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46 Best Harry Potter Party Ideas for Everyone

46 Best Harry Potter Party Ideas for Everyone

Do you want to throw a Magical Birthday Party with Harry Potter theme? In this article, find out 45 Best Harry Potter Party Ideas for Kids, Teens as well as Adults.

There are hardly many people who have not seen harry potter. The craziness of fans varies. Some have seen those movies so many times they can literally speak each dialogue before the character. Others are some who are well versed with the whole story and know exactly what happened where and why. And most of us like me, do not fall into the above category but just enjoy the movie for what it is. So, you may be in the above categories or in a category of your own!

And chances are that the guests you are inviting would have experiences the harry potter “magic” sometime or the other in their lives.

Now to help you incorporate this “magic” into your parties, here are a few Harry Potter Part ideas to try!

Harry Potter Party Ideas

I have listed different type of ideas under different cartegories.

Some of these Harry Potter Party Ideas are so simple that even small kids can set up. Most of the ideas are kid friendly and can be carried out without spending much.

Anyways, let me start our list of Best Harry Potter Birthday Party Ideas.

Harry Potter Ideas for decorating your home

  • Give your guests a real good entrance. Get a curtain and paint it like a bricked wall. This is supposed to resemble the wall between platforms 9 and 10 onto platform nine and three quarters.

  • It is totally up to you whether to make your great hall seem more like the real thing by hanging a few candles to the ceiling. Or maybe a 3D-ish wallpaper which looks like a cloudy sky can be put up on the ceiling.

  • To make your party feel more hogwarts like, paint some walls of your house like stones using grey paint! However, an easier way to go about it can be rather get a wallpaper!

  • Have a fireplace? Hang letters using threads which will mimic the look of all those posts coming in.

  • Just like the letters, hang them keys with wings.

  • Get long tables like the ones in the great hall which belong to each respective house.
  • Keep the dementors away using a patronus. Just use some lights for that!

  • Have some photo booths. Some like posing like Sirius Black
  • Decorate your toilet seat using a moaning myrtle sticker.
  • Or maybe the entrance to the ministry of magic!

Ideas relating to houses and sorting

  • Get a hat which resembles the sorting hat. I of course, cannot give you the recipe of how to get that sorting hat to talk! But what you can do is get chits on which you write all them names. Make sure they are all in equal quantity! And then ask the kids to pick one randomly. Maybe even play the recording from the first movie where they are sorted!
  • Get some corn-puffs on the table of huffle-puff.
  • If you follow the above idea and the sorting have been done, you could give them ties of their own to put around their neck. Do not worry, you do not have to buy them! You can simply make them at home using paper and paint!
  • Now, if sorting hat is difficult to find, get cupcakes. Any flavour will do as long as they are all the same. Get toothpicks ad paint their ends with the colour of the houses. Insert it into the cupcakes with the painted end into the cupcake. Kids will pick up the cupcake and when they take out the toothpick they will be sorting themselves.
  • Or, get a paper origami sorting hat!
  • Have the houses painted on plates. People sorted into the respective houses take their respective plates!

Did you like them??

Harry Potter Birthday Party Ideas for food

Here are some really yummy Harry Potter ideas for food themed parties.

  • Chocolate frogs! Now, as we are muggles, we are not quite aware of many spells. So, you can get chocolate frogs from outside. But do not expect them to jump!
  • Do you remember the mandrakes which were used to cure the people who have been petrified? Well, these won’t “unpetrify” people, but are bound to give them a sugar rush! So go wild with Mandrake cupcakes!!
  • Make your own Bertie Bott’s every flavour beans! Of course do include the weird ones! And mix them all up and leave it to the kids or adults to figure out which flavour it is!
  • Keep some drinks. Label them as different potions.
  • Give a honey dukes feeling with Butterbeer!
  • A party needs a cake. A cake can have many things. A sorting hat pour example?
  • Almost forgot about the snitch! Get cupcakes shaped like the snitch with its little white wings coming out.
  • We all know Dumbledore. And Dumbledore loved sherbet lemons. Keep some to honor him.

Harry Potter Printable Ideas for the looks

  • Send your invitations out which resemble the call letter from hogwarts!
  • Make them look even more real by using the hogwart seal which you can easily get online.
  • Have kids or adults bring their own owls to the party! Well, not really. They can just get balloons and use a permanent marker on their favourite coloured balloon!
  • Or following the above idea, make yourself some owls and attach the invitations to them. Leave them at the kids home if you can! (But of course this ain’t possible if your guests live in a big city and are spread everywhere.)
  • Make it more personalised! Get some harry potter glasses (without glasses in them) which kids can wear around in the party!
  • Robes could become a long and expensive way to go, but if you are really really enthusiastic about it, maybe you could get them online.

Creative Harry Potter Party Ideas

Let me list some more creative Harry Potter Party ideas for adults.

  • Get them wands from the market or heck, make them yourself! But the wand chooses the wizard no? How do we do that? I honestly have no idea how to make them move on their own.. But with your help maybe. Attach a little bit of metal to your wands. Have a magnet in your hand but make sure it is concealed.Ask the kids to wave their hands over them. And move the magnet a wee bit under a wand of your choice. The kids will be stumped! Well, depends upon you whether to reveal the trick at the end.
  • We have got the wand, the glasses, the robes etc. What about the spells? So yeah, get a printed book of essential spells
  • And of course, a spell shall only work with the right swishing. So print that too and distribute!
  • Get plates with harry potter characters printed on them!
  • Disguise yourself as Dumbledore and give kids some advise when they run rampant in your house during the party!
  • Give kids the secret password to the party. Maybe something like Fortuna Major or a spell like alohomora!
  • And do not forget. Distribute the symbol about which many teens are crazy.

Harry Potter game Ideas for Parties

Wanna play some Harry Potter Games?

Here are some easy Harry Potter Game Ideas just for you.

Since you are a fan, I don’t need to explain every idea in detail. A single line should be enough. 😉

  • Make up your own horcruxes which kids have to find and the ones who find them all, win!
  • Now we have been talking about a lot of sugar. Set up hoops in your backyard and have a ball to be your Quaffle! Time to digest all that sugar!
  • Make a dementor piñata! And have brooms to burst it open!
  • List the characteristics of a person from the movies. And kids have to guess it!
  • Remember nagini? That thing used to eat, well, um, you know. But it is time for us to eat it. Get a thick rope of black liquorice and get crafty with it! Get mini “sword of Gryffindors” to slice our liquorice nagini up and then eat it!
  • Have a harry’s scar making game! Whosoever can make it on their forehead on the right-is place without using a mirror wins!
  • Now, you could make a snitch on your own and hide it. Whosoever finds it, is our new seeker!
  • Play team games with the kids. Their team is their respective house. The ones who win them all, get the house cup.
  • Play hide and seek statue game. Inspired from the chamber of secrets. One person becomes the basilisk and everyone tries to hide from him/her. If anyone is caught they have to become stationery, almost as if they’ve been petrified.

Final Words

I sincerely hope that you found some cool ideas for yourself out of the above. And I agree, some of these Harry Potter Party ideas really require a lot of effort. But they will be worth it. So go ahead, pick one you feel you can manage and have a magical time!

(To make it clear, I do not own any of the images posted)

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