15 Best Typing Software for Windows [Free Download]

Do you want to master the art of typing? Do you want to type fast on your PC or laptop? Do you want to type without seeing your keyboard? Well, all this is possible and easy to learn with the help of a few Free and Best typing software.

In this article, you will come across some of the best typing software for Windows. You can take a look at all these software and choose the one that is feasible for you.

What Is A Typing Software?

Typing in a skill that is required in every field today. It is required to build the reports of the projects, for updating your websites, to write for magazines and much more. All the industrial fields require professionals who have expertise in typing. The best way to learn typing is to employ a typing software.

Typing software is just like a tutor which teaches you how to type quickly and efficiently. There are a lot of typing software in the market. If you are looking for the best typing software, then you are in the right place. We have a good list of Free Typing Software for Windows.

Best Typing Software for Windows

Here is a list of the best typing software for Windows.

1. KeyBlaze

KeyBlaze is a free typing software. It is used for imparting the skill of efficient typing among the beginners. It’s innovative GUI enables the users to get acquainted with this software quickly. This software helps the users to improve their typing speed in a very short span of time.

It is one of the most efficient typing software. And it is used by many schools and institutions. It helps the users to learn touch-type and to test their typing skills. You should definitely have a look through this software if you have just begun typing

2. Typing Trainer

TypingTrainer is another free software to learn typing. It helps you to learn typing skills and get a good grip on these skills. The skill of typing is required in your day to day work. This software first has a lecture of less than one hour. This provides a basic knowledge of typing. The next step of this software tests your typing skills.

This is a kind of self-assessment step. It also gives many tips to the user to increase the typing speed. Besides this, it offers many video lectures and practice exercises which enhance your typing skills. It is basically a software which provides you with all the resources necessary for typing.

3. Rapid Typing Tutor

Rapid typing tutor is a free typing software. Users are hooked to this typing software because of the interesting activities and the games it has employed. This software is used for learning the skill of typing.

The activities that are provided by the software helps the users to improve their typing speed greatly. One of the best features of this software is that it supports multiple languages like Spanish, Dutch, English etc. It also provides a wide range of keyboards that can be accessed by the users. You should definitely try this fun typing software.

4. Klavaro Touch Typing Tutor

If you want to enhance your typing skills, Klavaro touch typing tutor is one of the best typing software available. You can download it for free for Windows operating system. It supports multiple languages like English, Punjabi, Spanish and many more.

It helps you to improve your typing speed. The user develops the skill of typing efficiently in a short span with the activities and tutorials offered by this software. It is a free typing software and definitely one of the best out there.

5. Just Type

If you think that you do not require any tutors for acquiring the skills of typing, you can employ this software. Just type typing software helps you to practice typing without any tutorials. It has a user-friendly interface which makes it very easy to operate this typing software. Besides, it has keyboards in many vibrant colors. It basically helps you to type without looking at the keyboard.

It employs the technique of blind typing. It is a good software for the beginners as well as school going kids to acquire the skill of typing.

6. Max Type Pro

It is one of the best typing software for Windows 10, 8 and 7. Max type pro is a freeware typing software. It helps the users to improve their pace of typing as well as accurateness of their typing. The typing software has different levels.

These levels are through beginners to advanced. This software offers a weekly report to the user. The weekly report generated helps the user to assess where improvement is required. It also has practical sessions. This helps you to practice more efficiently.

7. Stamina Typing Tutor

This software helps the user to improve their speed of typing as well as accurateness of their typing. The software has many pictorial and graphical representations that keep the user interested in the process of learning.

  • It also offers a wide range of virtual keyboards.
  • It is also available in many languages.
  • It is an efficient software for beginners as well as advanced typing professionals.

There are many features available and you can choose from the various options in the software. You should definitely try this software.


8. Type Faster

This typing software is free of cost and it is one of the best typing software. Type faster allows users to adapt the techniques of typing. It also allows the user to practice typing to improve their as well as accuracy. It helps in learning various typing skills including touch typing.

List Of 15 Top Typing Software for PC

Given below is the list of the 15 software that can help beginners and professionals to learn typing.

  1. Key Blaze
  2. Typing Trainer
  3. Rapid Typing Tutor
  4. Klavaro Touch typing tutor
  5. Just Type
  6. Max Type Pro
  7. Stamina typing Tutor
  8. Type faster
  9. Bruce’s unusual typing wizard
  10. Letter Chase typing tutor
  11. Bodie’s typing tutor
  12. Kiran’s typing tutor
  13. Cool typing tutor
  14. Analytical eye typing tutor
  15. TIPP 10 free typing tutor

Now that you have a list of the typing tutors, you can check all of them and choose the one with suits you the best. We wish you a successful typing experience!

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