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How to Take Out Nose Stud With Flat Back?

How to Take Out Nose Stud With Flat Back

Like most people, you are probably more familiar with a round back stud. Thus, if you need to remove a nose stud with a flat back, you may find yourself struggling a bit.

In this case, here are all the guidelines that you need to get the job done.

How Can You Remove a Nose Stud with a Flat Back?

Depending on the style of jewelry, the nose stud can be removed by either unscrewing one end of the stud from the other by pulling apart and separating the stud from the bar – it is important to use as little force as possible during the process.

How to Remove a Threaded Nose Stud?

With these types of nose studs, the jewel or stud screws into the bar section. Before you attempt to remove your stud, first wash your hands with soap and water or sanitize them. Make sure your hands are dry so that they don’t slip when you attempt to take the stud out.

Now, your hand on the opposite side of your nostril with the piercing will hold the back of the stud in place. This means that if your stud is in your right nostril, your left hand will hold the stud. You will need to fit one or more fingers inside your nostril for this.

Once the stud is held in place, use your other hand to twist the jewel or the stud in a counter clockwise motion. This means turn the stud towards the left hand side. The jewel should begin to move in a circular motion.

As you continue this motion, lift the stud upwards. If you find this difficult to do with just one hand, then wait until you are sure that the stud is completely unscrewed and then pull the jewel upwards or pull both sections apart.

How to Remove a Threadless Nose Stud?

With this type of stud, the jewel or stud is attached to a bar and this bar is fitted inside the bar that is attached to the flat back.

Due to this, you should be able to remove the pieces with a simple pulling motion. Take the hand opposite the nostril that is pierced and hold onto the base. You can use tweezers instead but make sure to sanitize them first.

Then, grasp the jewel and the flat back apart. Remember to do this gently. If the stud appears to be stuck, then twist it around a bit before pulling it apart.

Can You Remove a Flat Back Nose Stud By Yourself?

You should be able to do this by yourself. However, if your nostril piercing is relatively new or if the two pieces appear to be stuck together, then it is a good idea to get some help.

You may find it easier to simply hold the flat back in place while someone else unscrews the top portion or pulls it apart.

If you are getting someone else to help, be aware of the pressure or force against your nostril. If it hurts or the pressure is too great, tell the person is assisting you. The last thing that you need is to get hurt during the process.

What if the Flat Back Stud is Stuck?

Unless one portion has been damaged during the process of getting the stud in, it is unlikely that the stud is stuck. Still, you may be having trouble getting the two pieces apart.

If the stud or the bar feels slick to the touch, wipe it off first. Make sure your hands are dry as well.

Make sure that you are in a well lit area and can see what you are doing. It may be helpful for someone to shine a light up your nostril to make sure that you that the right steps are being taken.

Some people do find it easier to use tweezers as they can get a better grip inside your nostril than your fingers can. Be careful when doing this as you don’t want to accidentally grab the sensitive skin inside your nose.

Carefully trying unscrewing or pulling the stud apart once more. Stop if it feels like your nostril feels sore or if the piercing is painful. If you aren’t careful, you could end up causing irritation at the area, causing swelling. This can make it even more difficult to remove the stud.

When Should You Visit Your Piercer?

Don’t wait until the situation is too bad to go see your piercer. If you and your friends have tried a couple of times and it appears to be stuck then it is time to call in the professionals.

Not only will they be able to remove it without causing irritation to the site, they will also show you the right method for future use.

How to Remove a Flat Back Nose Stud?

To remove this type of stud, you can either unscrew one end while holding the other part still – if it is a threadless stud, though, you can pull the jewel portion upwards and outwards – if you are having trouble, make sure to ask a professional for help.

What Does a Nose Ring Mean Sexually?

What Does a Nose Ring Mean Sexually

If you have done any kind of research into getting a nose ring, you may have heard some stories or rumors about it being a sign of sexuality. In this case, you may be wondering if there is any truth to this.

Here, you can take a closer look at the meaning behind a nose ring and whether or not this adornment is the right option for you!

Is There a Sexual Meaning Behind a Nose Ring?

The original interpretation of a nose ring was that it indicated a married woman – however, in the West, the nose ring has been adopted as a sign of queer identity and can be a marker of sexual identity – it can have no meaning beyond a fashion statement as well.

Understanding the Original Meaning of Nose Piercings

The nose ring has long and rich history – it is believed that the tradition began in Africa and the Middle East before moving onto India. It is now largely associated with the subcontinent.

In India, the nose ring can be associated with sexuality, but only in the way to indicate that a young woman has achieved sexual maturity. It can also be used to signify virginity. This piercing is typically only given to women who are about to be married.

The piercing takes place in the presence of other female members of the family. On a woman’s wedding day, she wears a large nose ring that is linked by a chain to other jewelry. This is a sign of devotion to Parvati, the goddess of marriage.

For this purpose, the nose ring is typically placed in the right nostril. Some people do believe that having the piercing in the left nostril can help to cure or alleviate menstrual ailments. This is typically done in older women, however.

The Co-opting of the Nose Ring by the LGBTQIA+ Community

Over the years, the nose ring began appearing in Western cultures. Here, it was seen as a bohemian accessory – a symbol of living freely and against societal norms.

This is probably one of the reasons that the nose ring was coopted by the LGBTQIA+ community. Both queer women and men as well as non-binary individuals began increasingly wearing nose rings. Thus, some people assumed that it was a signal for somebody’s sexual identity.

In particular, some people assumed that wearing a nose ring in one nostril over the other indicated their sexuality.

Now, at one point in history, this may have been true. Members of the LGBTQIA+ community had to be careful of who they revealed themselves to as the punishment could be imprisonment or even worse. In very strict countries today, this code may still be upheld.

For the most part, though, this isn’t true any longer as most people will not identify their sexuality in such a manner. Of course, there are many people who may associate their piercings or even body art with their queer identity.

Is a Man Wearing a Nose Ring a Sign of Queer Identity?

Traditionally, a nose ring has been a female adornment. Thus, a man wearing a nose ring was seen as an indicator of femininity and, as such, they were presumed to be queer.

Of course, such notions are now a thing of the past and you are just as likely to find a man wearing a nose ring as a women. Due to this, it can be difficult to judge a man’s sexuality solely based on

What Would It Mean If I Got a Nose Ring?

It doesn’t matter if you want to advertise your sexuality or not, getting a nose ring – in either nostril won’t mean something. This is especially true as this piercing is becoming increasingly popular around the world.

Most people will either see it as an accessory. You are far more likely to be mistaken for an artist or a similarly creative individual rather than people assuming that you are a member on f the LGBTQIA+ community.

At the same time, if you do want to wear a nose ring as a sign of sexuality, you absolutely can. You should automatically imagine that people are going to consider it a symbol of your sexuality, however.

Does a Nose Ring Indicate Sexuality?

No, a nose ring doesn’t indicate sexuality – it is typically worn by South Asian women as a sign of marriage but it can be considered a fashion statement or even be used as an identifier of sexuality, depending on the individual.

Bridge Piercing with Glasses

Bridge Piercing with Glasses

Do you wear glasses but have been longing for a bridge piercing for a while? If so, you are in the right place! This is your guide to having a bridge piercing and wearing glasses at the same time.

From whether or not it is possible to what you should know about wearing glasses with this type of piercing, it’s all covered here:

Is It Possible to Have a Bridge Piercing If You Wear Glasses?

Yes, it is possible to have a bridge piercing if you wear glasses but you do need to consider where on the bridge of your nose you wear them, how long you wear them for, and the type of frame of your glasses.

Is Wearing Glasses with a Bridge Piercing Comfortable?

Well, this depends on a couple of factors. To begin with, you should consider where you wear your glasses on the bridge of your nose.

The position is different for each person – some push their glasses way – up as close to their eyes as possible. In this case, a bridge piercing may not be very comfortable as the position of the piercing will interfere with where you like your glasses to sit.

On the other hand, if your glasses sit lower down on your nose – closer to the middle, then this will not be such an issue. There will be an adequate amount of space between the piercing and the frames.

The other thing that you should consider is how long you wear your glasses each day. In some cases you may only need to wear them a few hours – when you are reading or looking at things up close. Or, you may have to wear them all day long.

It may be more comfortable if you only have to wear your glasses occasionally. If you wear your glasses higher up your nose and need to wear them for over twelve hours at a time, this may irritate your piercing.

Can You Wear Glasses While Your Bridge Piercing is Healing?

Contrary to what it may appear, a bridge piercing is actually a surface piercing. Due to this, there is a higher chance of rejection.

Thus, while your piercing is healing, it is best to gentle as possible with the site and to reduce the risk of irritation. This includes having glasses near the area.

Now, this does not mean that you shouldn’t get a bridge piercing if you wear glasses. Instead, you may want to consider wearing contact lenses until the piercing is fully healed.

This type of piercing can take anywhere from two to three months to fully heal. As such, you will not need to wear the contact lenses for too long. Once the risk of rejection has passed, you can go back to wearing your glasses.

What Kind of Frames Should You Get With a Bridge Piercing?

There are two types of frames – the ones where the frames sit directly on your nose and those that have plastic pads resting on your nose instead.

Once again, it does depend on your personal preference as well as where your glasses sit on your nose. However, you may want to consider getting frames with nose pads fitted on them.

This is because the nose pads make it easier to adjust the position of your glasses and can also prevent slipping. As such, you can ensure that the glass remain lower down on your nose, preventing the frames from making contact with the piercing.

Should You Get a Bridge Piercing If You Wear Glasses?

This is something that only you can decide. You should know that a bridge piercing isn’t as visible when you wear glasses. As such, if you want to show off your piercing, it is going to be a bit tricky and you may want to switch to contact lenses.

There are many people who appreciate the fact that their glasses hide their piercing, at least for a portion of the day. If you go to school or work where there is a strict dress code and facial piercings aren’t tolerated, then the glasses can help to hide the piercing.

In the above instance, your glasses are going to be a great way for you to get away with keeping your piercing all day long.

Keep in mind that there are plenty of people who manage to wear glasses and have a bridge piercing. It may take a while for you to find a position or glass frames that you are comfortable with, but you should be able to enjoy the best of both worlds soon enough.

Can You Wear Glasses with a Bridge Piercing?

It is possible for you to wear glasses and have a bridge piercing but you have to consider various factors first – these include how far up on your nose you wear your glasses, what kind of frames you have, how visible you want your piercing to be, and more.

What is an Austin Bar Piercing?

What is an Austin Bar Piercing

Are you learning about all the different types of nasal and nostril piercings and trying to figure out which one is for you? If so, you may have heard of the unusual Austin bar piercing and wondering what it is all about.

You can discover just what to expect with this type of piercing here:

What Does an Austin Bar Piercing Look Like?

This is a piercing that goes through the tip of the nose – unlike other nose piercings, this one doesn’t go through the nostrils or the septum but rather is placed through the nasal cap – a barbell is used for this type of piercing.

How is the Austin Bar Piercing Performed?

Despite the fact that this piercing is quite unusual, it is performed with a standard piercing needle. The piercing will make a note of the entry and exit holes. They will ensure that they are level to one another.

The artist will double check the position and placement with you. I you are satisfied, then they will proceed with the piercing.

How Long Does the Austin Bar Take to Heal?

On average, it can between three and six months for this type of piercing to heal. It is unusual for it to take longer than this to heal.

As with any other piercing, after care is important. You will likely need to use some kind of cleaning or disinfecting product for the first few weeks. Until the piercing is fully healed, you will also need to wash your hands before touching or handling the site.

Austin Bar vs. Nasallang – What is the Difference?

It is quite easy to mistake an Austin bar piercing for a nasallang and vice versa. At a glance, they can look quite similar to one another.

The main difference, though, is that a nasallang sits higher up on the bridge of the nose. Here, the piercing goes through the septum and sits inside the nasal cavities.

How Common is the Austin Bar?

This is one of the rarer forms of nasal piercings and it is quite difficult to find people with it. This probably has to do with the unusual positioning of the piercing. Due to how uncommon it is, it can be difficult to find piercers who are willing to undertake this procedure.

How Much Does the Austin Bar Piercing Hurt?

If you go to a professional, then the pain should be minimal. However, you should be aware that there is a great deal of skin and flesh at the site of this piercing. Thus, the needle has to push through a thicker surface. This can cause the piercing to hurt more.

Of course, piercing pain is subjective. Some individuals may feel a great deal while others will not notice the sensation as much.

Are There Any Risks Associated with an Austin Bar Piercing?

Due to the placement of the piercing, there may be a higher chance of rejection or migration. Of course, this isn’t a guarantee but if you have previously experienced either rejection or migration, it is something that you are going to need to watch out for.

It is important to keep a close eye on your piercing – it can take weeks or even longer to notice whether or not the piercing is migrating.

If you do notice any changes in the placement, then it is best to speak to your piercer and have the barbell removed. This is because there isn’t anything that you can really do about migration.

An experienced piercer will hopefully be able to situate the piercing so that this will not happen, but such movement is still a possibility. If you do remove the piercing, make sure it is fully healed before talking about whether you should attempt the piercing again.

If you are prone to such migration, though, your piercer may warn you off this type of piercing.

Will an Austin Bar Piercing Suit You?

At the end of the day, it is important to choose a piercing that you really like rather than just choosing a piercing that will suit you.

Nevertheless, you should be aware that the positioning of the Austin bar piercing can call attention to your nose. Thus, you should be confident about the shape and size of your nose.

Some people have also noted that it can make the tip of your nose look wider. As such, it may be a better option for someone with a more pointed tip.

How Can You Find a Piercer for an Austin Bar Piercing?

As this is a rather unusual piercing, it can be difficult to find someone with experience with it. However, always use a pierce who has a lot of skill with nose piercings and has performed similar procedures to the Austin bar piercing. At least find someone who has worked with nasallang piercings as there are similarities between the two.

What is an Austin Bar Piercing?

An Austin bar piercing is one that runs through the nasal cap and avoids both the septum and nasal cavities unlike other nasal piercings – this is a rather unusual piercing and it can be difficult to find piercers who know how to get it just right.

What Do Two Lines and Three Lines Tattoos Mean?

What Do Two Lines and Three Lines Tattoos Mean

Tattoos consisting of two lines or three lines are fairly common – so much so that you will have probably wondered about their meaning. It is especially important to learn the significant of a tattoo before getting one yourself.

Check out all that these tattoos can possibly mean:

What Do Tattoos with Two Lines and Three Lines Signify?

Tattoos with two lines tend to signify loss and grief, while tattoos with three lines can have a more versatile meaning, often to do with symmetry, uniformity, or even as a representation of people or events – the location of the tattoos can alter their meaning.

What is the Main Meaning Behind a Tattoo with Two Lines?

The meaning behind this tattoo is fairly universal – it is typically a depiction of grief. People will usually get this tattoo to denote the loss of a loved one or even a pet.

It is believed that this trend comes from the Victorian era. For funerals back then, people wore black armbands. It was a sign of mourning. In many cases, the armbands stayed on for the entire mourning period.

The tattoo, naturally, is a more permanent sign of grief. This is why it is usually inked on when someone has experienced a particularly devastating loss. It is meant to be a constant reminder of what is no more.

In some instances, the double lines can be used to indicate any kind of grief. It could be a difficult period in someone’s life or a tough trial that they had to overcome. It doesn’t always have to do with loss.

It is important to remember that as with any tattoo, it is possible to place your own significance or meaning on a symbol. As such, in reality, the two lines tattoo can mean anything that you want it to.

Are Tattoos with Lines Always Black?

Technically, these tattoos can be any color at all – it depends on the person who is getting inked. As such, it can be any color of the rainbow.

However, as stated, the double line tattoo is usually meant to indicate grief or trial and tribulations. Due to this, black is a pretty appropriate color. Opting for a lighter or brighter shade may take away from the heavy meaning associated with this tattoo.

When it comes to the three lines tattoo, though, the rules aren’t as set in stone. Since this tattoo can have a wide variety of meanings, they can be any color, although black is a pretty common color for this tattoo. The hue can actually be used to alter or add meaning to the tattoo.

Does the Thickness Matter with Two Line Tattoos?

In some instances, both lines in the two line tattoo may be of the same thickness. In some cases, one is thicker than the other – one line may be considerably thicker than the other. So, what does this signify?

Well, in this case, the thicker line may be dealing with darker or heavy period in life. This could be to show that the loss or the grief was significant, something that was very difficult to overcome.

By contrast, the thinner line could denote the period after the darkness. This could be to show that there was some lighter to be seen. It is also possible that the thinner line could simply mean a smaller or lesser issue, but one that was still important.

Does the Location of the Two Line Tattoo Change Its Meaning?

Yes, it is possible that the location of this tattoo can alter its meaning. For instance, with most people, the tattoo is lower down the arm and is often found on the forearm. Here, it most often means grief.

If the tattoo is found higher up, around the bicep, for instance, it can indicate strength. This could mean strength of spirit, but especially with muscular men or women, being wrapped around a prominent muscle may indicate physical strength or fitness.

It is also possible that if someone has the tattoo on their dominant hand or foot that it is of greater importance to them. You are more likely to see or take note of the tattoo this way and, as such, it will serve as a greater reminder.

What are the Meanings Behind the Three Line Tattoo?

One of the reasons that the three line tattoo is so versatile is because of the multiple meanings behind the number three.

For some it signifies a completeness, balance, or symmetry. As such, having it as a tattoo on your body can be a way to promote a sense of balance in your life. It could be a symbol of you striving to reach these sense of balance as well.

For others, the three lines are symbols of the past, present, and the future. Due to this, they may be a depiction of the roads taken and the roads that you have yet to take. Or, it could simply mean that you accept that there is a certain lack of control regarding these periods of your life.

Similar to this, these lines can also represent the beginning, middle, or the end. Thus, the tattoo can be a representation of a particular event or can be a symbol for life in general.

The number three may also represent confidence, self-driven motivations, and even creativity. In this case, it could be an indication of someone’s belief or trust in themselves or could be a symbol of their drive in life.

Are The Three Lines Always the Same Thickness?

Unlike with the two lines tattoo, with the three lines artwork, the tattoos often tend to be the same thickness. This can be because the tattoo is used to depict uniformity and symmetry.

This an entirely personal option, however, and the lines can be of varying thickness. This is especially true if each line is meant to be a symbol of a particular time in someone’s life. Depending on the level of importance, some of the lines may be thicker or thinner than the other.

Is the Three Lines Tattoo Always Completed?

No, the three lines aren’t always completed as a circle. Whether or not it is whole or not depends on the meaning behind the tattoo.

It is possible that the two outer lines may be whole and the one in the middle is either not completed or intercepted by some other form of imagery. Or, all three lines may be incomplete, just one, or more.

What do incomplete lines mean? Well, in this instance, the symbolism isn’t as clear. This is because the break tends to have a personal and independent meaning. It could mean that something has been left undone or signifies a part of someone’s life that feels incomplete.

In some cases, the lines may be interrupted by names, phrases, or even images. Here, these will often give a clearer idea as to what the lines are supposed to mean. The image or word will denote what the lines are supposed to represent.

Does the Location Matter?

Unlike with the two lines tattoo, location doesn’t appear to be as important here. Nevertheless, it is often around the lower part of the arm and can be found around calves as well.

Some people may choose to shield the meaning of their tattoo, however, by having images or words interrupting the line towards the inside of their arm and leg. This may especially be in the case of names. This suggests a more intimate tattoo.

Is a Two Lines or Three Lines Tattoo Right for You?

Naturally, this decision is entirely up to you, but it is a good idea to think long and hard about whether this is the right tattoo for you.

This is especially true for the two lines tattoo. As it deals with grief, this is quite a powerful tattoo. You should only get it if you are sure that you want to be reminded of a person or event day in and day out. This is something that you will have to live with for the rest of your life.

You should also be aware that due to its popularity that most people are aware of what this tattoo can mean. As such, you should know that you are sending out a strong and powerful statement.

There is less commitment with the three lines tattoo as the meaning behind it can change according to your preferences.

What Do the Two Lines and Three Lines Tattoos Signify?

The two lines tattoo is a symbol of loss and is used to signify grief and remembrance while the three lines tattoo has a greater variety of meanings and can mean uniformity, balance, or can be used to depict an event that can be broken up into three parts.

Does the Ashley Piercing Leave a Scar?

Ashley piercings are a gorgeous and bold statement. Prior to getting one, however, you need to make certain that this is a safe option. In particular, you need to ensure that this piercing will not be leaving behind a scar.

Here is all you need to know about whether or not Ashley piercings can cause scarring:

Will the Ashley Piercing Cause Scarring?

It is possible for scarring to occur with an Ashley piercing but due to its placement, this scarring may look different to what you are typically used to – the scarring is usually in the form of bumps around the piercing site.

Is the Lip Scarring Significant?

Scarring due to an Ashley piercing is rather uncommon. This is because lip tissue is quite different from ear tissue or cartilage. At the most, you may find that there is a bump around the site of the piercing. This may be a piercing bump or a more stubborn and permanent keloid.

The hole of the piercing itself can close in a matter of months, depending on how long you have had the piercing. If the piercing is fairly fresh – less than six months old, it can close up within a few hours. With older piercings, the hole can take a couple of months to close.

In general, though, the scarring isn’t that noticeable unless a keloid has formed at the site.

Can You Hide an Ashley Piercing Scar?

It is actually quite easy to hide this scar, provided that the scarring is minimal or you are only trying to hide the piercing site. A simple application of lipstick or lip gloss – particularly in a darker color to that of your natural lip color will do the trick.

Bumps and keloids, though, may be a bit trickier to hide. Depending on the size, you may be able to get away with a thicker application of lipstick or gloss.

Why Does the Ashley Piercing Leave Behind a Scar?

One of the main causes of scarring with an Ashley piercing is irritation of the jewelry at the piercing site. This may happen when the jewelry is continuously moved around as the site is trying to heal. This increases the level of scar tissue building up around the area. After a while, it becomes quite noticeable.

In some cases, wearing heavier jewelry at the piercing site, particularly during the healing process can also contribute to the scarring. The weight of the jewelry can cause stress making it difficult for the piercing to heal properly.

If any form of irritation or scarring is ignored at the site of an Ashley piercing, then a keloid may form. This is an excess of scar tissue – these can get quite big and will often be raised and lumpy. They are not painful, however.

The main issue with keloid scars is that they are difficult to get rid of. You will have to see a dermatologist and undergo various treatments. Even then, it may take months for the scar to completely go away.

What Can You Do to Prevent Scarring?

Always go to an experienced piercer, one who has performed many such piercings before. The main key to reducing infection, irritation, and scarring is to make sure that your piercing is handled by a professional.

Prior to getting your piercing, speak to your piercer about the type of jewelry that you want to start off with. Keep it simple and light for the first few months. It is a good idea to choose a non-reactive metal such as sterling silver, gold, or platinum. This reduces the risk of irritation.

You should also follow proper aftercare advice. Due to eating and drinking, an Ashley piercing has a higher risk of infection. As such, you will need to rinse out your mouth after every meal as well as use any other products necessary.

If you aren’t confident about changing your piercing yourself, don’t try to mess around with it. Instead, go to your piercer and have them tackle this for you. There will be less stress and irritation caused at the piercing site.

What Should You Do If You Notice Scar Tissue?

It is important to seek treatment if you notice any kind of scarring, tissue buildup, bumps, or any other issues at the piercing site. If it is in the initial stages, then you can go to your piercer, they may be able to tell you how to treat the issue.

To be on the safe side and reduce the risk of permanent scarring, it is best to visit a doctor or a dermatologist. They may have more effective treatments, allowing to tackle the issue immediately.

Will Your Ashley Piercing Leave Behind a Scar?

It is unlikely but possible that your Ashley piercing will leave behind a scar – in most cases the scarring is minimal and it will fade quickly if it is treated promptly – following proper aftercare protocol can reduce the risk of scarring.

No Love Tattoo Meaning

It is important to always know the meaning behind a tattoo before getting it. For one thing, this is a highly personal experience and for another, it is permanent. As such, you should be sure of what you are inking on your body.

Here is what you need to know about meaning of the No Love tattoo for your consideration.

What Does the ‘No Love” Tattoo Mean?

There can be several different meanings or the No Love tattoo – it can be directed towards oneself, towards another person, or even a concept –the meaning of the tattoo is personal to the person who requested it.

How Can You Interpret the No Love Tattoo

Here is an explanation of some of the interpretations of the No Love tattoo:

Towards Oneself

In this instance, the tattoo is indicating a lack of love for you. It could be a symbol that you don’t like yourself very much. However, it is typically used to mean a lack of love from others. It could be a friend or family member.

Many people will often use the “No Love” tattoo as a symbol of being overlooked. If you are pursuing a dream but aren’t getting proper recognition from peers or people that you admire, then you may feel like you are getting “no love”.

Towards Others

In other cases, the words are targeting someone else. It is a way of saying that you have “no love” for someone else. This is one of the most common meanings behind this tattoo. It may be directed at a single person. If so, these words may be followed up with what you have no love for.

Towards a Concept or Ideology

It is just as common to have no love for a concept or ideology. For instance, you may have not love for the game, no love for an opposing group of people, etc. Once again, in cases such as this, the two words may be followed by an explanation of what you have no love for.

How Common is the No Love Tattoo?

This is a fairly new tattoo and it isn’t very common either. This is one of the reason that it is so difficult to pin down the meaning of this tattoo. Each person who gets it has their own, personal and distinct reasons for doing so.

As the tattoo hasn’t really caught on as a trend yet, it has failed to develop into one cohesive meaning. If it does, though, then you may find the tattoo taking on a singular symbol.

Famous Examples of the No Love Tattoo

As of yet, there is one famous example of the No Love tattoo. It can be found on the leg of the MMA fighter Cody Garbrand. This is actually his professional nickname inside the Octagon.

According to Garbrand, the nickname was given to him by his uncle when Cody was around 14 years old. After watching his nephew take on older and more experienced fighters, he began saying how Cody had “no love” for these fighters. The moniker stuck all the way to UFC.

What You Should Consider Before Getting a No Love Tattoo

Here are some of the factors that you should think about before going ahead with your decision:

The Location

As you can imagine, you can have this tattoo anywhere on your body. The position of the tattoo can allude to its meaning, however.

For instance, if the tattoo is in a visible place such as your neck, arm, etc., then the statement could be towards a particular individual or ideology. On the other hand, if it is in a more personal spot, then the tattoo could be targeted towards you or someone you are more deeply intimate with.

You should also consider if the tattoo will be near other tattoos. Remember, the meaning of other tattoos can have an impact on what you are trying to say with your No Love ink. Therefore, you may want to group similar tattoos or tattoos with similar meanings in one place.

Additional Phrasing

You can choose to keep your tattoo as vague as you like – but keep in mind that you may have to answer quite a few questions, particularly if the tattoo is in a visible place. If you prefer keeping the meaning behind the tattoo private, then the words “No Love” will suffice.

On the other hand, if you would like to describe the meaning, then you can use other words. Depending on how big you want your tattoo to be, you can use as many or as few words as you prefer.

The Imagery

Of course, a picture is worth a thousand words. As this tattoo is fairly unique, there isn’t much standardization regarding what type of images or symbols can follow the phrase. You can use a banner, flowers, or anything else that you deem appropriate.

Once again, you should be aware that images have their own meanings behind. Thus, by associating your No Love tattoo with one of these symbols or pictures, you may be transferring some of that meaning onto the phrase.

What is the Meaning Behind the No Love Tattoo?

There can be multiple meanings for the No Love tattoo – it can indicate no love for yourself, a particular individual, or towards an entity – the meaning of the tattoo can be altered by its location, other imagery, words, and more.

James Allen Financing

James Allen Financing

Want to buy a piece of jewelry but not sure if you can afford it? If so, the last thing that you want to do is to get into credit card debt over jewelry. Thus, you may be taking a closer look at any financing options that James Allen may have for you.

Here is an in-depth explanation of the financing plans you can choose from:

Does James Allen Offer Financing?

Yes, James Allen does offer financing – you can choose from two payment plans depending on the value of the jewelry that you wish to buy – the terms and conditions as well as the interest rates will vary depending on the plan.

Understanding the James Allen Financing Options

The two financing plans from James Allen are minimum purchase requirement of $1000 and minimum purchase requirement of $2000. You should know that if you are buying jewelry valued less than $1000, you will not be eligible for a payment plan.

Minimum Amount of $1000

For this plan, you have six months to pay back the full amount of the purchase. If you fail to do this, then you will be charged the Standard APR rate of 29.99% from the date of the purchase. This interest rate is applied to all new accounts.

Once your six months is up, this interest rate will also be applied to the remaining balance in your account. For this plan, you will have to pay more than the minimum amount each month to ensure that you don’t trigger the interest rate.

Minimum Amount of $2000

With this plan, you are charged 9.90% APR from the moment that you make your purchase. This plan is viable for up to 24 months.

Your monthly payment is calculated as such:

The purchase amount and the interest rate for the length of the payment plan. This is then divided by the number of months in the offer.

This plan is only available for a single purchase. Anything that you buy after agreeing to this plan falls under a different set of terms and conditions. For a new account, a standard rate of 29.99% is added to additional or late payments.

Are There Other Financing Options?

There is mention of additional financing options for James Allen customers but this is at the discretion of the company. In most instances, such plans apply to existing account holders. If you have found to have a good account standing and have been a frequent customer, then other financial options may become available to you.

What are the Requirements for James Allen Financing?

The requirements are minimal. You simply have to be a resident of the United States and be over the age of 18. Of course, the company will also do research into your financial standing to determine if you would be a suitable recipient of these financing options.

How to Apply for James Allen Financing

The application process for both the plans is the same. You can apply online. You have to provide personal details, contact and identity information, and then finally financial details. This will help the company run a credit check on you.

There is no guidelines for how long it will take for the company to get back to you. Once the credit check has been run, however, you should be informed whether or not your application has been approved.

After this, you will be provided with a series of steps to follow to set up and open your account.

What Credit Score Do You Need for James Allen Financing?

James Allen hasn’t specifically set any requirements for what your credit score should be for approval. To minimize risk on their end, however, it stands to reason that your score should at the very least be above 630.

James Allen Credit Approval Odds

It is difficult to find statistics on the James Allen credit approval rate as they do not release this information to the public. It would stand to reason that the higher your credit score, the better your chances of being approved.

It is possible that being a regular customer of James Allen in the past may boost your odds. The company may be more inclined to provide credit to someone who will continue to purchase from them in the future.

Does James Allen Offer Good Financing Options?

Before applying for either plan, it is important to be certain that you can pay off the total amount within the set period of time. For purchases over $2000, you should also take the monthly interest rate into consideration. Calculate any additional fees as well.

As long as you can pay off the required amount within the designated time, then these are good financial plans. Otherwise, you may find yourself accruing debt as the interest rates can cause your monthly payments to escalate.

There is also the fact that these financing options only exist for purchases above $1000. Thus, if you have to buy something less than this amount, you will need to consider a different avenue.

It is important to look at all your financing options and to calculate how much each will cost you per month, interest rates and all. Then, decide which option makes most financial sense for you.

What Kind of Financing Does James Allen Offer?

James Allen has two financing options for you to choose from – for payments over $1000 you have six months to make a full repayment before triggering an interest rate while for payments over $2000 you have two years to pay the amount back with a smaller interest rate.

How Many Times Can a Ring Be Resized?

How Many Times Can a Ring Be Resized

Do you have a family heirloom that has already been resized but needs to undergo a few changes again? Or, perhaps you have lost or gained weight a few times over the years and now need to resize your ring again.

Well, here is your guide to if it is possible to resize a ring more than once and if so, what limitations you may face!

How Many Times Can You Re-Size a Ring?

In general, you can resize a ring twice throughout its lifetime, but this number does depend on the design of the rings, the material, and the changes that you are making to the band – in some cases a band may not be able to be resized at all.

Is It Bad to Resize a Ring Multiple Times?

Most jewelers who recommend against resizing your ring more than once. This is especially true if you want to make the ring larger. The process for making the circumference of a ring greater is a bit more complex.

When making a ring larger, the ring also has to undergo more stress. This can weaken the ring, at least at the point at which the metal was soldered.

Using a skilled jeweler for the resizing process can go a long way in ensuring that the ring is not damaged in any way. These professionals use more delicate processes to change the size of the ring. This can take a longer period of time and can often cost more, but this preferable to damaging the ring.

Can All Rings Be Resized One or More Times?

As mentioned, not all rings can be resized several times. Some rings can’t even be resized once. Here are some of the things that can factor into whether or not a ring can be resized:

The Type of Metal

If your ring is made of silver, gold, or platinum, then you will likely be able to resize it without any issue. These are malleable metals and it is relatively easy to change their shape and size.

Materials such as tungsten, however, are simply too hard and most jewelers will not attempt it. As for rose gold, the risk of the material cracking is too high so it shouldn’t be risked.

Titanium can be resized but you will need to find a jeweler who is willing to do it for you. Such a resizing may take more time or cost you a greater amount of money.

The Settings

One type of ring that can’t be resized is the eternity ring. This is because diamonds or precious stones are set continually throughout the band.

Typically, though, a jeweler will always consider how many settings there are, the size of the stones, and where they are placed before determining whether or not the ring can be resized.

You should also be aware that the process is far more complicated with rings that have settings – particularly ones along the band. This is because the jeweler often has to extract the stones, make the size changes, and then create new settings for the stones to be reset.

The Design

The complexity of the design also plays a role. The more complex a design is, the more difficult it is to rework. In some cases, it simply isn’t possible. Making changes to certain designs can alter the original blueprint, causing the ring to look quite different.

You should also be aware that if the ring has an invisible tension setting that resizing the ring may compromise the durability of the ring. Therefore, if you were to resize it, there is a higher risk of the ring breaking. Most legitimate jewelers would not attempt it for you.

What Determines How Many Times You Can Resize a Ring?

Here are some factors that will dictate how many times you can resize a ring:

If the Ring Has Been Resized Before

If your ring is an antique or an heirloom, then there is a chance that it may have been resized at least once before. It is important to do some research before attempting to make any changes to the rink. Most skilled jewelers will not leave behind any mark of resizing.

If it has already been resized, then you may be able to get away with it once more. In case the ring has been re-sized twice or even more than this, you may not want to risk the durability of the ring.

The Abilities of the Jeweler

If you do decide to resize the ring even just once, it is important to choose a skilled jeweler. This will ensure that any changes made will not compromise the structure of the ring. It becomes even more vital to choose a professional if the right is to be sized more than once.

Loss of Value

When you resize a ring, you may need to remove a certain amount of metal from the band. It is possible that you may lose settings – and thus have to remove precious stones – as well. This can cause a decrease in value.

This may also be caused if the original design is significantly altered.

What You Should Consider Before Resizing a Ring

It is best to resize your ring as few times as possible. This is why you should ensure that you size it correctly the first time around. The best way to do this is to visit a jeweler. They will be able to take accurate measurements for you.

Can You Resize a Ring Multiple Times?

Yes, you can resize a multiple times, but it is best not to resize the ring more than two times to preserve the value and integrity of the design – it should be noted that not all ring designs can be resized.

I Want My Husband to Dress As a Woman Permanently

I Want My Husband to Dress As a Woman Permanently

If you want your husband to start dressing as a woman, there are a few ways that you can go about this. The process will be significantly easier if your husband already enjoys crossdressing or has shown interest.

Dressing as a woman permanently is a big step to make, so you will want to be cautious when broaching the subject. At the end of the day, it is his decision, and you don’t want to force or pressure him into it.

How Can I Get My Husband to Dress as a Woman Permanently?

To get your husband to dress as a woman permanently, you can try bringing up the subject and encouraging him to try it. Make sure that he knows that you will love him no matter what but would like him to give it a try.

This discussion should be started at a time where you are both free for a few hours and can talk about all of the details and ins and outs. You don’t want to rush this discussion with him.

You will also want to make sure you bring it up in a way that will not come off the wrong way, try to be delicate. This will be very different depending on whether he has shown interest in cross-dressing already.

If he is completely new to it, try to take the discussion slowly and encourage him towards the decision himself. Even just getting him to agree to a trial period is a great start and can make it easier to talk about later.

This is a very big step for him and it most likely won’t be decided in one sitting, so you would need to be prepared for him to not make his mind up just yet. He may even say no, which is where you will have to decide how to react.

You can’t, and you shouldn’t try to force him to dress as a woman if he doesn’t want to, but you also have your needs. If this is very important to you, make sure he knows that.

If this is a dealbreaker in your relationship, it is important to be honest, and make that clear. Not as a threat but as a way to show just how important it is to you.

How Can I Make My Husband More Feminine?

You can’t really make your husband more feminine if he doesn’t want to, so don’t try. But you can make him more feminine if he also wants that.

You can do this by letting his hair grow longer or dying it to a different more, feminine color. He can also start to wear makeup and paint his nails for a quick feminine makeover.

He can also start to dress in some women’s clothes and experiment with feminine fashion. If he isn’t quite comfortable with that, he can try to wear more feminine colors instead.

There are a lot of ways to feel and look more feminine if that is your goal. How you go about it will vary depending on your end goal.

It also depends on just how far he is willing to go would he get work done or grow his hair out long? It depends on how far he wants to go and just how feminine he wants to look overall.

Just make sure that you are not pressuring him to be someone that he isn’t. This will only result in resentment and a loss of his own identity.

Take this process slowly and allow him to decide whether it is right for him or not.

Will My Husband Enjoy Cross-Dressing?

It can be hard to say whether or not your husband will enjoy cross-dressing. This will be an easier question to answer if he has already shown some form of interest.

You could also try to sneakily bring up the topic or relating topics to see how he reacts. Warm him up to the idea, he may not like it at first, but it could grow on him.

You could even buy him a few clothing items just to give it a try and see what he thinks. Be careful not to come on too strong or begin pressuring him though.

Make sure he feels like he is making the decision, as well as you and isn’t being forced into it. He may be able to genuinely begin to enjoy it if he is given room to experiment with this new idea.

How Can I Make My Husband Dress As A Woman All Of The Time?

No one can make anyone dress in a way that they don’t want to, but you can encourage him to dress as a woman more frequently. You can do this by sitting down and having an honest discussion with him on the topic.

It is important that you are open and honest, be truthful about why you want him to dress as a woman. Let him know just how important it is to you and your relationship with him.

Once you have opened up about how you feel, give him room to take in what you are saying and open up about his feelings. Make sure he feels like he is being heard and respected as well.

If he has already shown interest in cross-dressing or already does it, this may be a very fast decision. But if the topic is completely new to him, don’t expect an answer right away, give it time.

The last thing that you want is for him to feel like he’s backed into a corner, make sure he knows it’s his decision. You don’t want to make it feel like it is a pressured decision with only one right answer.

Be open and honest but make sure the discussion is centered around him and how he feels about it. As much as you may want him to say yes, you need to be willing to hear a no just in case.