10 Best Taxi Booking Apps Like Uber

Have you ever wondered what would have been your life without apps like Uber? You might have to wait for the taxi and you have to adjust yourself with the unhygienic cab and rudely behaving drivers.

And it all would be very time-consuming and expensive too! But thanks to the technology that brought the cab-booking service in your pocket.

To adapt this technology, Uber is on the top, it operates in 76 countries and 450 cities worldwide. But there are many other awesome e-hailing apps that can give you a better experience than Uber. Below is the list of top Apps like Uber.

All of these apps are different from each other as some are environment-friendly ride-sharing apps, carpooling taxi booking apps and some have trained drivers and fully insured. We hope you’ll find one which fits you!

10 Best Apps like Uber

Here are the best cab or taxi booking apps which you can easily download and can use to book a taxi:-

 1. BOLT

 This ride-hailing app’s system is very efficient and customer-friendly. Bolt has affordable prices and is one tap away from you, just tap the button in the app to order a ride, get pickup by a nearby driver and enjoy the ride to your destination. And you can even pay in-app, this unique feature makes Bolt one of the best cab-booking apps in countries like the USA. and it is free to download.

 2. BlabBlaCar: Carpooling and BlaBlabus

This is a multi-tasking app because you can share rides with someone going your way or can find rides at your doorstep or can get away for the weekend by carpool or bus. And these all can be done by one app i.e. BlaBlaCar.  By using this app you get free wifi, or can make use of plug sockets and just relax in reclinable seats.

 3. Flywheel- The Taxi App

Flywheel, as the name suggests, makes you feel flying by their fastest services in the USA. it is perfect for airport taxi cab service and flat rates are available in many areas. It comes with licensed cabs and uses standard fares, which are often the lowest. You pay the same fare every hour of every day, no matter how busy it is. The flywheel is the easiest way to get a taxi with your Android.

 4. Via: low-cost ride-sharing App

If you want to contribute towards your nature while travelling then this ride-sharing app is just made for you! Via is one of the top environmental-friendly ride-sharing apps you could find in the USA. their mission behind this app is recognizing the value of sharing by benefitting the cities and planets by carpooling in minimal fares.

 5. Juno – A Better Way to Ride

The best reliable way to ride in New York City is Juno. it has been rated by 4.5 plus stars by Google Play and has more than 500 thousand downloads. Its unique feature that puts Juno in his list is that it has a policy of hiring only experienced drivers for customer’s safety and comfrtness.their main aim is to provide outstanding 24/7 service and providing high-quality professional drivers.

6. Beck Taxi

The Beck Taxi app is the best way to hail a cab in Canada and you can even pay within the app. You just have to hail you on the street, select “in a Beck” option from the app, choose your card on file then scan the QR code from the driver and just sit back and enjoy your ride! Great design with an orange and green branding pattern on every vehicle, Beck Taxi is ready to serve 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

 7. Taxi Diamond

Order your cab with just a click with the Taxi Diamond App. it is very convenient to use, the app will geolocate you and suggest an address where the taxi should be sent and then you have to decide the mode of payment. That’s all you need to do!

 8. Co-op Cabs

CO-OP TAXI is known for its best taxi-services and customer services. You can book a reservation in just 3 clicks and you can even create a list of favourite addresses and can assign a custom name for each and next time you are heading to a similar destination, you just need one tap and your taxi is ready! It’s a free application that you can download from the Google Play Store.

 9. TappCar Rider

TappCarr provides a new standard of service that is convenient, reliable and safe. They offer an industry-leading mobile app, and their vehicles are guaranteed to be of comfortable size and quality. All the drivers are professionals and fully insured and they have multiple payment options which make TappCar one of the leading e-hailing applications in Canada.

 10. Yellow Cab Vancouver

Yellow Cab Company Ltd. has developed the largest taxi firm in Vancouver which books a taxi under 10 seconds. You can even place bookings hours, days or weeks in advance. It could be a great alternative to Uber if you are in Canada and searching for a taxi, just go for this app. You can download Yellow Cab Vancouver from the Google Play store.


After discovering the best 10 ride-sharing or cab booking or I would say “personal” transporting apps like Uber, you would have surely decided which one to go with! As these apps contain different features, some are cost-effective, some have an easy booking process and some are very consumer-friendly. We hope this article was useful to you. So, just book a cab and have fun! See you next time.

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