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10 Best Virtual Boyfriend Simulator Apps [Free]

Have you been single for too long now? Is it because you are so sick of the actual male species? Is it because you are too shy to converse with the opposite sex? Well, whatever it is, there is nothing that the internet doesn’t carry a solution for! Boyfriend simulator apps, allow you to have a man of your dreams in a virtual world. This dream man, will listen to you talk as much as you want and never complain about your shortcomings. Sounds like an absolute dream right?

With today’s technology, you can actually date someone who you never have to meet! These Boyfriend Simulator apps allow the person to spend some alone time with her virtual boyfriend without getting scared of getting cheated on. You don’t even have to dress up well all the time or keep your make up on point all the time, to impress this dream-boy! He will love you for who you are, because that’s how it is actually supposed to be!


Programmers today, have come up with so many different applications for Boyfriend simulation, where you can make up your own virtual boyfriend, with your preference of characteristics. These virtual boyfriend apps can be downloaded on iOS or Android. All these apps, are essentially the same but possess a few distinctive features which make them stand out majorly!

Here is a list of the 10 best boyfriend simulator apps in this year and the coming one!

1. My Virtual Boyfriend

The name of this Boyfriend simulation app, explains what its all going to be about. If you are too shy or modest to open up to a guy in real life, this Boyfriend Simulation App will allow you to settle a virtual companion in your smartphone. You can talk with this boy, converse with him, and improve your flirting skills.

If you are still not sure what kind of guys, you are into, then this is your opportunity to discover your options. Choose from hundreds of guys, talk to one at a time and then change again. Each guy that you talk to, will be different in his manner, his looks, and his tastes. Everything you do with your Virtual Boyfriend, will have its consequences, either positive or negative!

That’s what makes this Boyfriend Simulation app so realistic. Click on the links below to download and find out more now!

Download My Virtual Boyfriend on Android or on iOS

2. Dream Boyfriend

Here is what this Boyfriend Simulation App is surely going to get you- A Dream Boyfriend! Create a man of your dreams, from head to toe, with loads of options to choose from. You even get to choose minute details, like his  hair, eyes, growth, character, etc. It makes use of the technology Motion Live2D, because of which your virtual boyfriend will move, respond to the conversation, and even respond to kisses.

The stylish avatars collection is replenished every day so that your guy will be the most fashionable and keep up with the trends. You can create up to 3 animated boyfriends at once. The events in the game are constantly added, so you will not get bored with your virtual boyfriend and will always have something exciting to do with him! This Boyfriend Simulation App is available on both iOS and Android.

Get it on Android or iOS

3. Virtual Boyfriend Joke

Who doesn’t love a guy with good looks as well as a great sense of humor? This Boyfriend Simulation app called the Virtual Boyfriend Joke is actually a comic simulator, it’s essentially a spoof on a normal Boyfriend Simulator. What you get here is a  a virtual young man for communication and a good time.

You can choose a boy you like and start a dialogue with him. He will answer you in a funny manner, with witty and “LOL” replies. Trick your friends into this prank , pretending that you are communicating with a real boy and get funny answers from your fictitious boyfriend.
But remember girls , this application is for entertainment purposes only, use it within your limits!

Get it on Android or iOS

4. My Candy Love

Create sweet  memories with a handsome virtual boy, who you really like with this Boyfriend Simulation Game called My Candy love. This game is specifically  designed for the school going teens. You get to flirt with boys and discover a whole new love story with the one you like the most.

The concept of this simulator lies in the winning of hearts from the boys you like. The question is -Will you know how to please them? Through a system of dialogues and actions, see your story develop or get destroyed with each choice you make. Each episode in My Candy Love has several endings. You get to discover them all and experience the diversity in each episode!

5. Animal Boyfriend

Now, you may be wondering what kind of a name is that for a Boyfriend Simulator app, but the concept behind it is actually quite unique and interesting, specially for animal-lovers.With the “Animal Boyfriend” you can turn your beloved pet into a handsome guy. You have to choose a living being and start teaching him how to turn into a real man.

There is a huge range of clothes and accessories, for you to choose for your boyfriend. Choose  the color of their eyes, hair, and even personality features- calm guys, or impressive, or caring and loving and so many more options! They have almost 17 kinds of characters and temperaments from quiet to impulsive. You can even find your other girl friends on the game and get bonuses.

Get it on Android or iOS

6. Invisible Boyfriend


At, Invisible boyfriend simulator you get to experience dating with no strings attached. Here at this Virtual Boyfriend app, they define the invisible boyfriend as ” a real boyfriend without all the baggage. ”  You start the game by building a man according to your specifications- his looks, his age, his personality.

Then, Invisible Boyfriend will help you set the scene to help you go on exciting dates with your dream boy. Your conversations with the invisible boyfriend are not automated, they are handled by real people, who are extremely creative writers. So why don’t you get this ball rollin’? It surely sounds like the most exciting Bf simulator app, till date!

7. My Virtual Boyfriend Talk

With this Boyfriend Simulator, you will never feel the difference between a real and invisible boyfriend, because this simulator does its job all too well. You can communicate on any topic and be sure that your interlocutor will answer you, confidently and well. The replies will not at all be illogical or seem automated to you!

His conversations with you will be so interesting, including stories experienced by him and a lot more exciting topics to converse on. You can choose from 3 characters in this Boyfriend Simulator App. This might be one of the drawbacks as you have limited choice and can only chat with this person. The simulator is only available on iOS

Click here to get it on iOS

8. Boyfriend Maker

Since the last app was only for the Apple users, this one is just for the Android lovers, to make it up to them! Style and create your own guy with Boyfriend maker. Make him look handsome, dashing and dreamy! You can communicate with him on various topics, and he will answer you well.

Play games with this dreamy boy and earn points. The Google play has given this game a 3.2 stars, which isn’t really impressive!

Click in here for android download

9. Boyfriend Date Craft: Love

This Boyfriend Simulator is just what a teenage girl needs if she feels the absence of a lover boy in her life. Get a service romance or a school love story – it’s all in your hands. And you can even seduce your best friend. How exciting and crazy is that now?

Become the most popular girl in school, choose from a large variety of cute guys and make your ex-boyfriend jealous of all the attention that you grab from other men. It’s not just limited to this guys! You can marry the guy you love, arrange the wedding on your own and have cute kids with him. It will be a crazy love story in the world of blocks! The graphics are a little disappointing but all the possibilities with this app, makes it up majorly!

Click here to get it on Android 

10. Smart Virtual Boyfriend

Here is what this Boyfriend Simulator app will surely provide- A Smart Virtual Boyfriend. This is a chat room where you can chat with a virtual guy about everything. Responds well just like in life because well the name suggests that your Virtual Boyfriend is smart!

The Virtual guy will interpret your chats well and even the images that you send to him will be acknowledged with a suitable response! Pretty cool right? As a girlfriend, you must provide this boyfriend of yours with some “me” time, like when he visits the gym or takes a nap. But you must not forget to ask him “Baby, how was your day?”.

Get it on iOS

Top 10 Virtual Boyfriend Apps for you!

These Boyfriend Simulator apps is a great way for teenagers who find it too difficult to get into relationships, to actually experience one without having any insecurities or jealousy issues. Why do you even need a real guy, when you can make a perfect guy and converse with him all night long and feel the whole thing, in such a easy way.

These are the 10 best Boyfriend Simulator apps that i could find online!

  1. My Virtual Boyfriend
  2. Dream Boyfriend
  3. Virtual Boyfriend Joke
  4. My Candy Love
  5. Animal Boyfriend
  6. Invisible Boyfriend
  7. My Virtual Boyfriend talk
  8. Boyfriend Maker
  9. Boyfriend date Craft: Love
  10. Smart Virtual Boyfriend

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Though most of these applications for Boyfriend Simulation, do not possess the best kind of graphics, they can be really fun to play around with and pretend that you have an actual boyfriend, without having to do all the hard work that goes into actually maintaining a relationship. This is all about the romance and excitement of Young Love!

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