15 Best SMS Schedulers for Android [Free Apps]

Ever heard about SMS Schedulers for Android? Did you missed someone special’s birthday? Did you plan to send a text but were not able to? Due to time, place or anything else? Did you end up sending a formal SMS twice and ended up being embarrassed?

We are all busy and running for saving some time these days. While Facebook posts and e-mails can be prepared beforehand and scheduled, there’s no such setting yet available in the native message applications throughout phones. Hence, SMS scheduler apps are needed to smoothen up your texting experiences.

What is a SMS Scheduler?

Well, SMS Scheduler is simply an App or a software that lets you schedule SMS ahead of time. Using such Apps you can schedule many important messages and greetings that otherwise you may miss.

Wishing someone on a Birthday is really good but many of us forgets about it. Using a scheduler, you can setup an SMS for exact 12:00 and have a good sleep. This way your friend or colleague will get the wish exactly at 12:00.

Best SMS Scheduler for Android

There are a lot of Free Android SMS Schedulers available on the Playstore. All of them does the same work, the only thing that differs is extra features and Ads.

Some apps may look annoying while some are simple and sleak.

Well, we have done the research to help you pick the right app. We collected a list of 15 Best Apps that are small in size and provides every feature that you need.

So without wasting time, let’s get started .

1. SMS Scheduler By BHIMA


SMS Scheduler By BHIMA provides you with a search option and templates to create texts from. Uniquely enough, it automatically sends birthday messages to friends, relatives, and acquaintances in contacts with birthday event saved.

It contains speech recognition as well as speech to text option on its keyboard. Classification of texts based on ‘scheduled’, ‘history’ and ‘draft’ is also done by the application itself. Along with SMS scheduling, it also allows you to sync your contacts.

2. Autotext


Autotext has a rating of 4.3/5 by its users. It is a standalone application, but often requires side-by applications for support. Although, this mainly helps in choosing regularly required texts from templates.

3. mySMS

mySMS, unlike many, supports both SMS and MMS. It also provides you with call notifications and native apps for android tablet, windows 7, XP, 8 desktop and tablet, and chrome. It has a group chat option including MMS and is supported by any browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.

This backs up all calls, texts, and MMS from your account, so while buying a new device, there is no worry for losing important information. You can even archive conversations and calls in your Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive or e-mail account. It’s crazy!

4. Chomp SMS

Chomp SMS is an app with more than 10 million users worldwide, and a rating of 4.4/5. While some apps tend to stay basic, chomp focuses on being the coolest. It has a passcode lock, various privacy options, you can even change notification LED colors, ringtones and vibrate patterns phew.

They also claim to be body-positive, thus have a wide range of emojis with various skin tones. Compatible with androids, iOS, and even desktop, this app is an all-rounder.

5. Do It Later


Do It Later allows you to send text messages, emails, even twitter posts by scheduling them to a later time. This also consists of a task reminder to help you remember small tits and bits throughout your busy schedule.

This app provides more than just texting. It has dual sim support, options for scheduling delayed text frequency like hourly, and daily, sending texts to multiple recipients, delivery confirmations, dual theme interface, and even pre-defined templates to choose your text from.

6. Multi SMS Sender

Multi SMS Sender HAS GROUPS! Create, send texts and manage groups for native messaging. You can even text people not belonging to your contact list, and unlike most messaging apps, this lets you send longer texts beyond 160 characters.

Add important contacts to ‘favorites’, copy-paste messages from history, accept texts from people beyond your circle, manage signatures and so much more.

7. Phone Schedule


Phone Schedule is a free app not only texts on your behalf but also reminds you of important events before they occur. This has a schedule call timer, a schedule SMS timer, set-up for a music timer, and a time to change mode, among many other things.

It supports android 6.0++ and backs up all important data preventing any loss at any point in time. The updated widget helps in keeping tracks and remembering important details, also making this application very user-friendly.

8. Text Later

Text Later is the only app that is no longer available in Play Store. No worries though! Appstore for Amazon has this for free too, that’s what matters, right? The new features of the latest update include a ‘Wake Lock’ which basically makes sure the texts are sent even if the device is in ‘sleep mode’. Barely of 2mb, this minimalistic app is widely used since 2011.

This also consists of an open network socket, to ease conversations. The messages do not interface with the phone’s built-in native messaging app.

15 SMS/Text Scheduler Apps

These are the 15 best text Scheduler Apps used worldwide for scheduling and managing texts.

  1. SMS Scheduler By BHIMA
  2. Autotext
  3. mySMS
  4. Chomp SMS
  5. Do It Later
  6. Multi SMS Sender
  7. Phone Schedule
  8. Text Later
  9. SMS Auto Sender
  10. Auto Message
  11. Send It Later
  12. Auto SMS Lite
  13. Smart SMS Timer
  14. Timed Text Pro
  15. SMS Timing


How are you keeping? This article is definitely going to help you to remember things better while worrying less about forgetting, and of course, won’t let you forget about important conversations.

These will make sure you never end up being late in wishing someone again. The timers, logs, history, etc. almost work as your free virtual personal assistant making sure you are always punctual and perfect.

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