The Man from Taured: An Unsolved Mystery

The world is full of mysteries. Unusual events and unusual sightings are the rare events that make up the most interesting read. Mysteries often raise questions in our mind and opens up new dimensions of our thinking.

The story of the Man from Taured is an unsolved mystery of a man who debarked from a plane at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport and claimed to have arrived from taured, a country located on the border between France and Spain.

But, there is no country ever existed named as Taured.

So, from where did the man come from? Did he come from another dimension? Did he come from future via time travel? Read the full story about the man from taured.

The Man from Taured

In 1954, Tokyo observed one of the most unusual events of the era.  A well-groomed, middle-aged Caucasian man landed from a plane originating in Europe and arrived at Haneda Airport in Tokyo. All was going normally until the man stepped at custom and baffled the officials by telling them that he was from taured – A country which didn’t exist.




Things started to get weirder when the man showed a passport issued by taured. He further told the officials that he was a businessman and he came to Japan for his business. He told them that he was a frequent flyer and this was his third trip that year. His passport was full of visa stamps supporting his travels to Japan and other countries.

His wallet was also full of several different European currencies and he could speak both French and Japanese.

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The customs officials were trying to solve the things but the mystery deepened more and more. The officials tried to verify his documents, called up the company he had to meet with, called his company, but no one claimed to recognize this man. The hotel in Tokyo where he had reserved a room was also not having any reservation under his name and also the bank listed on his checkbook didn’t exist.

Andorra or Taured



The man was having a lot of documents in his support but not a single document could verify his story. The officials were also perplexed and wanted to solve this mystery as soon as possible. They showed him a map of the world and asked him to point at his homeland. He pointed a country between the border of France and Spain – Andorra.

The man hadn’t heard of Andorra and the officials hadn’t heard of Taured.

But, according to the man, he was from taured which had existed for more than 1,000 years. The world played a cruel joke on him.

The officials were not able to understand his story. So, they took him to a nearby local hotel and the man was given a room for an overnight stay. Two guards stood outside his room all night long and the room didn’t have any window or balcony to escape.

The following morning, the man from the taured vanished and all his documents also vanished from the office.

Did he come from another dimension?

This is for sure that the man was not of this world. So, from where did the man come from? The man was having all proofs of a country named Taured. Does a country named taured exist in some another world which is like our world but in some another dimension?

Did the man from Taured come from future via time travel?

The man from the taured can be a time traveler. He cannot be a time traveler from past because he was dressed up nicely and there was no country named taured ever existed in past. Maybe, he came from future. Maybe, Andorra’s name will be changed to taured.

I leave these questions to the readers. Please comment and share your unusual experiences.

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