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10 Sites Like Humble Bundle [Cheap Alternatives]

Humble bundle is truly a unique website, they sell games and other software and give a part of the proceedings to charity. This is indeed a great idea because not only it boosts the sales of games, but also it allows you to help noble causes indirectly. Also as suggested by the name, all products are available in bundles. So people are more likely to buy them. Humble Bundle allows you a lot of flexibility while paying for the products. Whenever you buy, they allow you to choose what you want to pay. You can also choose who gets how much by dividing the amount between creators, charity and the corporation itself. They boast of about 1 million customers and have already donated more than 128 million to charity.

So why do we need other sites like Humble Bundle? Well as evident this is indeed a very good way to donate. There are other alternative sites out there which allow this facility for various products like games, ebooks, music and so on.

Thus it is important for us to check out those sites also.

Hereby I have made a list of the top 10 websites like humble bundle. Please read on to find out more.

10 Sites like humble bundle

Here is a list of the best websites like the humble bundle.

Indie Gala

Indie Gala is the first website on our list because they offer bundles at unbelievably low prices.

They sell game bundles only. The more you buy, the lesser you have to pay.

You can also buy standalone games, but they are a bit costlier than the bundles naturally. You can always find some kind of offer at Indie Games, and if you are lucky enough you can also get free giveaways. A part of the earnings goes to charity.

Click here to visit Indie Gala

One Play

OnePlay is another site like Humble Bundle where you can download and play premium content for a cheap price. All games available through this website are completely premium, and so they do not contain any ads. You can find both android and windows game here.

This website also sells games at very low prices. New games are being added to this website constantly.

Here is the link to One play.


Prices in this website are amazingly low. They sell bundles of multimedia like music, comics, games and ebooks. Like the other sites, you can also find both bundles and single games here.

The specialty of this website is that they also make their own games which you can buy on steam. However deals do not last long, so you will have to be on the lookout for them always.

Click here to visit Groupees

Story Bundle

The fourth Humble Bundle alternative in our list. This website offers bundles for books. They sell bundles of 6-9 books mostly. You can also find single books here. Like Humble Bundle, this website also donates a part of its profits to charity. All books available on this website are written by reputed Indie authors mostly.

You also get to decide what you want to pay for the books by using a simple formula.

Click here to visit Story Bundle


Previously Bundle stars, Fanatical is a very popular name in the gaming world. They are the first choice for most gamers to avail gaming bundles from. They donate a generous part of their proceedings to charity.

Fanatical boasts of a sale of about 30 million games on steam since the beginning. They bundles they provide contains more games than the other websites. You can get discounts of up to 99% on this website.

Here is the link to Fanatical.

Lazy Guys Bundle

Dealing only in games, this website always provides some kind of discount or the other. Mostly they provide around ten games in a bundle, but this number can vary sometimes. You can pay what you want using the formula process like in Humble Bundle.

So chances are high that you can get what you want at very low prices indeed. Also, their work process is very fast, as a result of which you do not have to wait for anything.

Click here to visit Lazy Guys bundle

Another Great site like Humble Bundle!! is a bit different from the other websites. Here you can find games both from large developers like Ubisoft or EA and also from new non-professional developers who have made their own games.

All sellers can decide the prices, how to run sales, and how they want their pages to be. This website provides both paid and free content.

Click here to visit

Green Man Gaming

This is the one-stop solution for gamers of all genre.

You can find the best games here at affordable prices. This Humble Bundle Alternative also hosts a community for data tracking, reviews and discussions on various gaming issues. Green Man Gaming focuses on new and upcoming developers, thus allowing them to gain a foothold in a competitive market.

Click here to visit Green Man Gaming

Bundle In a box

Bundle in a Box is noted and popular for its organised and well-maintained user interface.

This site also allows you to choose the genre of the game you are looking for, and this makes finding the games you want very easy. Also this a good website for trying out new games because all of the games are provided with reviews that previous buyers have written.

As a result, there is very little chance of you being disappointed after spending money on an unknow game.

Click here to visit Bundle in a box

Gamers Gate

Gamers Gate provides easy and affordable access to games for both Mac and PC. They allow gamers to access the games without any kind of involvement of a third party.

As of now, you can choose from over 6000 different games which are developed by all kind of developers from small time to huge. This site also features a “blue coin” feature which you can earn through various activities like reviewing, ranking and buying games or by buying them directly.

Click here to go to Gamers gate

Top Humble Bundle Alternatives for Games, Books, Software

Based on the above review here is the list of the sites which are an alternative to humble bundle

  1. Indie Gala
  2. One Play
  3. Groupees
  4. Story Bundle
  5. Fanatical
  6. Lazy Guys Bundle
  8. Green Man Gaming
  9. Bundle In a box
  10. Gamers Gate


We all know that it is important to donate to charity and for a noble cause. However, maybe we are unable to do it actively or directly. These websites help us by allowing you to not only donate openly to a noble cause but also buy amazing stuff at a very low price. So these websites are one of a kind and are doing a very good job.

I hope this article has helped you. Please do not forget to comment in the comment section below.

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