The Ideal Jewelry to Wear for Working Moms

As a working mother, you likely have numerous types of jewelry in your wardrobe closet. It can include formal jewelry for major events or conferences, as well as more typical and comfortably jewelry you wear on a daily basis to look professional.

Jewelry is regarded as one of the essential accessories to a wardrobe because the right accessory can bring a whole outfit together. Figuring out which jewelry to wear is not as easy as it seems. If you’re looking for jewelry in Chicago, for instance, choose something that has gone through ethical engineering and sourcing even when traded.

The following are tips on what jewelry to wear and what occasions you should wear it.

1. Casual work

You should use the days that you have important meetings with customers or clients to dress appropriately and look more professional. You can also have an assortment of affordable jewelry for the days when clients connect through phone and email instead of personal. This may be in the form of novelty jewelry like a pair of brightly colored earrings or a large necklace. Decorative jewelry is incredibly inexpensive, so you do not need to worry about breaking or losing it.

2. Bonding with your children

Avoid hoop earrings, since children with grabby hands can pull at them and hurt your ears. You will likely be participating in lots of childrens’ parties as a mother, full of kids all fired up on sugary beverages. This is not the time to please everyone as wearing costly jewelry is only asking for trouble for these events. Decorative jewelry can be worn, so make sure to pick something smaller and not expensive so if anything breaks, it is easy to repair or replace.

3. Job interview

A job interview is considered as one of the stressful circumstances that every woman has to cope with at any point. A challenging task to do is choosing an outfit for an interview. You should not attempt to wear a lot of excessively fashionable jewelry or large hoop earrings during an interview. During an interview, wear very little to no jewelry. This is because some people appear to play with their earrings or ring when they are anxious. Avoid this risk by wearing your wedding ring or any modest pair of earrings. Above all else, make sure you look, feel and act professional.

4. Vacation

Vacation is considered one of the few days you will get to rest for a while as a working mother. The jewelry you should wear should vary on where you are. If you are in the Caribbean, you can don some bright colored jewelry, or maybe something you have purchased in the country during your business trips. On the other hand, a stylish dark outfit goes well with a pair of diamond earrings or a diamond bracelet can be worn at a ski resort. Be vigilant when wearing costly jewelry if you are traveling overseas. Before planning a vacation, you need to pack lightly. Thus, you cannot bring with you any piece of jewelry. You can bring versatile pieces of jewelry so that they can be used once if needed.

5. Anniversaries

Some couples love to go out during their anniversary since it is a relaxed night out on the town without children around you. Going out with your partner during your anniversary has been a tradition for several couples. You can wear the same outfit or jewelry you were wearing when you first met him. The place where you are might be the same restaurant where you got engaged. Do not wear too much jewelry on this particular date since the focus should be between you and your partner. A great option would be to wear a piece of jewelry that your partner is familiar with for several years. If you have been married for several years, never wear every piece of jewelry that your spouse has given you as a way of making up for every mistake that you have made.

There are several unique circumstances when you can wear jewelry, but wearing too much of it is not necessary. It will take time to find out which jewelry pieces work with a few outfits.

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