TRANSLR is to ensure that trans members feel safe and are taken care of.

The main perk about this site is that you get to meet and date people who are in the same community as you. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about awkward questions or topics as everyone is in the same boat as you. What’s more, you already know that the people there are ready to date you so there is a greater chance of finding precisely the kind of relationship that you are looking for.


Don’t let the name fool you, HER may have started out as a dating platform for lesbians and bisexuals, but it has quickly grown to include a significant trans membership as well. This is a great app for anyone who wants to take dating seriously and is ready to settle down.

In addition to helping you find the love of your life, HER is also a great dating support system for people. From allowing you to find your safe space and help you navigate the dating world, HER does it all. As an added bonus, there are many success stories of people finding their forever partners on the site.


If you are tired of the traditional swiping mechanism of most modern dating apps, then Butterfly will appeal to you immensely. This is because you are only presented with profiles that match your preferences in a match. Not only does this make it easier to find someone that is right for you, but the app also doesn’t rely on physical attractiveness as much as other apps do.

The other great thing about Butterfly is that it doesn’t force you to have to stick to gender labels or sexual orientations. You are allowed to imply a greater fluidity to both your identity as well as preferences.


Taimi is an LGBTQIA+ dating app but there is plenty of room and opportunity for FTM individuals as well! Taimi is an excellent dating app if you are still exploring your identity, sexuality, or your dating style. The app is incredibly inclusive and promotes a wide variety of options for everyone.

Due to this, there is absolutely no judgment here. You get to be yourself and find someone who is just right for you. It is also a safe space as it largely includes the LGBTQ community.

My Transgender Date

As an FTM are you looking to date other trans individuals? If so, MY Transgender Date could be just the app that you need. The app was actually started by a transgender couple so it is starting from a really beautiful place. My Transgender Date is available in multiple countries as well and is great for making connections around the world.

My Transgender Date doesn’t just attract trans members, though. You will also find lots of other people who are interested in dating FTM. So, while you get a larger population of people to choose from, you also know that this is a safe space.


You might have heard of OKCupid – after all, it is one of the oldest dating apps around. Despite this, though, the app has made a real effort to be more inclusive and offers more gender and sexuality options than ever before. If you want to broaden your horizons and try to date a larger percentage of the population, then this is the app to choose for you.

The other advantage of OKCupid is that it is a more serious dating app. Here, it isn’t as much of a beauty contest. The app asks you various questions about what you do and don’t like and when you see other people’s profiles, you get to see the percentage match. This makes it easier to decide whether you should or shouldn’t swipe on someone.


The entire premise of Bumble is around safety. It was meant to allow women to make the first move. Over the years, though, the app has evolved and now allows you to identify as and choose to see a wide variety of genders and sexualities.

If you are FTM wanting to date women, then you will have to wait for your match to respond to you first. However, if you prefer to date other men, then both of you have the opportunity to say hello first. This app boasts quite the membership, making it easier to find a good fit for you.


If you are tired of traditional dating apps, then Lex is the app that you need to try. With this app, creating your profile involves writing something like a personal ad. Not only does this allow you to specify who and what you are looking for, but you also get to showcase your sense of creativity and humor.

With this app, selfies and pictures are secondary. If you are ready to meet people who are on the same level as you mentally and emotionally, then this app will help you to find them with minimal hassle.


There you have it – the dating apps that will make it a breeze to find that special person for you. An adventure awaits you!

How Long Does a Stick of Deodorant Last?

It is important to understand how deodorant functions and how long it can last. This is the only way to ensure that you stay nice and fresh all day long.

Here is everything that you need to know about how long a stick of deodorant can last you:

How Long Will a Stick of Deodorant Last You?

Well, this can vary depending on the deodorant brand as well as how often you use the brand. On average, you can expect your deodorant to last around 3 months at a time when used one to two times on a daily basis.

Why Do Some Deodorants Last for Shorter or Longer Periods?

Well, to a certain extent, this does depend on the kind of deodorant you are using. For instance, if only a minimal amount of product is left on the skin with every application, then naturally this deodorant is going to last longer.

On the other hand, if you get a greater application with each use, then your deodorant is going to run out much faster.

You should also consider the size of the stick of deodorant that you are using, although most over-the-counter options tend to have similar sizes.

The other thing to consider is how and how often you use the deodorant. If you only need to use a small amount, then you will be able to make your deodorant last longer.

In case you are someone who needs to slather it on, then you are likely to have to invest in a new stick fairly soon.

To add to this, deodorant tends to last a long time on some people’s skin. For these individuals, you aren’t going to need to reapply the deodorant as often.

However, if you are someone who perspires a lot or if you have an energetic job, you will need to reapply the deodorant more often, and will run out quicker.

Does Deodorant Expire?

Yes, deodorant does expire but not necessarily in the way that you think. For the most part, the deodorant will stop working as effectively as it should.

For instance, if it has a fragrance, then the fragrance may not be as noticeable or may not last as long after the so-called expiration date. In the case of antiperspirants, then you may find that the effect isn’t as potent as it was before.

Now, in certain instances, ingredients in the deodorant can go off or start behaving differently, particularly if the deodorant was left in direct sunlight or in a damp place.

In this case, it is possible for you to experience irritation or some other side effect once you use the deodorant.

When Does Deodorant Expire?

Well, the exact date depends on the particular deodorant stick that you bought. Your deodorant may be good for anywhere from 6 months to a year or even several years.

If you want to know how long your deodorant should be good for, check the expiration date on the packaging. You will find an image of a container with the lid off and a number in months or years printed on it. This is the expiration date.

So, how accurate is this date? It is largely like a sell-by date. The brand is warning you that the product will not be as good or as effective after that date and that they can’t take any responsibility for any side effects that you may suffer as a result.

This doesn’t automatically mean that your deodorant is expired or will stop functioning as it did. It is still a good idea to run a safety test or use caution when using your deodorant after this point.

Your deodorant may come with an actual expiration date. If so, consider how far off it is. Unless you are planning on using a lot of the deodorant for a short period of time, it isn’t worth getting that product.

After all, even if the deodorant doesn’t go bad, you can trust it to work as effectively.

How Do You Make Your Deodorant Last Longer?

Keep in mind that your main goal shouldn’t be to make your deodorant last longer. Instead, it is important to ensure that you use your deodorant properly so that it functions well and keeps you smelling fresh throughout the day.

That being said, there are a few tactics that you can try here.

To begin with, choose the right deodorant for you. If you are someone who perspires easily or heavily, then consider using an antiperspirant.

These will be more effective and tend to last longer too. As a result, they won’t require quite as many applications.

Getting a good brand or a high-quality one is also a good idea. These tend to be stronger, more effective, and have better scents too. As such, you may find that you don’t need to reapply these deodorants as much.

You may want to consider getting a clinical strength formula as well. These can work for people with people who suffer from perspiration or body odor due to a medical condition.

These deodorants are specially formulated to tackle the issue and can be far more effective than over-the-counter products. Once again, you will have to use less of the product.

How Long Can a Stick of Deodorant Last?

There are a lot of factors that can go into determining how long a stick of deodorant can last you – for the most part, this will be around two to three months or even a bit longer than this, depending on how often it is used.

How to Extend the Lifespan of Your Deodorant

To prolong the lifespan of your deodorant and ensure its effectiveness there are a few simple tips you can follow.

Firstly store your deodorant in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight or excessive heat.

This will help prevent the ingredients from breaking down and losing their potency.

Additionally avoid using excessive amounts of deodorant with each application as this will cause it to run out faster.

Instead use a minimal amount that is enough to provide coverage and odor protection.

Finally consider purchasing deodorants with longer shelf lives such as those made with synthetic ingredients as they can last up to three years.

By following these recommendations you can make your deodorant last longer and reduce product waste.