17 Best Dialer Apps for Android [Free]

Have you given any thought about what wonders our smartphones had done in our lives? The First thing is constant communication, due to these cell-phones everyone can be easily connected. People are just one phone call away from you, isn’t it? And to make a call, you are in a need of a dialer app that performs some basic functions i.e. dialing numbers and displaying contacts. But there is so much more a good dialer app can do like it can make a call on your voice, can identify unknown numbers, can provide details of spam numbers, can manage your contacts according to your convenience and many more things.

In this article, you will go through the best dialer apps which can easily be downloaded from Google Play Store and will manage all your contacts, messages and spams on a single tap with their highly integrated features and comes with minimal storage capacity.

Best Dialer Apps for Android

Here are our top dialer apps for your Android which you can use in recording calls, identifying unknown numbers and many more things and are worth installing.


Truecaller is a multi-tasking dialer app, as it is famous for caller ID, blocking spams, messaging, sending money and paying bills with UPI. It filters out the unwanted and lets you connect with people who matter. It helps you by making your communication safe and efficient and you can even record important phone calls and save them.

you can even become a Truecaller Premium member and can get access to many special features that a common member will not get. it has 500 million downloads across the world and can easily be downloaded from Google Store.

Download Here

    2. DRUPE

Drupe app is more than just a dialer, as you can call people using Google Hangouts, WhatsApp as well as Skype’s service for connecting to mobile and landline numbers. you can even send direct messages to your friends on different social media platforms like Twitter. You can also dial and long-press the call button to launch straight into speakerphone mode. And will give your screen a fresh look which is configured exactly for you!

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If your most f the callings are international then this app is just for you. As you can call any number in the world on hangouts! And most calls to the US and Canada are free! You can easily download the app to start making phone calls in the Hangouts app. And you can use Outbound Caller ID, which means people whom you call will identify with your verified number and you’ll no longer appear as unknown. All of these features come in only 55KB of storage.

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Contacts app is one of the best free apps for android phones. You can easily back-up your contacts and sync them across all your devices. And you can even group your contacts according to your preference like personal and work. It has 100 million downloads across the world and comes with 4.4 MB of storage capacity.

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    5. EYECON 

Want to know information about unknown numbers, then install Eyecon, use your caller ID to identify them and see photos and names of spam numbers in your phone book by clicking only one icon. You can even share recorded calls to your cloud backup. Eyecon will sync you with your facebook and other social media channels to identify your contact’s true photos and other information. It is is a very convenient and accessible dialer app and hence comes in our top best dialer apps for the android list.

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One of the best Phone calling apps, Contacts + is all in one dialer app powered with caller ID and spam blocking. This app is brought to you by the Contacts Plus Team and is awarded by “top developer” on Google Play. It is customizable with over 80 themes and infinite wallpaper, just select a picture from your gallery to add a unique wallpaper to your main contacts.

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True Phone Dialer app has arrived to replace your classic android dialer and contacts app and bring your dialing experience to the next level. Its the only dialer app with full contact management support available for android! True Phone provides you a very convenient way to quickly access the recent calls, contacts, favorites, and groups.

It provides tons of unique features and also include a built-in theme features. It contains T9 search facility and supports multiple languages also

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    8. DIALER+

Dialer plus is a smart, beautiful and free phone dialer app by Contacts + team. You can connect with friends through this app and block unwanted people via caller ID. You can also customize and select which feature to use, change themes and adjust it to fit your needs.

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The app Simple Contacts is true to its name as it is very simple to use and uncluttered and is very intuitive. It helps in managing your contacts from any source and contacts can be stored on your device only and can be synchronized via Google accounts and you can even display your favorite contacts on a separate list. contains no ads or unnecessary permissions.

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The app is very easy to use, aesthetically simple and elegant. It consists of free caller ID, smartphone dialer, reverse phone lookup, spam call blocker, contacts backup, duplicated contacts merge, group text and direct messaging. It is rated 4.6 plus stars and has 5 million-plus downloads on Google Play Store.

Download Here

    11. DIALER ONE

Dialer One is another amazing addition amongst the various dialer apps. It is a free smart dialer that will give a lot more than just a default dialer such as, blocking calls, T9 dialer facility, 40 plus beautiful themes, clean & intuitive design and is available in 15 plus languages. you can easily download this app from Google Play Store.

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17 Free Android Dialer Apps

Below here is listed 17 best phone dialing apps that can be downloaded free from the Play store.

  1. Hangouts Dialer
  2. Contact Plus
  3. Hd Phone Os9
  4. Contacts
  5. Simple Contacts
  6. Truecaller
  7. New Dialler, Ultimate Dialer, Superb Dialer, Contacts
  8. Drupe
  9. Eyecon
  10. Simpler Caller Id
  11. True Phone Dialer And Contacts
  12. Dialer One
  13. Dw Contacts And Phone
  14. Caller Screen Dialer
  15. Dialer +
  16. Contacts, Dialer, And Phone By Facetocall
  17. Smart Contacts

So, here we have listed all the app which you must try if you are peeking out for top Dialer Apps For Android.


As said above, we have prepared the list with only top and best phone dialer apps for Android and we have mentioned all the detailing of the apps as it will help you select the app according to your needs. All 17 apps are rated with 4 plus stars and have thousands of downloads from Google Play.

We hope you love the article and don’t forget to share the call dialer app you like the most in the comment section.

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