15 Best Hologram Apps for Android & iPhone [Free]

Looking out for the best hologram app? Stay connected with us because here we are going to list down all the free Android hologram apps with a major brief description which will help you out to choose the best.

Fundamentally, an hologram app is an editing app which enables you to give a more futuristic look to your images. It also provides you a special privilege of turning your smartphones into a 3D projector. It is totally fun to use and also you don’t require hefty space on your mobile phone to download the app.

Best Hologram Apps

So, let’s get started with the various hologram app you can download on your Android or iPhone.

1. Vyomy 3D Hologram Projector

Vyomy app is interesting as well as simple to use app which requires easy installation on your smartphone. It is free to use and you can download it from the Google Play Store. In order to get the 3D effect, you must use some sort of transparent or reflective material. Now, you can use any videos from the gallery and try it on this app.

After trying this app for once, it will become more lucid to operate. So, Android users can download this app and enjoy the 3D effect.

2. Holo

The Holo app is basically editing app which sticks the holograms of people or animal to your world. It is available both for Android on the Google Play Store or iPhone on the App Store. You can add various holograms like that of celebrities, animals, comedians or much more character to your screen and start snapping the picture or videos.

There is also an option available to rotate, move and resize your hologram while recording your videos. After that, you can share your videos with your friends over social media.

3. Holo-Display

Holo-display is 3D Holographic video app, which is also of the free version. You can download and install it from the Google Play Store and also from the App Store. Here you can also create 3D 4 sided or 1 sided hologram pictures.

There you can also view a ton of giphy containing animations. All you need is a holographic pyramid which you can also create by your own or can purchase for best results. Start making hologram videos by using the various gifs. After creating you can also save it your favorites.

4. Hologram 3D

Hologram 3D is the app where you can create your 3D hologram on Android. It is free to use. You can download it from the Google Play Store or the App Store. For creating 3D hologram effect, you need holographic pyramid which you can create either by plastic or glass. There are altogether of six features present in the first version and many more features will be updated soon for future use. It allows 360 degrees which you can find in some vehicles too called HUD display.

5. Jarvis Hologram App

This is one of the fabulous apps which provides a futuristic look to your picture. It can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store. There are lots of cool eye-catching feature in this app like you can use pre-made frames or can use the flip option for your picture. You can also maintain the color as well as opacity or even BlendMode.

Other than this, you can use various filters available or can maintain the adjustments of brightness, contrast or exposure. Use holographic stickers to get high-quality HUD look.

6. HoloLens Dinosaurs Park 3D hologram Simulator

It is one of the most realistic apps of its kind by addition of real sounds and animations of dinosaurs. You can find it on the Google Play Store on Android  After you have installed the app you will get to see the hologram of dinosaur which looks or make feel real.

This app is well equipped with an accelerometer and also get a special privilege to choose your favorite dinosaur. All this is just meant for entertainment purpose.

7. Hologram Pet 3D Simulator

Hologram Pet 3D simulator is best for the animal lovers they want to play with. You can download this app from the App Store and can enjoy with your friends. It does not provide you a real hologram, it is just the fake animation of the pet which you choose. Several effects are also available to make it feel or look like a realistic one.

8. AR Camera Virtual Hologram Photo Editor App

This Photo Editor app is best in providing a holographic look to your picture. You can download and install this app directly from the Google Play Store. Here you can use various kind of holographic stickers to give your picture high-tech HUD look. Also, you can add texts and adjust its color, size, and fonts too. After that, you can save the final result to your external memory or can share it over social media.

15 Free Holograms Apps for Android and iOS

Therefore, besides these, we will make your task easier by providing you a list of all the best free hologram apps for Android and iOS which you must try in order to give your picture a HUD look.

  1. Vyomy 3D Hologram Projector
  2. Holo
  3. Holo Display
  4. Hologram 3D
  5. Jarvis Hologram App
  6. HoloLens Dinosaurs Park 3D hologram Simulator
  7. Hologram Pet 3D Simulator
  8. AR Camera Virtual Hologram Photo Editor App
  9. Hologram Pet 3D Simulator
  10. Hologram Color 3D theme
  11. Hologram Simulator
  12. Hologram Pyramid Videos
  13. Real 3D Hologram Projector
  14. 3D Hologram
  15. Holapex Hologram Video Maker

So, what are you waiting for? Download the apps and enjoy your futuristic editing.

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