19 Best Garageband Alternatives for Windows 2020

Garageband is only available for MacOS or iOS devices. However, due to the features it provide, many people start looking for Garageband Alternatives for Windows. So, to run or get Garageband features on your Windows, we have come up with best Garageband alternatives.

Note that some of these software are not free. We have compiled both free and paid alternatives.

Best Garageband Alternatives for Windows PC

Here are the Best Alternatives to Garageband;

1. LMMS :

LMMS is a free, cross-platform tool to make music on your computer. This is all the place where you can create your music on your computer by synthesizing and mixing sounds, by creating beats or you can just arrange the samplers and many more.

It is an easy and modern interface to use. All you can do is that you can playback instruments, samples and plugins with a typing or MIDI keyboard. With the help of visual mapping, you can do drum sequencing. It works on Window, Linux and macOS.

2. Reason

The reason is a well-known audio workstation for creating your unique music. It is easily compatible with Window and macOS. There is a basic layout which you can follow to make your task easier. The layout is that you have to find sound and instrument in the browser and then drag it down to the rack.

Now, compose them in the sequencer and finally mix them all in the mixer. You can also record down your vocal voice and then edit them or rearrange them or overdub them.

3. FL Studio

FL Studio is one of the best alternatives for Garageband. This software mainly supports platform like Window, Android, macOS. This app is well recognized for its plugin as well as it is MIDI supported too. Here all you can do is to arrange, compose, edit, mix and master professional quality music.

All you can do is that you must try out the app because of its awesome updated features and this is also used by some of the most famous artists.

4. Ableton

Ableton is both hardware and software where you can create or compose music as well as arrange live performance too. To be Live, you have to register to your account. It has its hardware controller known as Ableton Push.

You can run this program both on Window and mac too. You can also find a collection of instrument and also sample libraries. All you can do is that you can automatically sync music and loops regardless of tempo. Multitrack audio recording and MIDI sequencing of software and hardware instrument.

5. Reaper

Reaper is a complete online or digital audio work station comprising of lots of amazing features. It supports Windows and mac and the current window also supports Microsoft Window and the beta version of Linux. This software offers full multitrack audio and also helps in MIDI recording. It is easy, fast, effective interface to use.

There are loads of studio-quality effects for processing audio. All you can do here is that you can edit, record, process and mix the audio.

6. Music Maker Jam

Music Maker Jam is a free app which you can use to compose your cool tracks. This is easily compatible with the Windows and Mac. There you will get tons of studio-quality loops, beats, and samples too which you can use to build your track.

You can also make a remix of tracks just by shaking your device. Here is also a possibility of recording own vocals and you can share them instantly on YouTube. Join with the music community and connect yourself with artists, fans, followers, DJs, and producers too.

7. Mixcraft 7

Mixcraft is free trial software and it is like a complete studio with unlimited MIDI and audio tracks.

This software is easily available for Windows.  It is an easy interface for the beginners to start with it. Here all you can do is you can submix, send tracks and output tracks for advanced mixing and routing. You can also customize the plugins. There are unlimited tracks and also searchable drop-downs and other workflow improvements.

8. Audiotool

Audiotool is free software and also it is a digital audio workstation. All you can do is that you can create your music and publish that on this platform. You can also listen to the music available here for free. No need to install any file to run it on your computer or laptop. It is web-based.

There are available loads of genres, tracks, albums and many more. After completion of your work, you can finally share it over the social apps like Facebook or YouTube. Majority of their tracks and their samples are stored on their servers and are accessible via other browsers.

Top 19 Garageband Alternatives

Above, we have described the majority of Garageband alternatives for Windows. If you are not satisfied with those alternatives, you can freely lookout these alternatives too.

  1. Maker Jam
  2. Reaper
  3. LMMS
  4. Audiotool
  5. FL Studio
  6. Mixcraft 7
  7. Music
  8. Ableton
  9. Stagelight
  10. Cubase
  11. Adobe audition
  12. Audacity
  13. Reason
  14. BPM Studio
  15. Acid Pro
  16. Anvil Studio
  17. Soundation Studio
  18. Soundboard
  19. Free MIDI Player

All the mentioned software are the best Garageband alternatives which you can use to make your perfect music track.


Finally, we have reached the end of the article where we have given all the important information about every particular app, which you must know before downloading or installing it. In case, if you have any issues regarding this topic, please comment down below. We will come up with the best solution to your problem.

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