Top Resources for Microsoft 70-411 Certification Exam Preparation

The Microsoft 70-411 certification examination is one of the series of exams a candidate has to take to earn the MCSE certification. There is the 70-410 exam which comes before the 70-411. All these tests must be cleared before you can earn your MCSE credential. It is important to point out that Microsoft does not have a specific order in which the exams can be taken. However, it is highly recommended that you take the Microsoft 70-410 certification exam before you proceed to the next one. This is because the course content is progressive from 70-410 to 70-411. The Microsoft 70-411 is quite a tough exam to take except you are into networking. It is therefore very important that you prepare adequately before you sit for it. Preparing for the certification examination has its own benefits because you stand to gain tremendous knowledge on advanced networking abilities in Windows Server 2012.

As mentioned earlier, this certification exam requires focus and more preparation to be able to earn the desired scores. However, you do not have to fret, with the right study resources; you are on your way to passing your test. There are great resources that are available for your exam preparation. In this article, we will look at the different resources that are available for you.

Top Resources for Microsoft 70-411 Certification Exam

  • TechNet

TechNet is a great platform where you can access amazing references for the certification exam. You can get links to different resource materials on the platform. Really, there is practically no better available source to get different resource materials for your certification exam.

  • Study Guide

The Windows Server 2012 is a great study guide that will help you in your preparation. If you do not really mind the length, you should get your hands on this learning tool. Containing about 1,500 pages, this book has all the details you should know about Windows Server 2012, and it will greatly help you get ahead in your study.

  • PrepAWay

PrepAway is your perfect platform to learn everything you need to know about your certification exam. Indeed, if you really want to learn the necessary materials and pass the examination, Prep Away: Microsoft MCSA 70-411 Exam Dumps offers you amazing videos that will help in your preparation.

Watching the videos available on the platform takes approximately twenty hours but you can be sure that every second invested in watching and learning from the video will be worth your while. The topics taught on the platform are engaging and interesting, turning an almost boring topics into animated subjects.

  • Virtual Lab

For your Microsoft 70-411 certification exam, it is recommended that you build your own lab for your study. Having a personal lab will give you a reference point for advanced concepts in your study. It is important to mention that it will be quite hard to simulate a couple of deep networking scopes, but it will give you the perfect opportunity to know where specific items are situated in GUI.

It is very crucial to know the location of everything in GUI before the exam because a half the complexity of the exam is to know the locations of things. While studying, take time to walk through the different interfaces before your test because it will help you remember the approach and methods of answering specific questions.

  • Practice Exams

Practice test is very critical for your exam success. You need to invest quality time into practicing exam questions and be very familiar with the exam pattern. There are different practice test providers in the industry that you can take advantage of. Although, it might be a bit difficult to know the best provider to opt for, the only thing to look out for is the assurance that using the practice exam will ensure your success during the examination.

Many of the providers offer money-back guarantee which is an additional value, so that you can get back your money under specific circumstances if you don’t pass the certification exam. You can check out Transcender to explore the practice test available on the platform.

Topics of Focus in Preparing for Microsoft 70-411 Certification Exam

There are specific topics you should focus on while preparing for the examination. The fact that the 70-411 exam is a bit difficult requires that you put your efforts on areas that you are likely to be tested in. Below are some of the topics you should explore in your certification exam preparation.

  • NPS: Network Policy Server

This topic focuses on networking and it has a lot complexities attached to it. If you are already in networking, you might not find the topic as difficult as if you have no experience in the area. To learn about this topic, TechNet and CBT Nuggets are your great resource platforms to explore.

  • Group Policy

This topic builds on the fundamentals of the Microsoft 70-410 exam. Here you will need to study the advanced area of GPOs. You will be required to have a lab for this topic and some important things to understand include details on using Power Shell cmdlets for import-export, and WMI filtering.

You will also be required to understand the logic of how to apply precedence and block inheritance. You are expected to know the basic and intermediate GPO abilities and how to operate them. CBT offers a wealth of videos on this topic. You can review all the videos and understand how to implement them during your exam.

  • Bit Locker

This concept was initially introduced by Microsoft in 2008 and over the years, the organization has been building on its manageability and concept. If you currently have some experience with Bit Locker, you might want to check out a revised edition of Bit Locker for Windows 8 & Server 2012.

  • WDS: Windows Deployment Services

Some part of the examination covers WDS. It is recommended that you learn the important components of the different imaging methods, Discover images, and editing images before the certification exam.

The topics mentioned above are not exhaustive. It is recommended that you visit the Microsoft Official Site to learn about all the topics you are expected to study in preparation for the Microsoft 70-411exam.

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