10 Suit Accessories For Men [Must Have in Wardrobe]

Looking stunning while wearing a suit is almost everybody’s desire. Let’s see how it can be done easily in this guide with the best suit accessories for men. But before how you will look, comes the science to be mastered before wearing a suit. A science that includes well-taken measurements of almost everything from shoulders to calves, to the neck to length, and many more. So, the basic requirement of a suit is that it should be fitted properly neither too baggy nor too tight to be fitted making you uncomfortable.

Now, the next step that comes after it is the art of styling your suit. With all the things reinventing making you look stunning, here comes the time to just swap off those formal suits and add some accessories to those making you look more vibrant and stunning no matter what the occasion is.

Top Suit Accessories for men

Suit accessories for men
Suit accessories for men

Before stepping into the ocean of accessories present in your wardrobe or planning to buy, make a clear style into your mind. Always keep one thing in mind that is not to wear everything and anything all at once. It will not only look clingy but becomes an overdressed and overloaded mess.

So, be specific and look stylish. Let’s get started with the essential suit accessories a man should have in his wardrobe.

10 Best Suit Accessories to be in a Men’s Wardrobe

  1. Tie

Suit accessories for men
Suit accessories for men

The tie is often considered to be the most cumbersome thing choking neck but it is considered the most essential thing that should be included with your suit.

The tie should be according to the occasion and type of shirt you are wearing. If going for a party then a shiny tie will make you look absolute, if going for a formal meeting then a tie with matte texture or some formal patterns would do best.

Always wear according to your stomach size. If you are so chubby then add a broad tie to your suit. If you are tall with a rectangular body then adding a simple or any tie of your choice would make it better.

2. Tie clips

Tie clips
Tie clips

Small things often add too much to the big one. In the same way, a tie clip may be considered small but it adds volume to your complete look. A tie clip should be neither too broad nor too small. It should be between the third button of your shirt. You can have any tie clip of your choice from nearby stores or online.

  1. Cuff links

Cuff links
Cuff links

The movement of your hand will take their attention to your cuffs. So, adding some classy and beautiful cuff links to your shirt will not only make you look attractive but also enhance your overall look.

  1. Watch

suit accessories for men
suit accessories for men

Matching up everything else with a suit may be a matter of big project for some but wearing a watch for a man is a thing not to be forgotten. Match your watch with the type of occasion and suit and slay your hot look.

  1. Pocket square

Pocket square
Pocket square

To make your look more versatile and enhanced, a side square is a must. Opt for a silk square according to the occasion you are going. In case of parties of any functions go with some shiny silky squares and while going for a formal meeting a matte color or pastel color square according to the color of your shirt or tie you can pair them up.

  1. Belts

suit accessories for men
suit accessories for men

In our day to day life, we all wear a belt just to fit our loose outfits. If the outfit is up to measurement with properly made just for you and fits you well then there is no need to wear a belt. A smart suit with a tucked-in shirt and open button blazer will look smart. So, in that case, you don’t need a belt. Keep one thing in mind an accessory can make as well as take your look depending upon how you carry and fit in your attire.

  1. Shoes

suit accessories for men
suit accessories for men

Though shoes are not just an accessory but the major thing acquiring a portion to complete your outfit. Make sure you wear the right type of shoes according to your attire. Don’t go for a too high neck or long front shoes. They will look quite awkward with your suit ruining the entire look. Go for some formal pair of shoes with some sort of matte or a little shine in them. You get those shoes from any store or can order online as well.

  1. Side brooch with label pin

Side brooch with label pin
Side brooch with label pin

A classy side brooch will make your look even more perfect.

Have a look at yourself

  • Don’t wear everything all at once. It will create a big mess.
  • Go for one or two things together.
  • Create a balance in your look.
  • Go for the one that suits you according to the occasion.
  • Make sure to have a suit with proper measurements.
  • Wear with confidence


Wearing is just so normal but carrying your outfit is an art. Have confidence in your eyes and walk and you can easily slay your looks with confidence. If you liked this article feel free to share this article on your social media profiles and help others. If you’ve any suggestions feel free to drop them right below in the comment section.


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