10 Best YouTube Alternatives you Must Try

Do you know that there are many more sites like YouTube? Can you name a few of them?? Well, this article will help you find some of the best YouTube Alternatives for watching Video content.

What comes to your mind, when you want to watch a video on your smartphone or pc, undoubtedly YouTube, it is a go-to video site for millions of people around the globe. A few years back who would have thought about online video platform, where people would watch and share videos beyond the borders.

No one can question about the reach of YouTube, but what if your YouTube happens to not working or you want to explore available online content? Now, you should think about replacement of YouTube, obviously, there are alternatives to YouTube, even some of them are better and deserves your attention.

10 Best YouTube alternatives

After a savvy research on video browsing websites, we have selected these websites for your convenience. We have ranked browsing websites according to their positive and negative aspects.Though there are many other websites, these Youtube alternatives are well accepted by users.


Even if you’re addicted to YouTube, you can add Vimeo to augment your entertainment. Though, Vimeo provides free basic membership but if you want to get priority support, tons more storage, advance privacy control and interaction tools then you would have to pay some monthly charges. And unlike YouTube, it never places ads before, during and after the videos.

You can start your own channel and Vimeo ensures in their policy that, your work will never be tarnished in any condition. For better storage units, you can upgrade Vimeo to Vimeo plus, PRO unlimited or business. Sign in and searching contents is very easy which gives you a very decent experience of video browsing.

Visit Vimeo now.

2.Daily Motion

One of the Best Youtube alternatives!!

Daily Motion, another website where you can watch, upload and share videos like YouTube. In terms of users, Daily Motion has great potential to make your video viral. Talking about interface it’s is pretty much similar to YouTube and user-friendly.

To upload any video, just create an account with any valid email id, you can upload a video of up to 60 minutes in length and 4Gb in size. However, the cap on uploading video can be removed after sign-in for Motion maker account.Daily motion, offers you VOD program for commercial purpose.

Visit Daily Motion now.


However, site is popular for hosting image but offer users to upload and share videos. Flickr comes with 1Tb memory and pro account gives unlimited storage space.If you don’t want ads during your videos, then Flickr is right option for you after Vimeo. For uploading your videos, sign up for your free account and start uploading. You can try Flickr for different experience.

Visit Flickr now.


Another fine alternative for youtube, you can upload and share videos of any length without hesitation. The interface of the website is masterly managed for users with some lucrative features like adding friends, chatting, groups and forums for your personal interaction and sharing your videos. Search is one of the downsides of this website which would degrade your browsing experience.

Visit Veoh now.


Since 2003, Metacafe is catering more than 40 million unique users every month. Undoubtedly it’s one of the prominent face in this league of websites. The interface of this website is very user-friendly and categorization of video content is appreciable which will enhance your experience. Meanwhile, for some unknown reason, the website has stopped its uploading content facility which is a downside.

Visit Metacafe now.

6. Zippcast

If you once loved the classic and friendly layout of YouTube , then surely you would love this website for its simple and archaic interface. Zippcast with some astonishing features stands along with YouTube in audience sharing. The company has been working relentlessly to meet the demand and satisfy the need of the audiences.

If you’re a fervent user of Twitter and Facebook, you must have seen videos from this website. In zippcast you can register and upload videos with only two or three steps. You’ll get some old features which YouTube took away from you. The employees are friendly and approachable for your complaints.Trying zippcast for once in while is not bad idea.

Visit Zippcast now.



Looking for Youtube alternatives for Gaming And live streaming Videos? Well, Twitch is the answer.

Twitch, another world’s leading live social video platform for you, watching and streaming live video on Twitch is easy and data saving. Like YouTube, it also gives you opportunity to change setting and watch videos according to your data plan. In 2013, Twitch has successfully 45 million unique users from other market players with its decent features.

Though Twitch is devoted for live streaming of video gaming, but recently it has made attempts to cater the need of different segments.It’s available for android and ios platform.

Visit Twitch now. the brand which is known for the range of content which includes drama, comedy, movies and how to do videos.Streaming option is available in high quality which would not discourage you.

Again, for some unknown reasons it’s not open to register as a new user but immense available content is enough to satisfy your demand.since its launch it has emphasis on inspirational and learning videos.

Visit Blip.Tv now

9. Vube

Vube, an emerging website for browsing videos, with the advent in 2013, this website surprised other market players and ranked in the list of 100 most visited website of the world. If you’re looking for user oriented content website , then vube¬†could give you wonderful experience of video browsing.

It has a very simple policy for video uploading which takes less time in comparison of others.One thing you’ll hate about this site is the massive amount of traffic due to fragile policy.

Visit Vube now.

10. LiveLeak

Liveleak is another popular video website where you can watch videos just like Youtube. The big difference is, LiveLeak is based on leaked videos. You will find videos that are not available at any other place.

It also includes some mature videos that may make you feel disgusting. So only watch if you really want to.

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10 Sites Like YouTube

Here is the complete list of Youtube alternatives that are mentioned above in our list. You can start using them for your own purposes.

  1. VIMEO
  2. Daily Motion
  3. Flickr
  4. Veoh
  5. Metacafe
  6. Zippcast
  7. Twitch
  8. Blip.TV
  9. Vube
  10. LiveLeak

So this is the list of Top 10 YouTube alternatives, we have enlisted all the websites according to their ratings and popularity among users.

We hope this list will help you to choose the best alternative to YouTube. However, there are many other websites available but these websites have managed to get the attention of audiences right from the beginning. If you have any recommendation or if you want to add any website in this list then leave a comment below.

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