14 Best Traffic Apps for Android & iPhone 2020

Busy schedules mean a very hectic life, which concludes being able to keep up with our daily work. Punctuality is a quality most of us look up to and traffic jams are roadblocks in that goal. May it be the office, college or school all of them need time management and most of all dealing smartly with the traffic. Well, there are some really cool and Free Traffic Apps to help us.

In this article, we will be sharing a list of 14 best traffic apps for your Android Smartphone or Apple iPhone.

What is the need of Traffic apps?

Mornings need to be hassle-free to make the most of a day. A morning becomes good if everything went as you planned for it and got the desired result on time and tackling traffic is certainly a huge part of it. Traffic apps are needed the most here. They not only help us navigate through roadblocks but also suggest shortcuts to reach the desired location before the set time.

10 Best Traffic Apps for all Countries

Enough talk about what are traffic apps and why are they important. Now is the time to know about the list I have of the most effective and fantastic traffic apps.

1. Maps – Navigate & Explore

Google took navigation to an absolute another level. The Google Map app is a total gem. It has a real-time GPS system, with complete local suggestions. All you have to do is download the app, sign in and enter the destination where you want and get to know the best route to reach that place.

  1. 4.3 Ratings
  2. Rated for 3+
  3. 28 MB
  4. 5 B+ downloads

2. GPS, Maps, Voice Navigation and Destinations

Now finding destinations has become as easy as a single click. GPS, Maps, Voice Navigation and Destinations app do a good job of explaining its functions via its name. Use your voice to navigate through traffics and request destinations in this app. Learn about traffic conditions beforehand and search for new locations. Do all of this to your heart’s desire.

  1. 3.9 Ratings
  2. Rated for 3+
  3. 22 MB
  4. 5 M+ downloads

3. Offline Maps & Navigation

One of the best traffic navigation app that works extremely good even when you’re offline, its precisely the Offline Maps & Navigation app. It has the complete map available offline for your use. It contains the present traffic conditions with a head-up display and has another unique feature known as Blackbox or also known as Dashcam which can record your driving. Crazy features and offline maps I guess that is all one needs to tread the rougher roads.

  1. 4.7 Ratings
  2. Rated for 3+
  3. 43 MB
  4. 10 M+ downloads

4. GPS Map Route Traffic Navigation

Traffic apps are extremely important when we have to get the best route to evade heavy traffic and that is done best by the GPS Map Route app. As the name suggests this app gives live traffic conditions to you and finds the best possible between two locations. Use voice navigation to search for the best route.

  1. 4.2 Ratings
  2. Rated for 3+
  3. 5.0 MB
  4. 500 K+ downloads

5. Traffic Near Me: Maps, Navigation

Traffic Near Me is an app that provides people notification about the ongoing traffic on road. With the help of this app, you will be able to avoid the raging traffic. This app has maps of more than 200 countries and it has easy navigation features that can be used by nearly anyone.

  1. 3.9 Ratings
  2. Rated for 3+
  3. 3.4 MB
  4. 100 K+ downloads

6. Traffics Assistant – Info, Maps, Auto alerts

Now no need to predict the time when traffic would be the least you can know the real-time info of the traffic going on the road. Traffic Jams are a tension that most of us try to avoid but consider this problem gone, because of the Traffic Assistant app. You can monitor the speed of traffic and avoid accidents with the help of this app.

  1. 3.5 Ratings
  2. Rated for 3+
  3. 16 MB
  4. 10 K+ downloads

7. Traffic Spotter – Traffic Reports

Traffic is not the only thing that is important but the weather reports, incidents, roadblocks and knowledge about different routes are too. Considering the fact that the Traffic Spotter app has features that provide information about all the above-mentioned topics, I say that it is the optimum app. It provides driving forecasts, weather reports, road conditions, etc.

  1. 4.3 Ratings
  2. Rated for 3+
  3. 2.4 MB
  4. 100 K+ downloads

8. Traffic Info & Traffic Map

Traffic Info & Traffic Map app is a guide to the best possible solutions to evade traffic and keep your traveling time to our minimum. Track your position and find routes using geocoding. To access this app all you need to do is define the location, save and load all the information.

  1. 3.9 Ratings
  2. Rated for 3+
  3. 2.3 MB
  4. 100 K+ downloads

9. Earth Maps Explore: Live 3 D Satellite View

Earth Maps Explore is an app which will help you explore the live street navigation and its one of the best map and route navigator available on the app store. See live buildings, Traffic Conditions, Accidents and incidents that may hinder your smooth journey to your destination.

  1. 3.9 Ratings
  2. Rated for 3+
  3. 8.5 MB
  4. 1 M+ downloads

10. Google Maps Go – Directions, Traffic & Transport

Some phones may not be able to afford the heavy version of the google maps app but Google Map Go is a comparatively lighter app than the most. This small yet effective app has all the functions of the google map. This app will use chrome and find the best route to avoid traffic. Now even in smaller devices, you can avail of the functions of the google map.

  1. 4.3 Ratings
  2. Rated for 3+
  3. 175 KB
  4. 100 M+ downloads

I hope my list of all the best traffic app could be of some help to you.

14 Free Traffic apps for Android

My list of traffic apps was never limited to the above-mentioned list. Drop below to check out the other apps which are equally as good when it comes to traffic navigation.

  1. Traffic Sentinel
  2. Waze
  3. GPS, Maps, Navigate, Traffic & Area Calculating
  4. Maps –  Navigate & Explore
  5. Location Map
  6. Road Map
  7. Street View – Earth Map Live, GPS & Satellite Map
  8. My Location
  9. Better Maps
  10. Traffic Bangalore
  11. MahaTrafficapp
  12. Traffic near me
  13. Traffic Assistant
  14. Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps


Navigating traffic is such a tedious task and treading through it is even more hectic but this has become easier with the help of some of the best traffic apps available on the phone for free use. Such apps are quite beneficial for the public as they are able to find alternate routes and maintain their punctual lifestyles.

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