Best eBay Alternatives: Top 10 Sites like eBay

Looking for some more sites similar to eBay, well, you are at the right place. You can find the top eBay alternatives here in this article.

In the recent business era, sticking to one marketplace doesn’t work. You always have to change to take your business to the next level. No doubt, in recent years eBay became the most dominating market giant. It has more than hundred million registered users. But, many unsatisfied users can be seen complaining about this platform. High seller fees as compared to other sites and poor customer support are the major grievances of eBay users. Besides these criticisms, eBay generates about $17 billion revenue but, its seller’s sufferings remain the same.

Are you too sick of eBay?

If you do want change or know other cheaper, efficient and more lucrative alternatives to eBay, then you will definitely find a solution here.

Best eBay alternatives

Before I start telling you the alternatives, you must understand that online business is a very big market place. Every year, there is a rise of new sites like eBay, and many of these are working far better than eBay. Most of them have cheaper seller fees and good customer support. So, why stick only to eBay?

Below are 10 of the best eBay alternatives for those who are wretched with this site.

1. Amazon


Amazon Marketplace is a very good alternative to eBay. It is cheaper than eBay that allows online sellers to sell their items alongside Amazon’s regular offerings. Seller may sell new, used, collectible, and refurbished items and can list on amazon for free while eBay charges fees for listings. Amazon instant sales services attract many users while eBay takes a week time to sell a product.

2. uBID

uBID quality assurance policies have resulted in its growth with over six million members. Ubid is a popular online marketplace just like eBay, but its services are quite faster than eBay. Great discounts and good quality products attract several customers to this site.

3. Artfire


Artfire is an eCommerce site focused on specific market unlike eBay including crafts, craft supplies, vintage goods, and fine art. Its sellers can list for free unless they choose to open a Pro account whereas eBay charges a listing fee from its sellers. Artfire gives good customer support and provides several helpful features to its sellers.

4. Ruby Lane


Ruby Lane has a specific marketplace just like Artfire. Products include high-end antiques, collectibles, and vintage items whose rates are quite expensive in most cases. But, it finds a profitable venue for users who purchase high-end products.

5. Bonanza


Bonanza charges lowest fees from its sellers as compared to other sites. It is a good marketplace to sell or buy items, including fashion items and collectibles. New and second-hand products are sold here at cheap rates. It is a good place to start your online business, but Bonanza has a very less market as compared with a market giant like eBay.

6. Ebid


Ebid offers a merchant friendly platform with google based features. Merchants do fixed price transactions and are charged a reasonable fee. This site uses “Ninja listing tool” that allows bulk uploading of products. Ebid is a Google Shopping marketplace partner. Sellers can earn a lot of profit by using Ebid.

7. Zibbet

Vintage, unique and inspiring handicraft products are sold on this site. This is the best site to buy and sell handicraft products. This site is supported by a good community of sellers who produce unique vintage artifacts. This is the most known e-commerce site for handicrafts. Its seller’s community is widespread in 133 different countries.

8. iOffer


iOffer is another merchant friendly site that supports both an auction format as well as fixed price transactions. Its swaps and trades platform makes it a unique platform as compared with others. Sellers can list their items for free, and they have to pay only when the item is sold.

9. Etsy


If you want to buy and sell handcrafted products then, Etsy is a serious alternative to other sites. Items that can be sold on Etsy include vintage, rare collectibles, and handicrafts. Etsy holds no storefront and charges fee for an initial period of four months. Good quality and unique products are sold on this site. This site attracts the attention of many buyers and sellers who are interested in handicrafts. This site is a good alternative to those merchants who want to grow in handicraft industry.

10. Newegg


Newegg is famous for its electronic goods mainly computer hardware and software. This site has a wide range of products that can be sold which include: Apparel & Accessories, Arts and Crafts, Auto & Hardware, Baby, Beauty, Consumer Electronics, Home and Living, Toys, and Jewelry. This is a good site for those sellers who do retail. This site charges very nominal fees from its sellers. Simple fee structure and variety and cheap products than eBay make this site a very good alternative to eBay.

Top 10 Sites Like eBay

Here’s the complete list of sites like eBay, this list includes all the eBay alternatives that we mentioned above;

  1. Amazon
  2. Ubid
  3. Artfire
  4. Ruby Lane
  5. Bonanza
  6. Ebid
  7. Zibbet
  8. iOffer
  9. Etsy
  10. NewEgg

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