All Secret WhatsApp Tricks, Tips & Hacks of 2020

 Whatsapp is the most popular social messaging application in a world filled with apps. Today, almost every person has a WhatsApp account. It is the best way to chat and connect with people because WhatsApp is simple and reliable. But many of us still do not know all the features WhatsApp provides to the users. Here in this post, you can find out 10 best WhatsApp tricks of 2020 that you must try.

10 Secret WhatsApp Tricks & Tricks

Today, I want to discuss ten latest features or tricks of WhatsApp that you might not know. Let’s have a look.

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1. Show Your Status to selected people

Status on your WhatsApp has changed itself with the inclusion of the new photos & videos feature. It is a great way to share photos, videos and your thoughts on it. If you want only a selected group of people to see your Whatsapp and not everyone can see it. Then, yes it is possible.

You can do this by changing the WhatsApp settings. Just go to WhatsApp Settings>Account>Privacy>Status and you will find three options. These are:

  1. My contacts – you can share your status will all your contacts.
  2. My contacts except – you can disbar specific contacts from seeing your status.
  3. Only share with – you can add a specific group of contacts with whom you want to share your status with and others will not be able to see it.



2. Listen to Voice Messages privately in public without Headphones

Here’s an amazing trick.


If someday you don’t have a headphone and you get a voice message while you are at some public place. Then, it can be very embarrassing if you play the voice message which others can also listen. You do not worry now because there is a trick that you can hear voice message privately in public without headphones.

You have to just place your phone near your ear and play the voice message. The proximity sensor of your phone will get activated and the speakers will be turned off automatically. The voice message will be played right into your ears instead of playing it through speakers.

3. Format Text WhatsApp Trick

You can change the format of any text message that you type on WhatsApp to make it bold or italics or strike-through. Interesting! Isn’t it?

Bold – To make your text bold, just add a star (*) at the start and end of the text. For example, If you type *I like WhatsApp* and send it to your friend. It will appear as I like Whatsapp.

ItalicsTo make your text italics, just add an underscore(_) at the start and end of the text. For example, _I like WhatsApp_ will appear I like WhatsApp.

Strike-through -You can also create Strikethrough for a text. Just add ~ at the start and the end of the text to create strike-through for a text. For example, ~I like WhatsApp~ will appear as I like Whatsapp.

4. WhatsApp Trick to Use Multiple WhatsApp Accounts


Surprisingly, yes! You can use multiple WhatsApp accounts on a single device. For doing that you first have to install an app called Parallel Space from the play store. This app will allow you to run two different WhatsApp accounts on your single device. It can also bring you separate notifications for both the accounts. In this way, you can easily manage multiple WhatsApp accounts.

5. Share GIFs, Files or Create GIFs in WhatsApp – Secret Hack

This is a cool & secret WhatsApp trick that I’m sure you didn’t know about.

WhatsApp recently introduced the feature of sharing different types of documents, like PDF, DOC, PPTetc or create and share GIFs or send your current location. You can do this simply by tapping the attachment icon and select what you want to do.

You can also create a GIF inside WhatsApp.

First record a video of six seconds or less and WhatsApp will automatically give you an option to trim the clip. Next, go to the top right corner, change the format from video to GIF by tapping on the slider.

6. Spy on someone else WhatsApp

Do you want to hack your friend’s WhatsApp ?? Do you want to know WhatsApp hacking trick?? Do you want to spy on your friend’s phone? If yes, then do try this secret WhatsApp trick.

First, uninstall WhatsApp of your phone. Next, get MAC address from your friend’s phone. You can do this by opening the settings of your friend’s phone and follow:

Settings> About phone> Status> Wi-Fi MAC address


Then, note down the MAC address. Now, change your Mac address with this address by spoofing mac.

Here are some ways to change your Mac Address

Install WhatsApp on your phone again. Whatsapp will send the verification code to your friend’s phone. Verify your new WhatsApp account by the verification code sent to your friend’s phone.


If you have correctly followed all the steps, then you have installed an exact replica of your friend’s WhatsApp. Now you can spy on your friend’s WhatsApp account. Have fun!

7. Enable Two-Step Verification on WhatsApp


In the previous trick I taught you spying, but in this step, I will teach you steps to protect your WhatsApp data to be stolen by appling a simple trick.

Simply, by enabling Two-Step Verification will protect your chat records to be stolen and whenever someone tries to login with your account on any other device, he will have to enter a six-digit code set up by you other than providing the necessary OTP send on your phone number. Now, no one can ever spy on your Whatsapp account with any other device.

8. Secretly read Whatsapp Messages without the sender finding it out



Yes, you can also do this. Just turn on the flight mode of your phone. Then, read the WhatsApp message. When you have completed reading the message, turn off the flight mode again. The sender will not notice any blue ticks and will assume that you didn’t read his/her WhatsApp message. But, you know the truth.

9. Pin Chats to the top

If you find a chat very important that you need to keep this on the top in spite of several chats you do. You can use pin icon available on Whatsapp. Just long press on a chat and tap the pin icon, then this chat will always appear to the top.

10. Change App Language inside WhatsApp

Here’s a simple WhatsApp trick to change the app language.


Whatsapp change language feature allows you to chat in your own regional language. You can do this by going into Settings>Chats>App Language and then select the language of your choice. Now, you got the freedom to chat in your own regional language.

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So these were the best WhatsApp tricks so far. I am pretty sure, you didn’t know about many of the above-listed WhatsApp tricks and hacks. So, try out yourself and let us know if you face any problems.

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