15 Best Equalizer Apps for Android [Free Download]

Do you like customizing your songs? Like, the beats, and the treble and everything in between? While speakers are the best in doing this, they also cost a fortune. So, how amazing does it sound that you can customize your music by installing an Equalizer App on your android? Let’s check some of the Best Equalizer Apps for Android. (Disclaimer, these app are available for free in Google Play Store.)

A five-band EQ that helps you to adjust 3-D effects on your music, as well as, consists of more than 10 presets to let you choose your kind/ style of music, is an Equalizer. Sounds fun no?

Without guidance, you would probably be drowning with more than hundreds of applications to choose from. So, here is a short and crispy list of the best apps that you can use.

Top Equalizer Apps for Android

Here is a list of the best music equalizer apps for you.

1. Equalizer and Bass Booster

Equalizer and Bass Booster is a five-band equalizer with bass boost effect, thus, the name. It comes on top of the list because it not only requires less space and is free, but also works with most music players, video players as well as Radio FM.

It has a stereo led VU meter and lets you control the media volume from the app itself. Its usage and installation is simple and doesn’t eat up your phone’s storage.

2. Band Equalizer

Band Equalizer unlike many has an in-built music player as well. Along with that, it also has a 10 band equalizer, with the adjustable volume label ranging from 31hz to 16Khz +10db. This is compatible with almost every music player available in the online market.

Also, this consists of a volume booster, a bass booster, a treble booster, and a mono balance Left/Right.

3. Equalizer Music Play Booster

Equalizer Music Play Booster is an all-in-one pro music player consisting of a 7 band equalizer to meet your music needs. This lets you edit, save and reuse presets made by you for songs other than the basic built-in presets based on genres like acoustic, flat, hip-hop, rock and pop. It also has a booster level control which can be used to handle and manipulate the depth of tracks.

It has a background play mode to help you go through other apps simultaneously. It also has features like ‘repeat 1 song’, ‘repeat a playlist’, ‘no repetition’, and ‘shuffle’.

4. Equalizer FX

Equalizer FX consists of an equalizer, virtualization, a loudness enhancer, and bass boost along with 12 presets for you to select from. You can use them, or create your own presets, all for free. Although Equalizer FX is a free app, for additional features and removal of advertisements, you might buy the priced copy as well.

It also gives an equalizer widget with extremely user-friendly configurations for your home screen.

5. Equalizer

Equalizer is the basic equalizer app that has a rating of 4.6 by its users. Uniquely, it has various cool themes to choose from, to cater to your ears as well as eyes. The stereo surround sound effect is heavily praised by its users. It has a revolving edge lighting lamp, too. So cool.

While you are playing music, a colorful visualization of the spectrum takes over your screen, making this app even cooler. It has a 5 band equalizer and over 10 preset equalizations to choose from.

6. Music Equalizer for Android

Music Equalizer for Android is a 5 band equalizer. It has the best displays of themes with wide ranges of shades and vibrant colors. It consists of a bass booster, a volume booster, and virtual 3-D effects. As rated 4.5 in Google Play, this has a special bass booster for headphones.

With about 15 preset colorful themes and media volume control,  this app delivers amazing sound quality and music experience.

7. Music Volume EQ

Music Volume EQ claims to have the best audio control over your songs. It has a live music stereo led VU meter, amp, bass booster, along with 5 band equalizer. The slider volume and audio control are absolutely stunning for both headphones as well as speakers. There is a special speaker bass booster effect too.

The delicateness is the eye-catcher here. With special wallpapers, circular music beat bars, and audible sound spectrum, this app deserves to be among the best.

8. Neutralizer

Neutralizer, as its name suggests, is deeper and more scientific than the other apps. The creator believes that everyone’s hearing varies, thus adjustments should be different as well. Most of the apps work by distorting sound quality which is used by us in a ready-made manner. Neutralizer works on improving your listening experience by taking into account parameters like digital-analog conversation, signal frequency range, amplification path, and psychoacoustics.

Although its quite new and is not supported by many devices, it is probably the future of music equalization.

Top 15 Android Equalizer Apps

In order to enjoy your music and practice your passion for beats, the following applications are definitely letting you worry less and chill more.

  1. Equalizer and Bass Booster
  2. Band Equalizer
  3. Equalizer Music Play Booster
  4. Equalizer FX
  5. Equalizer
  6. Music Equalizer for Android
  7. Music Volume EQ
  8. Neutralizer
  9. Woofer Equalizer
  10. Music Bass Booster
  11. AnEQ
  12. VLC for Android
  13. Floating Equalizer
  14. Viper4Android (root only)
  15. jetAudio


Music keeps us going. While, for some, it is mere entertainment, for others it is a way to breathe. So, using these apps, you can are guaranteed good and free music just a click away. TheseEqualizer apps let you have complete control over your phone’s music even if you are technologically challenged. 😉

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